polyamory weekend

Written by danielbelum

On June 19, 2018

By dansarani

The weekend was full of meeting some great poly people!

We led a Polyamory Speed Dating event Friday evening which had 36 people getting to know each other in 5-minute increments. I did get to talk to a few. Awesome people. Then, Saturday it was an all-day Polyamory Unconference. 40 people teaching each other all day long and then chillin through the evening; coloring and playing board games.

It was a great time, though I did miss having my other partners there. Neither was able to make it.

I love helping to create these events so that people can meet each other and maybe make a connection. For those looking for partners, I always recommend meeting in person. These were perfect events for meeting others and learning how others do polyamory.

I’m all rested up and ready to start working on Beyond The Love!!! Hope to meet many more people!!

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