Since 2003, we’ve presented 100’s of classes and workshops. We present at an average of 15 events each year and we’ve developed quite a list of presentations! We hope your group or event finds something of that will enhance the experience of all your attendees.

Dan (he/him) also is highly respected for his fun and engaging MC and auctioneer skills. And dawn (she/her) provides a number of clergy services as well!

How about an opening presentation (Keynote) that is engaging, fun and gets people ready to really enjoy your event?

“I wanted to tell you what a pleasure the presentation was last night! I had no idea how funny you two are! You both have a wonderful sense of humor! The presentation was hilarious, well-structured, fascinating and incredibly informative too! I will definitely be watching your pages for opportunities to see you both present again as I really look forward to it. Thank you for such a memorable presentation and all of the incredible work you both do in your many ventures that make the kink community a great place for new people like me to join. I look forward to talking with you in the future! :)”

Power Exchange

“Submission is a gift and I should be cherished as the delicate flower I am” and other bullshit Master Hank does not tolerate
Join Dan and dawn, an M/s couple since 2001 and authors of the book Living M/s – A book for Masters, slaves, and Their Relationships, as they summon the mysterious “Master Hank”, a Master who rejects the trend of ‘soft and cuddle’ power exchange and tells you why you should too. Master Hank doesn’t just want the best for his slaves, he demands it. He takes it. He smashes down walls and claims that inner slave that wants to be free. This class addresses decision making, self-confidence, ego, identifying strengths, and transforming you into someone completely living up to their full potential. Create in yourself that kind of person who belongs in the seat of power.

Living M/s
Dan and dawn, a lifestyle couple of many years, Great Lakes region Master & slave (2010) and authors of the book Living M/s – A book for Masters, slaves, and Their Relationships, will discuss what you can expect from a real time Master/slave relationship. They will rely on their decade of experience both as a full time M/s couple as well as leaders of the House Metta group. They will cover different types of M/s (from Loving Ms to objectification models) and share how they and others have dealt with the challenges of moving from fantasy to a working, real-time, long-term Master/slave household

Power Exchange, Polyamory, and Potential 
Dan and dawn, authors of the books Living M/s and The Polyamory Toolkit lead an interactive class on how to successfully combine polyamory and power exchange! From when the commonly accepted ideals of these relationship types seem to come into conflict, to keeping power exchange healthy in the midst of new relationship energy, as well as the issues of vulnerability and security that power exchange thrives on but polyamory can challenge, we will give you actual tools you can implement to assist all your relationships.

Living M/s your way
Join Dan & dawn, authors of the book  Living M/s – A book for Masters, slaves, and Their Relationships, and a leading couple in the TPE landscape, as they take a page out of the Buddhist technique of “tree bowl teaching” and offer Living M/s your way, a class totally unlike any other – and that can never be repeated.
At the beginning of the class, Dan & dawn will take 4 to 5 questions from the audience and from those, they will create a class that addresses those questions (as well as covers a range of M/s and TPE perspectives) to create a complete presentation that suits that exact audience.

Dan & dawn are especially well suited for this style of presentation. They will not only rely on a real time healthy growing relationship M/s relationship since 2001 as well as presenting M/s topics to audiences around the nation, but will also draw on the skills of having been co-host of the very popular Erotic Awakening internet radio show.

Mash Up! Managing multiple power exchange partnerships

Sheila has a sub. And a slave. The slave is also a switch. A switch that tops a puppy. A puppy who owns a boi. A boi who dates Sheila. Join Dan & dawn, who between them have a variety of power exchange (as well as polyamorous and vanilla) relationships as they discuss tools to help navigate multiple partner power exchange and alt relationships. The answer might start with time management and physical logistics, but heart management and sexy logistics need to be accounted for too!

Foundation: Creating a powerful power exchange relationship

Dan and dawn, Great Lakes region Master & slave (2010), leaders of the House Metta power exchange tribe and authors of the book Living M/s – A book for Masters, slaves, and Their Relationships – lead a workshop on four key ingredients that can create a powerful long term M/s relationship. Via specific steps to follow, they will share a number of strategies that will keep your M/s relationship ready to grow through a variety of difficulties that M/s (and all) relationships encounter.

How Survivors can thrive in power exchange relationships
Dan and dawn, a lifestyle couple of many years and Great Lakes region Master & slave (2010), leaders of the House Metta power exchange tribe and authors of the book Living M/s – A book for Masters, slaves, and Their Relationships, will discuss their experience of recovering from a traumatic past within the dynamics of a power exchange relationship. They will share how power exchange or activities that require you to be vulnerable can create an environment that allows for triggers, and what you can do to lessen the effect of such occurrences. Dan and dawn will not only share their experiences with these challenging moments, but provide tips on how we can heal from them within an M/s dynamic
* For the creation of safe space, war stories (details of traumatic events) will not be shared during this workshop.

What’s love got to do with Power Exchange?
Dan and dawn, Great Lakes region Master & slave (2010) and authors of the book Living M/s – A book for Masters, slaves, and Their Relationships, as well as a happily married couple since 2001 – lead a workshop on love and M/s. Loving Ms is a style of Master/slave relationship that can bring a number of powerful emotions to the table that can appear to conflict with the power exchange. They give examples on how to navigate through jealousy, a desire to please, fears of co-dependence, and other powerful emotions so that the primary foundation of the relationship continues to be a healthy M/s one – and that foundation in turn feeds emotional solidity.

Mindfulness of a slave
Dan and dawn, Great Lakes region Master & slave (2010), leaders of the House Metta power exchange tribe and authors of the book Living M/s – A book for Masters, slaves, and Their Relationships, lead a workshop on the most powerful and sought after aspect of a slaves service. It isn’t how good you can clean, or how hot you look or how well you suck cock. Instead, it is the mindfulness that needs to be developed that allow you to flow seamlessly as a slave in and around your Master’s needs, while at the same time finding an authentic slave heart. And…it is worth noting that the methods taught in this workshop will assist you in becoming a better cleaner, be more attractive, and give better head.

Sensuality And Sacred Sex

Talking Naughty
Join Dan and dawn, an intimate lifestyle couple since 2001, as they share the fine art of talking dirty. Through discussion, demonstrations, and exercises, they will explore using talk as part of your scene and assist participants in finding and releasing their inner erotic voice. They will discuss getting started; getting over shyness; general vocal items; making sure you say what your partner will enjoy hearing; and approaches that range from soft and sensual to hot & slutty talk.

Qadishtu Women’s Circle
dawn has brought this gathering to Kink events with amazing feedback from those that have participated and those that have been witnesses.
This is a gathering for vulva owners, using sexual/sensual energy for empowerment and healing of vulva’s and their owners. Laying naked or as naked as each person feels comfortable, shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip; with other women as we self-pleasure, drowning in the sensual/sexual energy of those around us, opening our vulvas to the Universe. It’s not about the orgasm, but instead it’s about feeling the pleasure and energy of the others around you and contributing to that pleasure with your own pleasure.
Rules for the event:

  • This event is specifically for vulva owners.
  • No touching of the women by those participating or those watching.
  • Since it’s self pleasuring (masturbation)…hands are allowed or you can bring your favorite vibe or insertable.
  • A timer is set for 20 minutes, so that we don’t have to guess when everyone is ‘done’. It’s 20 minutes and when the timer goes off, all hands are up in the air. (Which usually produces a giggle or a groan from the group)

Are you hesitant to flirt because you feel awkward, forgot how or never knew how? Dan and dawn’s flirting workshop will help teach basic flirting technique as a communication tool. They will not only teach you some basic flirting techniques but also discuss how to get beyond any lack of confidence that stops you from meeting the people you are interested in. They will also discuss how to be an honest flirt – be clear in what you are looking for when you flirt. “It is true – Dan is a big flirt. But when he flirts with me, it always feels like a compliment instead of being slimed on”

Slutty Sex for Real Relationships
Is it time to move from fantasy to real life? Dan and dawn will discuss how to make the transition from having a desire to be naughty to making it part of your real life. Whether you are interested in adding kink to an existing relationship or adding it via a new one, or if you want to give non-monogamy, swinging, BDSM, or other kinks a try, then this workshop will help you be prepared. With lots of stories, examples, and things you can try at home (or the grocery store), Dan and dawn will address facing jealousy, body image issues, self-confidence, health issues, and trust/fear issues as well as what you can do to keep things as safe as possible in your adventure. “The fantasy was hot and great, but after the lust has worn off, who did we see when we looked at each other?”

Sacred Sexuality – Sense O Rama
Dan and dawn, a lifestyle couple of many years and founders of the Path of the Qadishti Sacred Sexuality program, lead a fun and interactive workshop that will focus on stimulating our various senses. Ignite your inner passion with touch, sound, sight, smells, and taste. Explore tips and tricks to reach out to your partner in new ways and keep your body awake and in the moment.


Sensual Spanking
Dan and dawn, a lifestyle couple since 2001, will demonstrate the art of erotic spanking. If you are interested in using it as a style of foreplay or as an act within itself, join us as we discuss some of the ways to get started, how to approach your lover, being the center of attention, hand techniques, bringing focus to the relationship, safe words, the pleasure of pain, spanking toys, and after care.

Introduction to BDSM
Dan and dawn, a lifestyle couple since 2001, will share with you everything you need to get started on your BDSM journey! From basic “how to’s” with many of the most common BDSM toys (such as floggers, paddles, and simple bondage) to topics such as ”setting up your scene” and the difference between BDSM and Ds. They will discuss not only the play itself, but also the very important aspects to take place before a “scene” (such as negotiation and safety) as well as after a scene (aftercare, sub drop, and keeping your toys clean). They will demonstrate many toys as they share their experience and some ideas of what to expect – and what to avoid – as people get started in BDSM, either as a bedroom activity or as active participants in the lifestyle.

The Introverts Guide to BDSM
Join Dan and dawn, national presenters and closet introverts, as they explore how people who are introverts by nature can thrive in the BDSM community! They will explore tips and tricks related to interacting and dealing with the BDSM scene – like munches & events when the ‘social scene’ isn’t your favorite place to be; plus, finding play partners and hits and tips for dealing with extroverts – and info for how they can help deal with us as well!

Sensual BDSM
Want more from BDSM? Join Dan and dawn as they discuss bringing (or returning) a sense of connection, intimacy, and desire to your BDSM scene. They will discuss what we can do to take your BDSM experience deeper and to avoid getting stuck in BDSM being a purely physical or social experience. “We walked into the dungeon and heard people talking about politics and fishing; a top leaned down and whispered to his bottom about one brand of rope over another; another ‘top’ was holding court in the middle of the space, showing the newer players how awesome he was. We want much more from our scenes. We want a connection and intimacy that will be more than just a physical – swing, hit, swing, hit – scene”

Qadishti BDSM
Qadishti BDSM is a style of play that incorporates sacred sexuality and energy work into your BDSM scene. dawn (a Reiki Master and Teacher), and Dan (a Qadishti practitioner of many years) will discuss how to take your BDSM experience deeper that the flogger hitting the flesh and how to create a more integrated BDSM experience.

Negotiations – Six Styles to get the scene you want – or need
Dan & dawn, creators of the popular negotiation cards Kink Starter lead an interactive workshop on a new way to think about – and do – negotiations. Designed for both tops and bottoms, they explore how to negotiate for specific play or how to start with a blank page letting the story write itself, and negotiate without negotiations.

Plus, they will break out the Kink Starter cards and show how they can be used either as a tool to define a scene or allow for inspired creativity!


The Polyamory Toolkit – 8 Poly Tools

Join Dan & Dawn, authors of The Polyamory Toolkit, as for an advanced class that gives participants tools to break free of the patterns and attitudes that keep us trapped in discomfort, fear, unhappiness and jealousy. No theorizing or quoting from scholarly viewpoints – get into the weeds and put the tools to work!

(note: the above is the 75 minute version of the class; 16 tools and 24 tools are available as half day/full day intensives or multiple class sessions, i.e. 8 More Poly Tools)

Alchemy: Turn Jealousy Into Compersion

When things are quiet, we believe in polyamory. Unlimited love, compassion, sharing, our partners happiness. And then we see them with another partner and it suddenly all comes crashing around us – jealousy, anger, fear. We want polyamory…but how do we create that feeling of compersion we know we are capable of? Join Dan & dawn, authors of The Polyamory Toolkit,  as they talk about tools you can apply to cultivate compersion and joy. 

Polyamory Change Management
Change is inevitable, essential, but also, risky and can be scary! Join Dan & dawn, authors of The Polyamory Toolkit, as they explore and provide tools around change! When a new person enters or a new person leaves; levels of desire and need; and even hobbies and interest. Things do change; pick up some strategies to go with the flow!

Mindful Polyamory
Sometimes polyamory can feel like a “me first” movement. Quoting polyamory advice boards, you’ll read suggestions like ‘all the sex and love you want; other people have to adjust or move on; down with rules and boundaries!’. This is good advice for some and seems to work. But some of us find a different approach to be of value. Join Dan & dawn, long-term polyamorist as well as co-host of the Erotic Awakening podcast, as they explore an approach to polyamory that focuses on generosity, selflessness, and compassion. “This is about finding strength in not only personal growth but in the partnerships we create as well”

Advanced Poly Relationships: A path to freedom from jealousy
Join Dan and dawn, a polyamorous couple since 2001 and authors of The Polyamory Toolkit, for an advanced class that gives participants tools to break free of the patterns and attitudes that keep us trapped in the fear and jealousy. This presentation focuses on actual steps to wipe the slate clean of patterns of the past and how to give yourself the freedom to create your own set of ethics and beliefs, unrelated to those that have been handed down to you.

The Introverts Guide to Polyamory
Join Dan and dawn, a polyamorous couple since 2001 and authors of The Polyamory Toolkit, as they explore how people who are introverts by nature can thrive in polyamory! They will explore tips and tricks related to interacting and dealing with the additional people – not just partners, but metamores and more – that is inherent in polyamory. Plus, getting out and meeting new partners when the ‘social scene’ isn’t your favorite place to be; and more.



Introverts Guide To Leather
Join Dan & dawn, national presenters and closet introverts, as they discuss tools, tips, and tricks for introverts to thrive in our community – and some hints for extroverts as well. From getting to your first munch or event, finding play partners, interacting in various social situations like cruises and runs, to (if you want) being on stage running for title, this class strives to help you engage and be a part of the Leather community.


As a Presenter: How To Be Educational AND Entertaining
Dan and dawn, a lifestyle couple since 2001, Great Lakes region Master & slave (2010) and longtime presenters believe that it is not enough to be educational, but you must be able to truly capture your audience’s attention as well. Drawing on not only their experience in presenting for the kink, leather and spiritual communities for over a decade as well as training and facilitating meetings in Corporate America, they combine this with both Dan’s experience with community theater and dawn’s experience with creating and facilitating rituals. They share how they bring it all together to create an experience that keeps the audience’s attention so that the message the presenter is sharing can be heard.


How To Be Seen By Event Producers

Presenters are a dime a dozen. For every event that Dan & dawn put on, they reject twice as many applicants as they accept. This class will focus on the tools you need to be noticed and stand out when you put yourself out there. From Bios to Class Titles and more, find out what it takes to get those bookings you are after!




Everything Else….

Poly Pagan Bondage Slut
Labels and descriptions and just who the heck are you? Join Dan & dawn as they walk through the ways we in the alternative communities label ourselves, and how those labels are both empowering and limiting. Together, the class will talk about self doubt, committing to yourself, self actualization, own your own shit, and create your personal owner’s manual!


Dan and dawn share the reality behind the lifestyle that so many only fantasize about – living a power exchange life

The Columbus Space

The Columbus Space is intended to be a safe gathering place where adults can find education and support in exploring their authentic self. Our Mission is to encourage personal growth, and promote healthy communication and interaction.

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