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Written by danielbelum

On March 12, 2018

Ever wonder what the format of the podcast looks like? Here is our template before we fill it in each week for the podcast!

This week on Erotic Awakening – …….

  • bdsm and non-standard relationships
  • power exchange and polyamory
  • sacred sexuality and fetishes
  • and well as simply fun kink
  • you’ll find shows on these topics and all things Dan & dawn at erotic awakening dot com


Intro – Welcome to Erotic Awakening, an exploration of all things erotic. If you are offended by adult topics or prohibited by law, we recommend you stop listening……right now

Hi Dan, Hi dawn



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Tentacles/Food on boobs –


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End thing

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  • Our end music is provided by Pocket Universe, song Whim
  • The official EA twatter is Andi
  • The person we’ve seen most recently is
  • The current sender of tentacles is ohio Hedgehog
  • The provider of graphic novels is Johnny Jackhammer & the good witch of the north of the Sequential Sex Podcast
  • And …..The official food that goes on boobs orange on boobs
  • Pause
  • Bye dawn; bye Dan


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