Month: November 2021

  • Experience Junkies

      We are experience junkies. And though Dan doesn’t like to use the word ‘junkie’, I’m not sure what word is more fitting. We love to experience life and a lot of what it has to offer. Though, it’s easier for him to jump in the deep end for those experiences than it is for […]

  • EA591 – What You Didn’t Learn in Sex Ed

    What You Didn’t Learn in Sex Ed is a class taught by Bex, where they share the important idea that sex should be fun. Ln our school systems, if sex ed is taught at all, they usually cover anatomy but there is so much more. Somewhere along the line we need to learn that s […]

  • Being a Survivor in a Power Exchange Relationship – Power Exchange Book #2 Chapter

    This is the beginning of my chapter in our new Power Exchange book….being a survivor in a power exchange relationship…..after this beginning, I will have all the notes from my survivor class fleshed out and added…..can’t wait to get it written! **************** A lot of people ask me what it’s like to be a survivor […]

  • EA590 – How To Swinger

    How To Be a Successful Swinger with Myrina & Tristan When it comes to marriage and intimacy, monogamy is often considered as the default option. However, not all couples go into relationships “closed,” nor do all relationships stay on a path of mutual, purposeful monogamy. Some couples are more open-minded about living arrangements these days, […]

  • Team Polyamory

    We just got a request to review a textbook writing on Relationship Anarchy and had to turn them down. Basically, we know what Relationship Anarchy is, but it’s not how we do polyamory. As a matter of fact, we’ll be writing a class soon on ‘Team Polyamory’. I’m not sure what the title will be […]

  • O.W.A.L – Older Women in Alternative Lifestyles

    I’ve been running OWAL for a few years now. I created it after more than a year of thought and reflection and we started meeting in person at The Columbus Space. Then, we closed the Space after covid hit and have been meeting monthly on zoom since then. Why the year of reflection? Well, I […]

  • EA589 – Abasiophilia to Aliens

    This week, Dan & dawn start a new kinky list, and talk about everything from Abasiophilia to Aliens!   Thanks to our new sponsor,! Get two weeks premium access; register your account and use the code Erotic21 “Your Kind Of Fun”

  • The Polyamory Toolkit

    When Dan and I got together in 1999, we decided that we were going to design our own relationship. We had no interest in being monogamous. We had no idea what that meant, as we didn’t know of anyone that lived that way. Not only were we going to be ok with each other having […]

  • EA588 – BDSM and Power Exchange After 50

    This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast Dan and dawn talk about what they, as over 50 years old people, bring to the table when it comes to bdsm and power exchange.  Plus they talk about red flags and green flags…or at least try to.  PLUS rules in polyamory. Always bad? Or is that a […]

  • Presenting for Wicked Grounds on Nov. 30th – Building a Powerful Power Exchange Relationship