Month: October 2022

  • What makes a good leader in a power exchange dynamic?

    In the power exchange world of today, I often see a stance that is so anti ‘one twue way’ (that is, no one can say that the only path to being a good leader in a power exchange relationship is you have to do A and B or you are a poser) that it implies […]

  • EA635 – Types of s types

    This week, Dan & dawn talk about the different types of followers and submissive and rank them!…do we rank them? 

  • Ordeal Rituals – Collaring Ceremonies

    We’ve had a lot of people ask us lately about collarings and ordeal rituals (both with collarings and in general). Obviously collarings come in all shapes and sizes…..we’ve been talking about them on the podcast recently and during an interview with Kuldrin’s Krypt. Episode 634 – Collaring Ceremonies Episode 418 – Collarings This is where […]

  • EA634 – Collaring Ceremonies

    This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn talk about collaring ceremonies! Big ones, little ones, and how to create your own.  PLUS so many events we can’t seem to remember them all!  -=-=-=-=-=- Find all things Dan & dawn at Links to mentioned on show: Wicked in the west Voodoo leather works