The Collar: The Planner for Those Who Serve with Intent

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The Collar is a planner and journal for those living purposeful and consensual Power Exchange Relationships. Regardless of the style of your Power Exchange Relationship, your service is a critical component of your daily life. Whether you are new to Power Exchange or a seasoned veteran in the life, this book provides an opportunity to reflect on who you are and why you serve. Those wishing to create their own journal (paper or electronic) should check out the e-book, which includes more details on how you can do just that!The Collar provides an undated annual, monthly, and weekly spreads with prompts for intention-setting. A monthly habit-tracker spread allows for management of specific behaviors. Additional sections help you organize relationship goals and commands along with a section for the quirks of the One-you-Serve with sections for everything from food preferences to clothing requirements.The Collar allows you to track your growth in service in an integrated fashion with your day-to-day life if you wish, or can be used as a stand-alone "slave journal" just as easily. The author shares some personal examples of her own journaling as a collared slave in a Leather Family. From the preface by Master Daniel Belum (Co-author of Living M/s: A Guide For Power Exchange Relationships and Great Lakes Master Title Holder, 2010): "What kame bat has created in this book is far beyond what I made her keep. It is an expansion that allows a depth of connection and growth based on not only power exchange ideas but current habit tracking and time management best practices. It is so much more than a vague 'keep a journal' advise we often give those that serve. It is something that I can honestly say I will advise all people who seek to lead a power exchange relationship to share with the person who serves. And for them to realize their responsibility in it as well. For it to be truly effective, it needs to not only be written in but to be picked up, reviewed, and read by that person who thinks they are worthy of leadership. I am honored to be part of this book and so very proud of kame bat." While there is no nudity or profanity in The Collar, the author realizes that the topics included are not appropriate for all ages. Consequently, it is described as appropriate for an adult audience. About the Author: kame bat has been called many things over the years. Her scene name is wawbat and her Master pulled her slave name (bat) from that moniker. She still retains that name, with His blessing. She identifies as a Leather Woman who is sapiosexual, polyamorous, and a decidedly kinky switch. In her nine-to-five life, she is an educator who fiercely defends the right of all humans to access the most autonomous life they desire. Choice and consent are of utmost importance to her, even if – or especially if – the choice is to relinquish control to another. From her fetlife profile:“I maintain my privacy and expect others to respect it. I am not ashamed of who I am or what I do (during the day or by moonlight) but I operate in the real world where bigotry can have real consequences.”
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