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Dan and Dawn, renowned authors, celebrated presenters, and the force behind the longest-running podcast on ‘polyamory, power exchange, and simply fun kink’, are here to offer you life-changing development services.

More Than Just ‘Kink Friendly’

We have been an active part of the BDSM, Polyamory and Power Exchange Communities for more than twenty years. It isn’t ‘what we do’, it is who we are.


Dan & dawn, authors of the Polyamory Toolkit, each have multiple other long term partners. The tools they share around jealousy, time management, and communication come from our experience with them – what works, and what doesn’t.

Power Exchange

Dan & dawn have been in a full time TPE relationship since 2001. Prized presenters on authority transfer topic, they are the authors of Hearts and Collars and Living M/s, and earned the Great Lakes Master/slave title in 2011.

Sacred Sexuality

With their background in Tantra and Qadishtu (ancient practices exploring intimacy and sacred sexuality), Dan & Dawn bring a unique perspective to creating a safe space for healing and honoring sexuality in all its forms.

Healing Modalities


Dan & dawn are both certified hypnotherapist. Your solution is already within you. We’ll help you see it.

Goal Focused Mentoring

We clarify where you want to go and help you come up with a clear concise plan to get there.

Spirituality Based

Does your solution rely on reconnecting your inner self with your spiritual path? We can assist you with finding that connection.

How It Works

Free Initial Consultation

Initial chat over Zoom on in person

Determine the Path for Us

We explore which solution method suits you

Clear Plan and Timeline

Together, we agree on a plan and schedule

Embrace Change

We stay engaged until the change you want is achieved

What People Says

A major lightbulb moment struck! Thanks to Dan and Dawn’s help, I finally understood that I’m perfectly okay with who I am – and it is ok to want more

Lisa M

Hypnotherapy client

Wonderful experience.

Sean M

Happy client

Let’s Chat

Your next step is to book a free consultation with us. During this personalized session, we will take the time to understand your unique needs, aspirations, and challenges. We will thoroughly assess your current situation and discuss potential strategies tailored specifically to you. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of your options and start your journey with a solid foundation.