Presenting Around The World


Wicked in the West, edmonton AB, 10/07-10/19

The Acedemy, Cleveland, OH, 06/11

LOCK, Troy, NY, 04/22-04/24

Kinky KollegeChicago, IL, 03/11-03/13

T3WD, Columbia, SC, 02/17

Anon M/S, Providence, RI, 01/28-01/30


Coastal Carolina Fetish Fair, Myrtel Beach, SC, 12/2 – 12/5 


-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Past Events


Power Exchange Unconference, Columbus, OH, 12/7
Smart: Fetish Flea, Cleveland, OH, 11/16
Beyond The Love, Columbus, OH, 11/08
Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, 10/29
Kinky Kollege, Chicago, IL, 10/25
Endless Poly Summer, West Virginia, 08/16
Tulsa Hangout, Tulsa, OK, 04/05
SouthWest Love Fest, Tucson, AZ, 03/29
LLC, Atlanta, 03/15
Poly Living, Philadelphia, 02/8-10
Winter Wickedness, 02/01, Columbus, OH
Erotic Awakenings Formal BDSM 01/19, Columbus, OH
Erotic Awakenings Formal Dinner 12/22, Columbus OH


Beyond The LoveColumbus, OH, Nov 9-11rd
MAsT: Kansas City Master/slave Weekend , Kansas, Sept 28-29
Twisted Tryst, IN Sept 13-16th
GLLA, Indianapolis, IN Sept 6-9th
Summer Weekend of Wickedness, Ithica, NY July 5-8th
Poly Unconference by Beyond The LoveColumbus, OH, June 16th
Club Ascension, Detroit, MI May 26th
Power Exchange Summit IV, Columbus, OH– May 11th – May 13th
Kinky Kollege, Chicago, IL March 23-25th
Ohio Smart, Cleveland, OH March 17-18th
Leather Leadership Conference, Atlanta, GA March 9-11t
Southwest Leather Conference, Phoenix, AZ, Jan 18th-21st


Beyond The LoveColumbus, OH, Dec 1-3rd
Bridge, Pittsburgh, PA, Oct 27th
Fetish Foreplay Friday, Columbus, OH, Oct 20th
Poly All Seasons, Abram’s Creek, WVA, Aug 18th-23rd
MAsT Central NJ, Aug 12th
MAsT Allentown, Aug 11th
Spanking Party!, Columbus OH, July 15th
Poly Unconference by 
Beyond The LoveColumbus, OH, June 24th
Columbus, OH June 20th
Power Exchange Summit IV, Columbus, OH– May 19th -May21st
MP&C Columbus, OH April 12th
Kinky Kollege 
Chicago, IL, March 31st
Beat Me in St Louis 
St Louis, MO, March 24th-26th
2017 M/s Contact (judge) Chicago, IL, March 17th-18th


MAsT: Buffalo Groove 
Chicago, IL, July 17th
Windsor Poly Picnic, Windsor ONT, June 25th
Bridging the Slash Dallas, TX Jun 18th
Kinko de Mayo, Cleveland, OH, May 6-8
MAsT: Charleston 
Charleston, WV, April 16th
Subs in Service Columbus, OH, April 9th
Kinky Kollege Chicago, IL, April 1-3rd
near Salt Lake City, UT Mar 17th
South plain Leather Fest 
Dallas, TX Mar 11-13th


Beyond The LoveColumbus, OH, Nov 13-15th
Indianapolis IN, October 2nd -4th
Columbus, OH, September 11th-13th
Sinergy, Lansing, MI, August 28th-30th
Power Exchange Summit IV, Columbus, OH– May 29th -May31st
Spring Poly FeverWVA, May 15-19
People Of Kink Celebration Weekend London, Ontario May 2rd
Sterling Shadow Club, Dayton, OH, April 21st
South Plains Leatherfest-International Master/slave Weekend, Dallas TX, March 13-15
Kinky Kollege, Chicago, IL March 7th -9th
Ohio Smart, Cleveland, OH Feb 21th
Lupercalia, Edmonton, CA, February 12th – 14th


LR&M, Chicago, IL, December 6th
Beyond The LoveColumbus, OH, Nov 7th – 9th
Kinky Kollege, 
Chicago, IL Oct 17th -19th
Columbus, OH Sep 12st -14th
Indianapolis IN, Aug 21st -24th
Chicago, IL Aug 9th
Bridging the Slash, Dallas, TX June 27 – 30
Twisted Tryst – South, 
IN, June 12 – 16
Power Exchange Summit III, Columbus, OH– May 30th -Jun 1st
Mischief In MayDes Moines, Iowa – May 16-18
People Of Kink Reunion Party, Welland, Ontario May 3rd
Taking Care of Yourself, Indianapolis, IN – April 18th
Submissives In Service, Columbus, OH – April 5th
Beat Me St. Louis, St. Louis, MO – March 28-29
Kinky Kollege, Chicago, IL – March 7-9
7 Poly Tools, Columbus, OH – March 5th
Winter Wickedness, Columbus, OH – February 7-8


KISS, Lafette, IN Nov 28th
LAL, Lafette, IN Nov 27th
Beyond the Love, Columbus, OH Nov 15-17th
Sterling Shadow, Dayton, OH – Oct !5th
COPE, Columbus, OH – Sept 13-15th
GLLA, Indianapolis, IN – Aug 22-25th
Floating World, Edison, NJ – Aug 2nd -4th
Tease, Ontario, CN July 11th-14th
Dom/sub Retreat, Ontario, CN July 10th
Power Exchange Summit II – May 24th -26th
Pittsburgh Bridge Group, Pittsburgh PA – April 20th
Kinky Kollege, Chicago, IL – April 5th-7th
South Plains Leatherfest, Dallas TX – March 7-10th
Lupercalia 2013, Edmonton, Alberta Canada – Feb 15 – 17th
Madtown Kinkfest, Madison, WI Feb 8-10
Winter Wickedness, Columbus, OH Feb 1rst
Ohio SMART, Cleveland, OH Jan 19th


POTQ2, Columbus, OH – Nov 10-11th
Kinky Kollege, Chicago, IL – Oct 26-28th
COPE, Columbus, OH – Sept 14-15
Monkey Puzzle Club, Columbus, OH – August 29th
Great Lakes Leather Alliance in Indianapolis, IN – Aug 23 -26
Twisted Tryst, Indianapolis area, IN – June 7th to June 10th
Power Exchange Summit, Columbus, OH – June 1, 2, 3
GD2, Chicago, IL – May 12th
Ohio State University, Columbus, OH – May 9th
Eros Gathering, Columbus, OH – May 7th
Kink U – Host, Sirius Radio, April 20th
Sterling Shadow Continuum, Dayton, OH – April 17th
Eros Gather, Columbus, OH – Apr 2nd
Beat Me in St. Louis – Mar 30 – Apr 1
Kink U – Host, Sirius Radio, March 21st
Lupercalia 2012, Edmonton, Alberta Canada – Feb 17 – 19th
Ohio State University, Student Presentation – Columbus, Oh, Feb 13th
NLA, Columbus, OH – February 12th


Monkey Puzzle Club, Columbus, OH – December 14th
Spanksgiving, St. Louis, MO – Nov 18th & 19th
NLA, Columbus, Oh – Nov 12th
Purple Rose Society, Akron, Oh – Nov 12th
Kinky Kollege, Oct 21rst – Oct 23rd, Chicago, IL
OhioSmart, Cleveland, OH – Sep 17th
COPE, Columbus, OH – Sep 9th to Sep 11
Kamp Kink IV, Central Ohio – Aug 27th
Great Lakes Leather Alliance, Indianapolis, IN – Aug 19th to Aug 21
Monkey Puzzle Club, Columbus, OH – August 10th
Ohio Valley Region contest (judging) – July 29, July 30th
CampOUT!, Walton, WV – July 14 – July 18th
Deviant Mind Salon – July 13
Tease, Ontario, Canada – July 7th – July 11th
Babalon Rising, French Lick, IN – June 9th to June 13th
PeerTNG, Cincinnati, OH – May 28th
Creating a powerful M/s relationship “A half day lunch and learn intensive” – North Royalton, Ohio, May 21st
Ohio State University, Student Presentation – Columbus, Oh, May 11th
Book Signing – Dayton, Oh, May 6th
Bottoms Buffet, Columbus, OH – Apr 16th
Beyond Leather, Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Apr 7th – Apr 10th
Sinsations In Leather, Chicago, IL – Apr 1st – Apr 3rd
Pittsburgh MAsT, Pittsburgh, PA – March 19th
South Plains Leatherfest, Dallas, TX – Feb 25th to Feb 27th
The Prestige Group, Middleton, OH – Feb 19th
AIS Winter Wickedness, Columbus, OH – February 5th & 6th
deCONpression, Columbus, OH – January 14 thru 16th
NLA-C & PRSCO January Fund Raiser, Columbus, OH – January 14


NLA-Columbus, Columbus, OH – November 14th
Purple Rose Society, Akron, OH – November 13th
Kinky Kollege, Chicago, IL – October
C.O.P.E. – 2010, Columbus, OH – Sept 17th – 19th
Great Lake Leather Alliance IX, IN – August 20-23
Woodstocks 10, Ohio – July 15th -18th
June Luau Party!, Central OH – June, 26th – 27th
Kinko de Mayo 2010, Cleveland, OH – May 7th – 8th
Sensual Spanking, Columbus, OH – April 24th
Sterling Shadow Club’s 10th Anniversary Celebration, Dayton OH – April 16th – 18th
March 12th – 14th SinSations, Chicago, IL
February 26-28 DO:Winter Fire, Washington, DC
February 13 GD2, Chicago, IL
February 5th – 6th AIS Winter Wickedness, Columbus, OH
January 9 BurgherMunch, Pittsburgh, PA


October 23-25 Kinky Kollege, Chicago, IL
October 18th House Metta presents Ms Protocol, Columbus, OH
September 11-12 AIS:COPE Columbus, OH (Hosting Scarlet Sanctuary)
August 21-23 Great Lake Leather Alliance VIII, IN
July 16-20 Woodstocks 09, PA
May 1-2 Kinko De Mayo, Cleveland, OH
April 21 Sterling Shadow Club, Dayton, OH
March 27-29 Beat Me in St. Louis
February 13-15 Dark Odyssey: Spring Fire, Washington, DC
February 6 – 8 AIS Winter Wickedness, Columbus, OH
January 18 POTQ:Sacred Touch, Columbus, OH
January 10 GRALE, Grand Rapids, MI
January 4 POTQ:Sacred Touch, Cleveland, OH


December 29 POTQ presents Inara and Modern Sex Worker
December 21 POTQ:Sacred Touch, Columbus,OH
December 18th POTQ present Francesca and Tantra
December 14th POTQ:Sacred Touch Cleveland, OH
December 4th POTQ present Cheri and Solo Sacred Sex
November 26th POTQ:Modern Qadishti, Columbus, OH
November 17th AIS:Sinergy, Columbus, OH
November 8th Purple Rose, Ackron, OH
September 19th-22th Kinky Kollege, Chicago, IL
September 12th-13th AIS:COPE, Columbus OH
August 23rd EDGE, northern OH
July 19th SMART, Clevland, OH
May 3rd- 4th SmartFest, Clevland, OH
April 26th- 27th Stations of the Cross, Austin TX
April 4th- 5th Society of Adult Sensuous Spankings and Energy Exchanges, PA
March 15th Chippewa Valley Lifestyle Support Group in Eau Claire, WI
February 2nd-3rd AIS:Winter Wickedness


December 8th Galleria Domain 2
October 13th Purple Rose Society, Akron OH
September 14-15th AIS:COPE, in Columbus, OH
August 11th National Leather Association, Columbus, OH
May 4-5th SMARTfest, in Cleveland, OH
April 20 – 22nd Anything For Love, Cincinnati, OH
April 6 – 8th Dark Odyssey:Spring Fire, Washington, DC
March 16-18th SinSations in Leather, Chicago, IL
February 12th PolyColumbus in Columbus, OH
January 13rth Purple Rose Society, Akron OH


November 18th New England Leather Association, in Boston, MA
October 22nd Smart, in Cleveland, OH
August 3-5th Ohio Leather Fest, in Columbus, OH
June 17th Chippewa Valley Lifestyle Support Group in Eau Claire, WI
June 7-11 Qadishti Fest: Spirit of the Desert in French Lick, IN
May 26-29th Heartland Poly Conference in French Lick, IN
April 22 The Stations Of The Cross in Austin, Texas
February 3-5 Fetish Fair Flea Market in Atlanta
January 6 Club Temptations, Dayton OH


December Dark Odyssey:WinterFire in Maryland
October NLA:Columbus
October 18th Sterling Shadow Club
September 14-19 Dark Odyssey: Summer Camp ¹05
July 8-10th AEON 7 – Sensual Arts, southern Indiana
May 19th Sensuality Fair, Clevland, OH
March 18-19th SMARTFest in Clevland, OH

Prior to 2005 archive

Virtual Offerings



Eros Gathering by belet dawn – Psychic Hygiene (Energy Basics)

Thursday, December 9, 8pm


Let’s Chat! With our Patrons – Checking In

Sunday, December 12,, 6pm


O.W.A.L (Older Women in Alternative Lifestyles) 

Thursday, December 16, 7pm


How to Empower Your sub/slave (follower) from a followers point of view w/ belet dawn

Thursday, December 23, 8pm

Polyamory Change Management by Dan and dawn (Virtual) 

Monday, November 1, 8pm


sub/slave/follower Chat hosted by belet dawn – Dealing w/ Depression

Tuesday, November 9, 8pm

Eros Gathering by belet dawn – Sex Magick

Thursday, November 11, 8pm

Let’s Chat! With our Patrons – Poly Holidays 

Sunday, November 14, 6pm

O.W.A.L (Older Women in Alternative Lifestyles) – Feeling Invisible

Thursday, November 18,, 7pm

Behind the Curtain – Creating Formal Events by belet dawn

Thursday, November 23, 8pm

Wicked Grounds Online! – Creating a Powerful Power Exchange Relationship

Tuesday, November 30, 9pm


Compassionate Polyamory by Dan and dawn (Virtual) 

Monday, October 4, 8pm


Let’s Chat! With our Patrons – Fun and Frustrations with Scenes  

Sunday, October 10, 6pm


sub/slave/follower Chat hosted by belet dawn – Followers with Control Issues

Tuesday, October 12, 8pm


Eros Gathering by belet dawn – Intro to Sacred Sexuality

Thursday, October 14, 8pm


Streaming Live! Erotic Awakening Podcast – Confidence is Sexy

Monday, October 18, 8pm


O.W.A.L (Older Women in Alternative Lifestyles) – Cultivating Joy

Thursday, October 21, 7pm


Mindfulness in Service by belet dawn

Thursday, October 28, 8pm


Balancing NRE and MRE in Polyam Relationships – Monday, September 6, 8pm


Let’s Chat! With our Patrons – Sunday, September  12, 6pm (for Patrons)


sub/slave/follower Roundtable – Tuesday, September 14, 8pm


O.W.A.L. (Older Women in Alternative Lifestyles) – Thursday, Sept 16, 7pm (women only)


Live! Erotic Awakening Podcast – Sunday, September 19, 9pm


Eros Gathering: Balancing Sex Chakras– September 23,  8pm

Let’s Chat! (for Patrons Only) – Sunday, August 8, 6pm eastern

Eros Gathering: Psychic Hygiene (Energy Basics), Thursday, August 12, 8pm eastern

Erotic Awakening Podcast, Live! : Sexual BDSM, Monday, August 16, 8pm eastern

Wicked Grounds Online: The Year of High Protocol w/Dan and dawn, Tuesday, August 17, 8pm eastern

OWAL: Older Women in Alternative Lifestyles (women only), Thursday, August 19, 7pm eastern

How to Empower Your sub/slave (from a slaves point of view), Thursday, August 26, 8pm eastern

ONLINE – TES Presents: Poly Change Management w/ Dan and dawn Tuesday, July 6th, 7pm

Eros Gathering: Sex Magick Thursday, July 8, 8:00 PM

Let’s Chat! Dealing with Disconnect in Power Exchange Relationships Sunday, July 11, 6pm (for Patrons)

O.W.A.L. (Older Women in Alternative Lifestyles) *women only – video required* Thursday, July 15, 7pm (women only)

Live! Erotic Awakening Podcast – Nipple Play– Monday, July 19, 8pm

ONLINE: Power Exchange, Polyamory, and Potential with Dan and dawn By Wicked Grounds Tuesday, July 20, 8pm

Behind the Curtain – Creating Formal Events *written from a subs experience but open to anyone* – Thursday, July 22, 7pm

B.A.L.L Welcomes Dan & Dawn for a discussion on being authors, Kinksters and Poly – Friday, June 4th, 9pm

8 Poly Tools – Monday, June 7, 8pm

Eros Gathering: Sacred Sex Rituals for 2 (or more) – Thursday, June 10, 7:00 PM

Let’s Chat! about Communication Tools – Sunday, June 13, 6pm (for Patrons)

O.W.A.L. (Older Women in Alternative Lifestyles) – Thursday, June 17, 7pm (women only)

Live! Erotic Awakening Podcast – What is ‘real slave’ in a modern power exchange relationship? – Monday, June 21, 8pm

Eros Gathering: Psychic Hygiene (energy basics) – Thursday, June 24, 7pm

Power Exchange and Poly, Monday, May 3, 8pm

Eros Gathering – Intro to Sacred Sexuality, Wednesday, May 5, 12:00 PM

PK Presents: Living M/s with Dan and dawn, Friday, May 7, 7:00 PM

Let’s Chat! About Helping Subs With Past Trauma, Sunday, May 9, 6pm

Eros Gathering – Psychic Hygiene, Wednesday, May 12, 3pm

Eros Gathering- Breathing for Sex, Thursday, May 13, 7pm

Spicy Vanilla Market Place, Sunday, May 16, 3pm – 7pm

Live! Streaming Erotic Awakening Podcast – How to Talk Naughty and more!, Monday, May 17, 8pm

OWAL – Older Women in Alternative Lifestyles, Thursday, May 20, 7pm

Poly Over 40 virtual munch, Friday, May 21, 7pm

LnF Events Sunday Series Presents: The Year of High Protocol w/ Dan and dawn, Sunday, May 23, 7pm

Mindfulness in Service, Wednesday, Apr 28, 12:00 PM

TES Presents: Advanced Poly Relationships: A path to freedom from jealousy, Tuesday, Apr 27, 7:00 PM

Eros Gathering – Energy, Chakras and Sex, Wednesday, Apr 21, 12:00 PM

Live! Erotic Awakening Podcast, Sunday, Apr 18, 6PM

April sub/slave/follower chat, Sunday, Apr 18, 3:30 PM

OWAL – Older Women in Alternative Lifestyles – April, Thursday, Apr 15, 7:00 PM ET

Eros Gathering – Psychic Hygiene, Wednesday, Apr 14, 12:00 PM ET

Let’s Chat! About Dating Profiles, Sunday, April 11, 6pm ET

Eros Gathering – Balancing our Sex Chakras, Thursday, Apr 8, 7:00 PM ET

How Survivors Can Thrive in a Power Exchange Relationship (video required), Wednesday, Apr 7, 12:00 PM ET

Dating Kinky Book Club (with special guests Dan and Dawn!), Monday, April 5, 8PM EST

PK Presents: Alchemy: Turn Jealousy Into Compersion, Friday, April 2, 7pm ET

Sacred Sexuality Rituals, Thursday, March 25, 7pm ET –

Erotic Awakening Podcast LIVE!, Sunday, March 21, 6pm ET –

sub/slave/follower chat, Sunday, March 21, 3:30pm ET –

 OWAL – Older Women in Alternative Lifestyles (women only), Thursday, March 18, 7pm ET –

Mindfulness in Service, Wednesday, March 17, 12pm ET –

LnF Events: “Foundations: Create a Powerful PE Relationship”, Sunday, March 14, 7pm ET –

Patreon Let’s Chat! Poly Dating Profiles, Sunday, March 14, 6pm ET – 

Eros Gathering: Eyes of the Qadishti, Thursday, March 11, 7pm ET –

 Eros Gathering: Psychic Hygiene, Wednesday, March 10, 12pm ET

PK Presents: Mash-Up! Managing multiple power exchange partnerships, Friday, March 5, 7pm ET –

 How Survivors Can Thrive in a PE Relationship, Thursday, March 4, 7pmET

Mindful Polyamory w/SoCal Polyam Support Group, Wednesday, March 3, 10pm ET –

Orlando Munch Class – Creating a Powerful Power Exchange Relationship, Saturday, Feb. 27, 5:30pm est

Columbus Kinky Book Club-Living M/s with Authors, Wednesday, Feb. 24, 7pm est

Live Erotic Awakening Podcast, Sunday, Feb. 21, 6pm est

sub/slave chat (lower case letters only) Sunday, Feb. 21, 3:30pm est

OWAL (Older Women in Alternative Lifestyles – women only), Thursday, Feb. 18, 7pm est –

Let’s Chat about Loving Power Exchange, Sunday, Feb. 14, 6pm est

Slutty Sex @ The Kinky Dating Event, Saturday, Feb. 13, 3:30pm est

Eros Gathering – Energy, Chakras, and Sex, Thursday, Feb. 11, 7pm est

Eros Gathering – Sacred Sexuality: A Beginner’s Guide, Wednesday, Feb. 10, noon est

Sensual BDSM, Sunday, Feb. 7, 6pm est

PK Presents: Guide to Polyamory Dating, Friday, Feb. 5, 7pm est

 Let’s Chat about Loving Power Exchange w/Dan and dawn, 02/14, 6PM

Sensual BDSM w/ Dan and dawn, 02/07, 6PM

Live Podcast, 01/17, 6PM

Holy Fire Conference, 01/08-01/10

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