Dan and dawn have been an alternative lifestyle couple since 2001 and have presented at over 100 events around North America. Not only do they enjoy teaching workshops and classes, they also share via books, specialized events, and fun consent negotiation playing cards!

Their books on power exchange and polyamory are based on experience and have been very well received by those communities. 

They are also the co-hosts of the Erotic Awakening Podcast, an educational show that explores “all things erotic” since 2011; co-founders of the Columbus Space, an alternative community center; 2016 MAsT International Member’s Choice Presenter of the Year Award winner; Great Lakes region title holders (2010); creators of the Scarlet Sanctuary and Path of the Qadishti (sacred sexuality spaces); featured educators on both Kink Academy and Creative Sexuality; and mentioned in a number of books, articles, and other media.

“They move between clear and simple presentation of facts and information to personal stories of their fascinating experiences together, energizing their audiences with the ease and grace of people that enjoy what they are doing”

Published Works:

Awards & Nominations and Community Service Positions Include: 

  • Member’s Choice Presenter of the Year Award 2016
  • Great Lakes Master & slave 2010
  • PRSCO 2010 Presenter of the Year Award

Media Mentions Include: 

  • Dan and dawn interviewed about power exchange on Asencion Podcast, 2018
  • Dan and dawn interviewed about sex and power exchange on Living  Sex Positive Life, 2018
  • Dan and dawn, with partner Karen, featured in 614 Magazine, February 2016
  • Quoted about the Spiritual side of their M/s relationship in the book Sacred Power Holy Surrender (edited by Raven Kaldera) 2011
  • Dan and dawn interviewed regarding healthy M/s relationships on Libidacoria talk show, July 2 show, 2011
  • Dan and dawn interviewed about sex and religion on Reality Radio radio show, 2011
  • Dan and dawn interviewed for the Voice of the Dragon internet radio show, 2011
  • Dan and dawn interviewed for the Dark Side internet radio show (show 51), 2011
  • Joined the instructors staff on Creative Sexuality in April of 2011
  • Dan and dawn interviewed for the Dark Side internet radio show (show 11), 2010
  • Erotic Awakening podcast reviewed by Edgy Podcast Review, 2010
  • Mentioned in book Sacred Kink (Lee Harrington) , 2010
  • Featured as guest educator, Kink Academy (, 2010
  • Featured in article Sacred sex and temple prostitutes, 2009
  • Quoted in book Kink Magic (Taylor Elwood, Lupa), 2007
  • Credited in book Psychic Dreamwalking (Michelle Belanger) , 2006

Some of the feedback we have received at various presentations and events

“The staff and committee of BMSL look forward to seeing you again. Everyone that seen it loved your classes, the ones that did not were sad they had missed them” – Jsin, Event Chair, BMSL XIII

“Presenter knowledgeable- excellent”/ “Love Dan and Dawn”/ “would love to see more from them”/ “Excellent presentation” /”Love them and anytime you have them is great”/ “Wonderful presented. You both were amazing!”/ “Wonderful. Would like to see more. This is the type of presentation that I prefer attending”/”Great flow & Dynamic” – Anon comments from BMSL XIII

“I attended your Intro to BDSM at Winter Fire and was pleased to demo with you for ‘sensual’ play. Anyways, it was my very first event for this lifestyle newb and the class you and dawn taught was so incredibly informative and enjoyable, it set a wonderful tone for the rest of my explorations of the weekend. You took my cherry, and did it Masterfully (pun intended grin)” – DO:WF 09

“we just wanted to drop u both a line and say thank you so very much. we attended both the sensual spanking and the intro to bdsm and learned so much. we really appreciated all the info. we took home some new ideas and used them lol. both of u made it so easy to learn and interact and ask questions. we hope to attend some other conferences that u both are at. thanks again”

“Hello. Don’t know if you remember us, but we remember you! We were at GRALE last Saturday and just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your presentation. It really made both of us think….and talk! We almost didn’t go because of the weather. Glad we did!” – L and L

“Hello Dan and dawn…(being) at your workshop… It sure did get me thinking ALOT…It gave me some new ideas… It reminded me of things I had forgotten… and it reinforced some things I already do in the (workshops) I do…” s, Pittsburgh

“I thoroughly enjoyed myself Saturday. I came mainly to hear Dan and dawn. The energy they project and share is awesome. I feel inspired, energized, validated. Before I had read anything about BDSM and spirituality I knew that is what it is all about for me. Most of the spiritual aspect has been just intuitive for me so far, I will be mindful of our breathing, visualize and otherwise sense energies –basically just enriching future play as a result of the presentation” – aftershoxx

“Dan & dawn just bring a great energy. From what I learned Qadishti is about honoring and respecting and what a great job of that they do of that with all they encounter.  They are such a joy to have” joy, PRS_

“I wanted to thank Dan and dawn for the wonderful presentation tonight.  As always, they were funny, entertaining and educational.  Paul and I always look forward to when you join us at PRS and look forward to you coming back soon” –  sandy, PRS

“I had the pleasure of attending your Sensual Humiliation class at Kinky Kollege this past weekend.  Delightful.  Absolutely delightful” – s, Kinky Kollege

“Our favorite sessions were those provided by Dan and Dawn” – Dave and sue, Kinky Kollege

“Thank you so much for you presentation. I enjoyed it completely. I have sent you an invitation to join (our group). You are now “one of us.” Please keep in touch” – Marjorie, Eau Claire Group

“I thought I’d let you know that I really enjoyed the presentation that you two put on for us” – ‘pet’, Eau Claire Group

“The conversations we had have helped in understanding things in my relationship with my wife. I will be learning and reading more about the things y’all brought to us” – Michael, SOTC

“I enjoyed all your presentations. They helped a lot in understanding a lot between the BDSM and our marriage. Also, I enjoyed meeting both of you and hope to see you again” – Roberta, SOTC

“Thank you to Dan & dawn for coming all the way from Ohio to offer their enticing presentation on sensual spanking!With just under ninety (90) people attending, it was standing room onlyfor Dan & dawn’s presentation on Sensual Spanking at GD2’s December educational event. At least until Dan & dawn started requestingvolunteers, at which point several lucky attendees who accepted the invitation got to bend over for a bit.Dan & dawn quickly lived up to their reputation as energetic, hilarious speakers, putting audience members at ease and ramping up the energy inthe room. In front of a highly engaged audience, and using severalvolunteers to great effect, Dan & dawn focused intently on ways toreach the goal of sensual spanking: a profound, intimate bondcharacterized by physical and energetic connection.Far more than a simple, thoughtless smack on the ass, sensual spankingrequires focus, attention, and being present. Dan & dawn offeredadvice on how to get started and to set the scene, discussed theimportance of maintaining continual contact, and suggested creativepositions and numerous hand techniques to achieve desired sensations. Just as importantly, they also talked about various ways to communicateand provide feedback to each other while engaged in spanking. Fromsatisfying a pure fetish, using it for foreplay, or combining it withrole playing, from exploring pain or punishment to using it as a pathto personal or relationship growth, there are myriad reasons peopleenjoy spanking, and many of us no doubt will do it for the first time,or will do it more, after witnessing Dan & dawn’s presentation” – RECAP: SENSUAL SPANKING, Presented by Dan & dawn, from Columbus, OH, Saturday, December 8, 2007, At Galleria Domain TwoChicago, Illinois

“(We) would like to thank you for your presentations at Stations of the Cross III in Austin, TX. We enjoyed them and will use the information to strenghten our lifestyle and personal lives. It has help me understand the spiritual and mental workings of our relationship. We look forward to your future presentaions in our area” – SOTC

“Thanks again for being there and presenting (and help show people that you can) create exactly the relationship you want to have” – James, Fetish Flea

“On a more personal note, I wish send to you both a heartfelt thank you. The two of you showed me something different. A more sensual and arousing moment I’ve not ever experienced before” – Cyndi, Dark Odyssey

“Dan, Dawn, Thank you for last night’s presentation. We were very happy to have you there and everyone I have spoken with enjoyed your workshop very much. (We) spoke about it last night and would love to invite you back again in a few months to present on one of your other topics. I personally enjoyed the manner in which you presented, as well as the subject matter” – JL, Sterling Shadow Club

“I wanted to thank you both for giving of your time to come and share with our group.  We’ve heard many good reports back from the people in the group.  The thing I hear the most are the combinations of fun and informative.  We will definitely be inviting you back and look forward to that time” – T, Purple Rose Society

“Thank you for your presentation (last night). It was informative and thought provoking. My partner (and I) spoke together on the way home and were glad to see that we are doing many of the things that you spoke about. We (look foward to trying) the exercises that you demonstrated…” – Chris, SSC

“Thank you again for your demonstration. I felt it was a good turn out and (most) did enjoy the demo and subject matter” – MsDreams, Club T

“Thank you so for the workshop. It was great. Honestly being part of the demo was a great experience and we enjoyed it a lot” – Twinhrt and Hrly

“I thank you for the opportunity to (volunteer). It was a very sensual experience for me, especially since touch is so important for me as a visually-impaired person.” – Linda

“I would like to thank (the group) for bringing in an excellent topic with entertaining & informed speakers. It was pretty neat. I’d like to hear more on the energy work Dan mentioned. luna bows in appreciation” – luna, SSC

“I loved the meeting last night…it was great…wish there was more time to spend discussing it more….you know me I love things that are erotic and kinky” – misty, SSC

“I was also deeply impressed by Dan and Dawn. Wow! Talk about “fun at parties!” The Poly Pagan Bondage Slut presentation was right on target Just as our bodies need food to survive and thrive, our minds and spirits need food too, and this is what Dan and Dawn provide – food for the mind and soul” – Gaylen, Sensuality Fair Organizer

“Thumbs Up. Dan and dawn presented for Seo in Autumn of 2003. They were friendly and personable. Their presentation stayed on topic, offered audience interaction and provided ideas for later contemplation. They did a wonderful job of keeping their target audience in mind as they presented. They provided visual aids which some found to be helpful. Many of our members commented later that they enjoyed the presentation and would like to have Dan and dawn return again” – Pix, SEO President

“Meeting Dan & Dawn was a highlight … of course we would naturally like poly Pagan bondage sluts since Amanda and I embrace these areas too. The Fest could not have had better prepared or more enthusiastic presenters of BDSM information. Dan skillfully punctuated their workshops with humor and an interactive element. Dawn flowed perfectly with her husband just like a dance partner” David – Terra Incognita

“It very was enjoyable to meet you and to all those that had a good time. Especially to Dan and Dawn you guys did a excellent job – Dan I really enjoyed your enthusiasm and candor” – Sage, AEON

“Thanks to Dawn & Dan and all the workshop leaders for the wonderful sessions and for allowing us to learn without any level of knowledge or commitment” – Emma & Rob

Thank both, You and Dawn for the workshops that you have given. I am looking forward to more workshops from the both of you” Liz

“Thanks to Dan & Dawn, we enjoyed your workshops very much. You were very informative, and didn’t try to overwhelm us with everything at once” Lloyd

“The BDSM/Spanking classes given by Dan and Dawn were great, and the only complaint I have about them is that they were too short!” Phyllis

“Special thanks…….. to Dan and Dawn for the workshops which were both professional and fun”.Corinna

“I wanted to thank you for some interesting classes at SMART fest this year. Your class on living D/s made me think about my relationship with (my significant other) and where it needs some work”Mary Beth

“Thank you to Dan & Dawn for your warm and open friendship, wonderful conversation and some much needed encouragement. Not to mention the two programs we were able to sit in on. big, big grin The erotic spanking was one of the most beautiful scenes i have ever seen in person. Thank you both so much for sharing it with us all. The above, though it speaks from the heart dose not convey all that i wish it could. So please look below for all that i can find no other words to say.”ana H

“Keith and I wanted to thank you for your presentations. It was truly a pleasure to meet you both and your presentations were the best part of the (event) for us. Hope our paths cross again!” Keith + Penny

“we were so mesmerized by your spanking and energy exchange demonstration.  It provided outstanding information for beginners to experienced.  You have such an awesome connection to one another that just spills over into your audience.  I am looking forward to seeing another presentation sometime soon! “

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