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Hearts & Collars

Twenty Years in a Power Exchange Relationship

When we started our power exchange relationship, we didn’t have many models for it. We didn’t know people in the lifestyle. We hadn’t tried this type of relationship before. We both came into it with emotional burdens and trauma. And in spite of that, we were able to consciously design a power exchange relationship that helps us both grow, brings us closer emotionally, helps us heal some of those hurts, and fulfills our deep desires.

The tools we share in this book are ones that have worked for us over the last twenty years. We hope some of them will help you avoid pitfalls we stumbled into. Some of them may be right for you, or for your partner(s), and some of them may not. Like going clothes shopping, we invite you to try everything on; and if it doesn’t fit, leave it on the rack.

If there’s one thing we hope you take away from this book, it’s this: whoever you are, whatever you’ve been through, you have the ability to reflect, and grow, and become the person you want to be. Although it does take work, unflinching honesty with yourself, and compatible partner(s), it is possible to create relationships that hold you up, and help you thrive. We did it. So can you.

    I just finished Hearts and Collars and loved it!
    I have started dating (and) He started the discussion on a power exchange relationship. I am so excited to get him a copy!
    You did a wonderful job and I will be reading it again 


    There are a lot of resources, both in print and online, that talk about how to play a Scene, but Hearts and Collars is the first thing I’ve found that comprehensively addresses how to live the life


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    coming soon!

    Sample Content from the Book

    What makes a good leader in a power exchange dynamic?

    In the power exchange world of today, I often see a stance that is so anti 'one twue way' (that is, no one can say that the only path to being a good leader in a power exchange relationship is you have to do A and B or you are a poser) that it implies their is not bad...

    How to Follow – Helping a Leader find their seat of power

    Believe it or not, not all Leaders come into their relationships full of confidence and know-how. Dan sure didn’t. I was his first submissive. He was my first Dominant. We learned this dance together. He did a great job showing a face of confidence, and taking risks...

    2 Styles of Power Exchange Relationships

    There are many different styles of Power Exchange Relationships.    2 of the styles we talk about in ‘Hearts and Collars’ is Co-op and Military. Various other names can be used for these styles, but these are the ones we are using in the book.  These are the 2...

    Ordeal Rituals in Power Exchange

      In our newest book, “[Hearts and Collars](www.heartsandcollars.com)”, we talk about the importance of ordeal rituals in our power exchange dynamic. We also discussed this during the Book Club of MAsT: San Diego last night. ********************************* For...

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