Kink Starter

Stuck in a rut? Have a hard time coming up with creative ideas? Or just want to explore some new things in your new or existing relationships?

Kink Starter can help improve your negotiation skills, get your juices flowing, spice up your kinky sex life and more!

Kink Starter is a deck of 72 playing cards that is divided into four different categories. The first three – erotic scenes, sexy implements, and hot accessories – will help set your imagination free to explore a world of erotic fun. The fourth category sets the ‘tone’, from soft and romantic to hard core action.


So if you…

  • are just getting started
  • want a fun and interesting way to negotiate scenes
  • need an ice breaker at a play party or event
  • are looking for new uses for your toys
  • have a desire to try kink on your own terms
  • just want some random erotic fun
    …then Kink Starter is for you!

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