Living M/s

A Book for Masters, slaves, and Their Relationships

This book is a valuable resource for those interested in real-time Total Power Exchange Relationships. Dan and dawn share the reality behind the lifestyle that so many only fantasize about.

This is a book based on the experience of a couple, who has been living together as Master and slave for well over a decade and covers such topics as: challenges of living as a M/s couple; building your own M/s dynamic; changing terminology; the communities of M/s and BDSM and how they dance together (and apart); styles of D/s and M/s; Ms and polyamory; leather; orchestrating situations with multiple slaves, as well as many other topics

Very well written. Good to see concepts and ideas from both perspectives, and in a first person perspective. I appreciate that it is written in a conversational tone rather than a lecture. Highly recommend this book to any who genuinely seek to learn. It matters not if the learning is for personal exploration or to understand friends or family who are in the lifestyle

In this book Dan and dawn offer wonderful advice and perspective on living in a M/s relationship. The book is presented in their friendly conversational style that you will be familiar with if you have ever listened to their podcast, Erotic Awakenings, before.

The writing is simple enough to read the book in one sitting, yet you will leave with something gained. I recommend them for newbies and elders. 

One subject that doesn’t often get addressed in M/s, is married, long-term oriented relationships, and how they have different needs, and approaches, to living the lifestyle. This book will help couples with their foundation of values, and ethics. Still waiting for the “how to” follow up book….this is a good beginning, for beginners.

Sample Content from the Book

Self Publishing – Next Power Exchange Book – Turning our Polyam books into audiobooks

Self Publishing - Next Power Exchange Book - Turning our Polyam books into audiobooks   Eleven years ago when we had 'Living M/s' published.....self-publishing was complicated and not common. We had thought of self-publishing, but a publisher reached out to us...

Complimentary Strengths …. seen as Hawk and Mouse animal totem medicine

We’ve known for years that one reason we work so well together as a couple is because we have different strengths and weaknesses. For the most part, we compliment each other. He likes to lead. I like to follow. He likes to create. I like to bring his creations to...

20 years in a Power Exchange Relationship

As of today, Dan and dawn have been in a formal power exchange relationship for 20 years. They hope to have a new book out soon, sharing what it's been like. Lot's has changed in the last 2 decades including their relationship language.

Farming your relationship

Dan says… In talking with two friends just starting an M/s relationship with each other, I tried to share withthem the need to balance the active process of building the relationship with the passive concept ofsimply letting the relationship take its course. Think of...

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