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Erotic Awakening Podcast listeners are part of a community of alternative loving, sex positive, and open minded people. They are loyal to the EA brand and send us daily emails and questions, which we respond to. They are also active on our private Discord and other social media sites.

  • Longest Running Active Kink Podcast – since 2009!
  • Engaged Community and Fan Base
  • Supported by appearances of Dan & Dawn, host of EA, at dozens of live and virtual events each year
  • Hundreds of shows
  • Published weekly

Erotic Awakening Listening Statistics

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The above statistics do not include our growing YouTube channel, Instagram, and other outreach engagement methods.

Prior to the show, hear your brand or product advertised by Dan & dawn in a fun and engaging method. This isn’t a product read – this is Dan & dawn talking to listeners Pricing is for 4 consecutive shows Receive weekly updates

Both options – get the Pre-Roll Prior to the show plus here us reinforce the message via the Mid-roll discussion/review

Pricing is for 4 consecutive shows

Receive weekly updates

During the show, hear your brand or product discussed. Dan & dawn will tell people about their interactions with your brand or review your product in real time.

Pricing is for 4 consecutive shows

Receive weekly updates

Win/Win for Authors and Projects

Beyond the above advertising options, you might want to be interviewed on the show by Dan & dawn!

We offer a personalized experience that will feature your book or product to our huge audience of people who are specficilly looking for your information!

The interview fee of $75 is fed directly into our general podcast advertising budget, which therefore continues to benefit you!

*Note: In the case of product, we may be open to conversations on product exchange as well. This does not apply to books.