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Our next unconference will be in summer of 2020! Stay tuned for further details.

Polyamory Unconference
Date: July 20, 2019
Location: The Columbus Space, Columbus, Ohio

A full day of polyamory classes and workshops, presented by the participants.

Cost: $29 for all day plus evening event (see below)

Polyamory is about consensual multiple person loving relationships. It is a form of ethical non-monogamy. Simply put, polyamory is the belief that you can be romantically involved with more than one person. And you can do it in a way that those involved are aware of each other and consent to those relationships, and that those relationships can be healthy and enjoyable. 

Unconferences are attendee-driven conferences where content for sessions is driven by participants. Since attendees both propose and present content for the unconference, the material is relevant to what attendees want to hear about and discuss. An unconference looks like organized chaos at the beginning but by the end of the unconference you understand that there is really no chaos at all.  It is simply a different way to organize and present information that is relevant to the attendee.

Request topics and workshops on issues that you want to hear about, or present something – either a facilitated discussion, a workshop on a specific skill, or a lecture on a topic you are familiar with. It’s up to you! And don’t worry, even if you’d prefer to sit in the back rows, you still get to help decide what topics get covered, so the workshops are sure to be relevant to your interests!

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Registration Opens

Get signed in, meet fellow participants



Pick the classes and workshops you want to see OR propose something you want to lead/teach! Anyone can propose a class or knowledge share! Participants decide what happens next!

Classes and Workshops

Classes, workshops, facilitated discussion. Or enjoy our large social area and network and get to know other poly peeps!


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You can propose a class, workshop, or facilitated discussion. We will match what you propose with what people are looking for. Last year, all submissions were presented. 

Absolutely! We provide a large social area for taking breaks and just hanging out. 

$29 covers everything during the polyamory unconference. It even includes a code for another event that is happening that night at the Space, ‘polyamory, cuddles, games, kink‘!  

The Columbus Space, the facility hosting the event, is for those 19 years old and over. And it is an alcohol and substance-free zone. You can read about all the policies at the Columbus Space here.

No problem! If you are just poly curious or hoping to explore it one day, you are welcome! 

Nope. There is a kinky (and gaming and cuddling) event that happens that same night but the unconference is not intended as a hook up event.

The Polyamory Unconference seeks to be a welcoming event for all people. Below you’ll find some comments around our views and policies around diversity and inclusion, as well as venue specific information.


The Polyamory Unconference is held at the Columbus Space for Alternative Self Expression. The venue rules and policies can be found verboten here. All venue rules apply to the event as well.

Code of Conduct for the Polyamory Unconference

Attendees are expected to be cordial and treat each other with respect regardless of gender, race, color, creed, ancestry, place of origin, political beliefs, religion, marital status, disability, age, or sexual orientation or preference.

Also, attendees are expected to be cordial and treat each other with respect regardless of relationship styles. Other peoples decisions to practice a type of polyamory, non-monogamy, or monogamy is for them to decide and should not be disparaging or insulted.

Diversity of Speakers and Topics

The nature of an unconference is that it is participant driven. This means you, the attendees, will select the speakers and topics. We hope a varied and diverse slate will be picked; the event does not decide. More information on this process can be found here.

ADA accessibility of the venue

The Columbus Space is fully ADA accessible. Rules regarding service animals can be found on the venue’s website. Please contact us if you have specific questions.

Sign Language Interpretation and hearing assistance for sessions

We are unable to provide audio equipment (microphones, speakers) for each speaker/class leader. A sign language interpreter can be available if requested at the time of ticket purchase.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Gender neutral and Gender-specific bathrooms are provided

Nursing/feeding areas

The Columbus Space does not have a specific nursing area. One can be available if requested at the time of ticket purchase.