Sex, Stories, and Power Exchange

Adventures – and Lessons – of a Naughty Power Exchange Couple

Is this book fiction? Nonfiction? Self-help? Porn? A love story?

“All of the above”…

Like some other couples, Dan and dawn whispered naughty stories to each other while in the bedroom and sometimes actually took the step to write them down, sharing them with each other for the erotic aspect of it. But one day, they decided ‘Is this really something we want to do…and if so, will we still be ok?’

This book is the adventures of a loving and erotic power exchange couple who decided to make their fantasies come true. It tells the stories of what they did (in story format!) as well as the lessons they learned on the way regarding love, jealousy, healthy group sex, mindfulness in lust, and more. Between each story they share the path they took to make sure they continued to be lovers, friends, and a healthy couple – while booming the sluts they fantasied about.

Sample Content from the Book

Hard Paddle

April sat, shy and uncertain, alone at a small table. The bar seemed to dwarf her, the dark smoky air battered unceasingly by a jukebox that alternated between George Thorogood’s raw chords and the twang of Hank Williams, Jr. She’d never heard of this place - tucked...

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