EA431 – What Do Masters Really Want

  This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast Dan and dawn discuss what Master/Mistress/Dom's really want out of a sub or slave! PLUS the question of the day is Am I Poly OK? Plus the kinky bucket list! Tags? Oh yea we got tags! #kinky #podcast #powerexchange...

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EA430 – Myths of the Scene

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EA429 – DD_lg and glory holes

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EA428 – Velcro Collars

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EA427 – Passion and Jobs of Blow

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past and future

Sometimes my partners ask me about where I see a new relationship going, but after years we have finally figured out we never know. Sometimes things start great and end after a few months. And I’ve had a few that started as a simple fun date and years later we have a...

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break ups for poly people

Being broken up with sucks for monogamous people. I’m sorry to say it sucks for polyamory people as well. Now, there can be some benefits to poly in this regard – a partner might break up with me, but I may have other partners to help me through the transition....

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My lover has a new lover and it isn’t me

Often someone shares with me this situation - me and my significant other have a great relationship and then they met someone new. And that someone is (not me). Now they don’t actually say ‘not me’, but regardless of what they say - the new person is more this, less...

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It’s Not Always Jealousy….

Just a little thought while i was meditating this morning..... Many of my writings on poly tools have to do with how to help us with jealousy…..but sometimes it’s not jealousy that we may need help with. Instead, it’s our own feelings of self-worth, self-confidence or...

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Beyond The Love

Falling in love is the easy part. But what happens after that? Beyond The Love’s mission is to provide an opportunity for the polyamorous community to come together in an educational and social forum.

Steel City Scandal

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The Columbus Space is intended to be a safe gathering place where adults can find education and support in exploring their authentic self. Our Mission is to encourage personal growth, and promote healthy communication and interaction.

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More than just an event, this is a celebration of the Power Exchange relationship in its many forms.