EA490 Interview: Macie & Ms B

Special edition of the EA Podcast

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One response to “EA490 Interview: Macie & Ms B”

  1. i just recently had a video-chat session with Ms. B, and it was very effective in putting in my proper place and to be remorseful for the naughty things i had done! Ms. B is genuine when She shows Her expressions of disappointment and dismay that Her boy has misbehaved. Her scolding and lecturing about what was done, how it was unacceptable, and how She intends to make sure it doesn’t happen again is real and penetrates deep inside as She directs the naughty boy to bare his bottom and spank it hard. Don’t be foolish to use naughty language, because She will THOROUGHLY have you wash your filthy mouth out with soap! And be prepared to spend time in the corner with Your bare bottom on display for Her to admire Her work you did on her behalf as She continues to scold you. i wish fervently that i could visit Her for a real-time session, since that would truly be the punishment i deserve. But this worked very well, too, and i’m all the more dedicated in improving my behavior so that She will not be ashamed of me and have to set up another session for the same things. A session for other offenses i commit, perhaps, but not the same ones. That would be excruciating! Ms. B is a wonderful No Nonsense Lady to tend to naughty boys in adult bodies.

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