EA494 – Not Enough

The Erotic Awakening Podcast is about BDSM, Power Exchange, Polyamory, Kink, Sacred Sexuality, and more

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This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast Dan and dawn handle the listener question of when a partner says ‘Why can’t I be enough’. And how to help your partners when they feel that way!

Plus a lovely podcast and pitter-patter!

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2 responses to “EA494 – Not Enough”

  1. I’m listening to your podcast about “Why cant I be enough?” I just question how you can say to someone that your question is invalid? If they are asking the question then its very valid to them. Isn’t it a little condescending to say to someone that something they are thinking about or worrying about just “Isn’t valid?” Isn’t telling someone their questing isn’t valid a great way to avoid the issue and diminish another persons feelings?

    • Thank you for the comment! As I mentioned on Reddit, I don’t believe our intention is you should tell someone that they have an invalid question or to ignore/dismiss them.

      But the question is based on a false assumption that there is a thing they could do to “be enough”. They are not lacking in anything. It is no different than “if you loved me more you would not need other people”.

      Hopefully what we conveyed was that you should hear them, and affirm to them that it isn’t about them not being enough or not being anything else. We don’t want them thinking that they are lacking or if they did something different then you would give up the polyamory.

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