EA537 – Closing the Space Blog Entry

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This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast Dan and dawn are joined by Barak and Sheba as we talk about the end of an era – the Columbus Space is closing down.

Our regrets, our tears, our laughter, what we did right and what we did wrong, and our personal plans for the future. If you ever thought to create a play space and wondered what it would take, this will give you some insight, plus lots more.

And our attempt to determine how many people it takes to make an orgy. 

Note: nope, we don’t have colds, audio quality is a bit weird due to not standard recording set up in a mostly empty building. 

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One response to “EA537 – Closing the Space Blog Entry”

  1. Utopiandreamer Avatar

    Dang y’all. I know how much the spaces that AIS allowed for me to be able to evolve and grow meant and continues to mean a lot to me. I haven’t been involved in quite sometime, Barak, Sheba, I still look up to y’all a lot, and continue to treasure the memories that I have because of what you have facilitated.

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