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This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast Dan and dawn are live and talk about the spectrum of submission – is the goal of all followers to become Power Subs? Is it ok to be, well, meek and submissive? 

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Dan This week on erotic awakening, the spectrum of submission, one ring, and sunburned noses. dawn Welcome to erotic awakening and exploration of all things erotic. If you are offended by adult topics, or prohibited by law, we recommend you stop listening. Right now. Dan The recording podcast as well as workshops by Dana dawn are offered free of charge to our community. dawn Because of the expenses involved. We are grateful to those that support us through Patreon and Dan donations, people like Laura and Marie dawn and Wendy So, thanks, everybody, so it really does help out a lot with the support. Dan Absolutely. Dawn Can you hear me? dawn Yeah, I can hear you. Dan I am having some audio. Interesting audio thing going on suddenly in my little headphones. But I’m gonna say peachy you can hear me so I’m going to keep going. Today we are live on the podcast. And we are it is so weird to talk not hear yourself by the way. dawn You can’t hear yourself and I can’t hear you. Dan I hear you through your mouth but not to these cool fancy headphones. dawn Oh, cuz I can hear you just find in here now good enough for me. Dan So I will assume everything is great. Then dawn peachy? Can you hear Dan? So give her a second to to respond. Dan As you could tell. We are live today on the podcast we are have a variety of things to talk about that talk. So to actually get into the actual what I want to say, via our discord channel, we on the question of the day, someone asked about and what we what I’m describing as the spectrum of submission. And I’m not absolutely sure how this conversation is going to go or where it’s going to go what we’re going to talk about, you just got off the submissive round table. So you probably in the space and already to chitter chatter, dawn a little bit of chatter about it. So yeah, so I’ll have some stuff to say. Dan So my understanding of our topic is such and I’ve certainly seen this when we go to power exchange conventions and interact with power exchange, especially other power exchange presenters, the often the follower in those relationships, whether they identify as submissives, or slaves or property or whatever, often self identify as being powerful, be it the power slave or being dawn or empowered or anything like that with power in it. Dan And they make a significant point of saying that they are empowered, and that they are not a doormat, a doormat. Thank you. And that’s all well and good. But it sounds like and you’ve certainly said the same thing. dawn Yes, I have. And it’s Dan fair to say that you are an assertive human being who sometimes so much show you scare dominance. Think about playing with you. dawn I intimidate them intimidate Yes. No, I don’t intimidate them. They are intimidated. Go there’s a difference. Dan Yes, I love that. I love that distinction. So there is some energy and aspect of people, our followers who are being very clear to point out that they are not just doormats that they are powerful human beings. dawn And, um, so someone brought up that their submissive had been on a zoom class or zoom interaction, and that they were a little I’m not sure what verbiage to use, but that they were a little confused. Because they are a submissive and don’t consider themselves a power submissive and don’t want to be a power submissive or power slave or, you know, anything like that, and that they seem to be coming across presenters, that that’s how they’re presenting submission. Dan And, and not just presenters as well, but people that you know, on fetlife on in other areas of the community as well, true, dawn true. So but I think their experience was a lot through Unknown Speaker presenter center, right. dawn So and it is true, and I know for me, it took a while for me to figure out I met a couple of slaves. Oh my God, my story is so long. So wait, let me give you a few pieces before you get Dan What’s your story? All right, hold on to it, don’t lose dawn a few pieces don’t want to lose it, Dan we have this one aspect of the spectrum of submission, right where this one aspect is one eye area. You guys that are watching on video can see these head movements, guys, if that helps at all, it really doesn’t. So you have one end of the spectrum of the power saving all of that. And certainly the other end of that spectrum would be would be the subservient. What other people might say, well, you’re just a doormat, but somebody who their submission, their follower archetype is the passive follower, the pure, I’m gonna use the pure property, the I wait to master gives me permission to use the restroom. And that’s just the way I like it. Right. Now we’ve if you go a little bit further down that spectrum, we get into the unhealthy version of that which we’ve run into as well, dawn which, which is going to be part of my story, because that really scared me that that I thought that’s what everybody did. Okay, Dan so we have our two aspects of the spectrum. And, you know, now that it was mentioned, and now that we started to chitter chatter about it on the discord a little bit, it strikes me that that is really, for the most part, that’s what people present as submission, it’s one or the other versus the spectrum. dawn And there’s this huge spectrum. Dan The other aspect that I want to throw in here, just to throw a monkey wrench into all this is the challenge the specific challenges thought from the male sub male identifying submissives, who are fighting, often, and not always, we’ve seen some examples of where they’ve gotten through this. But we’ve certainly seen some examples of where they’re approaching this as a, I have been taught my entire life, that being a submissive, a subservient to someone is the opposite of what a male is. And but I have found my joy in being that submissive, submissive to someone, whether it’s another male or a female identifying person, right? So they have that additional bandwidth that additional aspect to all this. So with that, as our spectrum, you said, you have some storytime. dawn So yeah, we’re storytellers. So I like to tell stories, right? So I’m, at the very beginning, when you and I got together, I’ve got a couple of things I want to say. So let’s hope I remember it all. When we first got together, and we just started finding other power exchange couples. And you know, people that were trying to figure this out, like I said, we didn’t have a lot of role models, you’ll hear me say that a lot. When we first got started. Well, this one couple that we met, you and I hadn’t even formally collared yet, we were still working on if this was going to work for us. And they explained about how their power exchange worked, and that she doesn’t even eat unless he tells her to, if he goes away on business, he has to send another dominant over to tell her to eat so that she knows when to eat. And I looked at Dan, and I’m like, Oh, I can’t do this. That is so not what I thought submission was right. You know, I don’t want you to have to take the energy to tell me when to eat. I want to know when to do that. Right? So that sort of thing. And if so, for clarity sake, Dan that aspect of the spectrum is where you’ve gone off this the healthy spectrum altogether, dawn or right we consider it Yeah, right. Because if anything ever happens to him, and we’ve seen this happen, right heart change relationships before where the dominant dies, or leaves. And now the submissive has no tools on how to take care of themselves. Luckily, the few couple of people that that’s happened with that we know the community jumped in and helped take care of them. So when they’re when their leader died, Dan alright, I will leave that alone for the moment whether dawn it’s healthy or unhealthy. Unknown Speaker I, there is Dan a level of that we have seen of codependency and unfortunately, we have seen it by unethical dominance and ethical true masters who cultivate that level of codependency that I would consider an unhealthy aspect of the spectrum because we as human. I’m not gonna go any deeper in it. dawn Yeah, it’s a hard it’s a hard one and not a hard one. So I know exactly what you mean. I know I want to say unhealthy as well. But I also realized that I’m not a professional and it’s my viewpoint. Dan Yeah, there’s the aspect of if you choose to You live that way. And if this dominant person in your life does suddenly end the relationship, either maybe that’s something catastrophic, like they die. Or maybe they say, you know what, I’m not in production anymore and they take a hike. Yeah, you’re gonna grieve, you’re gonna be upset. But to that point of, you’re able to move on with your life at some point, right? That’s the separation for me of this the healthy and unhealthy aspect, right? Anyway, I dawn get it, I get it, go on with your stories. So. So we’ve got that where I’m looking at you going, I can’t do that. That’s, that’s I can’t if that’s submissive, if that slave and you have to micromanage everything that I do. I don’t think that speaks to me, that is not going to make me a happy person. Right. So therefore, I don’t know if I’m submissive or slave or whatever. And then we found other couples that did it differently and found out that that person was an oddity, that level of micromanagement was an oddity. And I’m like, okay, that’s just their thing. That’s not everybody’s thing. Good. So we don’t have to fit in that dynamic like that. So that’s good. So the other thing that I wanted to mention, though, was that then we met, um, I’m still over the 20 years, I still kind of like, like, sway in the spectrum a little bit trying to find myself. Right. So then I get to a point where I meet slave nama stay. And who is the slave from Australia? Dan Oh, who did the dance? Yes. I don’t remember her name line, Caroline. dawn Caroline. Okay. So we go to GLA. And slave nonsustained, slave, Caroline, put together this beautiful ritual. And you know, you, you get invited to it, but you have to show up at a certain time. And, you know, there’s certain expectations with the ritual, and it was really powerful. And I’m like, I’m a priestess, I want to do these things. And I still haven’t completely followed through with it. It’s still on my one on one list. Right? But it’s like slaves can do that slaves can lead things. And when I wanted to be a priestess, right, when I wanted to be clergy, well, there was a part of me thinking, well, a submissive can’t be clergy, clergy has have to run things and, you know, be in charge of things, my spiritual group stuff like that. And you’re like, No, you are going to do this thing. Right? So this is what we’re talking about with the whole spectrum. Right. So there’s, there’s different ends of it and a lot in the middle. So and then the other thing is, is that I know this person brought up this concern. And my fear was, was that their submissive had been on my last semester Roundtable, because he brought up this concern about, you know, slaves, and submissives, being all powerful, and having to make a point that they’re all powerful, right? Almost he didn’t say it this way. But what I gathered was almost like they’re embarrassed to say that they’re a submissive, sort of saying they haven’t been powerful. Yes, right, have been powerful. And they have to do this thing. And what I wanted to tell him, and instead, we decided to talk about it on here is that if all you’re exposed to right now is zoom, and events on other online platforms, you’re going to be exposed to the power slaves, the presenters, the ones that want to do the things and be in charge of the things because that’s what we’re doing on zoom. Right. Whereas if you were at a real time event, you’re going to see the whole spectrum. Dan Yeah. I think the other aspect of this, and I agree with what you’re saying is that I think there’s one aspect that I want to mention is the person who wants to be and wants to identify as a submission, submissive, but fears appearing weak. dawn And therefore, right. I went through that, Dan yes. And therefore, that drives them to instead appear to push themselves as tough or whatever strong, right. Which is, is fine except for it is being driven by fear. Right? dawn Right. Dan That can be problematic. Be who you are, accept yourself as yourself would be the alternative to that. Right. The other aspect that I want to mention is somebody recently posted to one of the groups Ahmad says, Hey, I’m new to being a submissive is so I’ve got a couple questions. What positive punishment? If? Is it always something that you don’t enjoy? And does the your top always pick what it is? And is sex always involved? Or is sex involved or not involved? Or it was all is it this Or that? Is dawn that black or white? Yes or No, Dan I responded by saying all of your answers to all of your questions are, it depends develop yourself, find out what you want, because power exchange, wonderful, dignified, respected power exchange relationships happen with submissives that are these powerful leaders of industry, and submissives that are meek and quiet and shy. And like, everything in the middle clean, and there is no better or worse there is a better of CNS. Here’s the big trick, right? Our power exchange relationships, the goal of them is to be self authentic. Right, right, to find out what is in this thing here, right? So it’s absolutely, and it’s just you’re not may not see all these types, right. But find out what feels good to you, and embody that, right? It’s so cool that you have the opportunity to be whatever you want. And the reality is, this is from people that are around for 20 years, at this point, we’ve been to over 100 events dawn are easy. Dan Yeah, hundreds of events easily right. You will find people, you’ll find people that if you are submissive type a think that’s the wrong type to be, and used to be more like submissive type B, and the other way around. But the general the 80%, the 90% is people that don’t really give a fuck, be yourself. And they’ll say, Oh, isn’t that nice? We have many friends that certainly the difference between a this person and this person is huge, right? We know submissives that are extremely aggressive and get shit done. We know submissives that are very bratty. They’ll tie your shoe laces together if you hold still too long. We know those that are that are shy and, and submissive and meek. But we only interact and hang out with happy people in general. And all those people are happy people they have found the niche that works for them. So find that niche that works for you. dawn True, though, but I can see it. I mean, it just still sticks with me that they’re finding it confusing that they’re seeing slaves making sure they say oh, I’m very powerful, right? So but I was very confused when I came across the person that was the extreme opposite of that. Right so there is going to be confusion with different things. And like I said right now I just think it’s because we’re being exposed to one segment of that spectrum Dan helped me remember this quote Okay, when we first got started your big fear was that you are going to be turned into a codependent I remember dawn that okay, because we did I can remember driving around the the Kroger parking lot. Yes. And things like that going. Oh, I really like this does that make me codependent and we we were really what we you have a recovery background? Right. Right. So it’s kind of drilled in your head not to become a codependent and I was picking up on that, too. Dan And what we determined is that what we were creating was a interdependent relationship instead of a codependent. dawn Which is yes. True. Yeah, that’s the word you need. That is the word I needed. Yes. Dan So I don’t need you to find the word out of my head after Yes, dawn so interdependent. And so my form of submission works with your form of dominance. Yes. And it’s a dance that we do together that works for both of us. Yes. So would I call myself a power slave? Sometimes, but not all the time? I mean, I even even mean Oh, you went off, I run. I run the gamut. I think Dan this is why recently, and I would say and I want to answer I want to answer the question in the chat before I answer. But I’m going to answer instead of just saying answer over and over again. Yes. So here’s the answer. Okay. What we did was all of those. The language itself is troubling is challenging, right. If you say you’re a submissive people have this. Oh, you’re this? No, no, I’m not that I’m a power submissive. Oh, you mean you’re that? Oh, no, no, no, I’ve been. It is very similar to what we did. When we teach sacred sexuality, we try to avoid the word Tantra. A lot of what we teach is Tantra, Tantra principles. But mantra has, is a significantly dawn structured, Dan no different thing than what Tantra what you when you hear touch, when you see Tantra as somebody, at least if you’re living in the US, it is very different than what Tantra actually is to us. cosmetology politan magazine is that the name of the magazine is talks about learn these eight Tantra tricks. They’re not taught you tricks they’re taught trick, they might have some resemblance of their right, the woman who charges $3,000 for a Tantra massage, that’s not really a touch, in our view. So we don’t use the terminology of Tantra. This is why recently, within the fairly recent time, Don and I have gone as our 20th anniversary of being a power exchange relationship. We said, the language we’ve been using doesn’t work for us anymore. And we’re using this language from now on, you are a ballot, dawn I am Dan the definition of ballots his beloved beloved servant, now a beloved servant is that power term or a submissive? meek term? It is neither it is a beloved servants. It is you. dawn Right? Boom, we were just talking about this is really cool. Because a couple of people that are that are on the chat right now. We’re actually just on the semester roundtable that I just did. And we were talking about labels, right? How do you know what to call yourself? slave, submissive servant, and nice things. And I was talking about how some language works for us, and some doesn’t. And we’ve created our own at this point, right? And then what we’ll do is Bell it means whatever I am, whatever you create, for me at this point, right? Oh, you’re thinking, Dan well, I will say yes to that. But it does not mean that it isn’t that if tomorrow, you decided to paint all the walls black, and throw glitter at me than walking in the door, that I would say, Oh, that’s what ballots do. It is not what pellets do. dawn That’s how belts get punished. And Dan I don’t even know what the hell I would do in that situation. I’d be like, No clue. So I don’t want to say it’s unstructured. It is a very structured, it has a very defined term defined responsibilities. And it’s a clear role at this point. Right? But we did start it off by saying here’s the perfect the archetype of a follower, that I have created over 20 years that we have co created, but that I have created over 20 years. And we found our here’s balance, right so boom, we got that. dawn Yes. And Belum is what is you know, right. So what has been created? Dan So, to jump backwards, a smidgen is so two questions Don, is there anything wrong? What is a what will go like say a power submissive or a power slave? Mm hmm. Other than a fantastic song by Iron Maiden and is it bad to be one because it sounds like it were kind of say what geez man ever get off your high horse he ain’t got identify that way. dawn Um, so a power sleeve is really someone that is a slave but can take charge does a lot of shit and gets a lot of shit done. Okay, that’s how I would describe a power slave. So and it’s it’s really confusing in my head a little bit because I consider slave nama stay a power slave. Right. But man, when I see her with her master, there’s just no doubt in my mind that she is slave. Dan But another great example slave, Marcia, right between her master Jim. Yeah, they run this huge convention. Yeah. yourself running these huge, you know, power exchange summit convention right now that kind of stuff. dawn base the podcast the books. Yeah. Dan So dawn I didn’t think that was allowed. At the beginning though. Right. Right. So for me, I like being able to say sometimes, that I’m a power sleeve. Yep. Right. I like having that those two words together. In that I’m allowed to get stuff done. I’m allowed for Dan to say, you know, we’re gonna do this project and get this thing done. And then he goes off and does his own thing and expects me to follow through and get it done. I like that. I like, it doesn’t mean I like that all the time, though. I like that we can flow a little bit depending on what’s needed at the time. Dan And and I completely agree, but just as valid, just as equal. No different is people that come to our lifestyle on as followers, because they don’t want that anymore. Maybe they’ve already maybe In that role of the powerful not too long ago, we got email from somebody who says I’m an ER doctor as my job, right? Right. When I get home, I want to put on a collar and not be in charge of shit, except for what I’m told to do. I need that, that difference that for my bad? Well, dawn they say that a lot of CEOs like to, like to play with, with submission and stuff, so and it plays the wrong word. But um, because they don’t want that. Now, that is part of the thing that drew me into power exchange, right? Because I was in charge of my last relationship, it didn’t want to be but had to be right for us to survive, for there to be food on the table for there to be whatever, I had to take charge. And I really had been that way most of my life. So and you had not taken responsibility for anyone else. Right? We talked about this. So you wanted to take responsibility, I wanted to give up responsibility, right. And I absolutely needed that, for my healing, absolutely needed that for my growth, absolutely needed to experience that to trust other people, basically. And then somehow it went from that, to shifting to where I’m like, you know, I’m actually really good at running stuff, can’t I run some stuff, Dan where it changed is, in my opinion, when you want it to release responsibility is because you are putting in place you had to do things that you did not necessarily want to do right to because nobody else is going to do it, it was that or everything falls apart. Right. Now, you are this empowered follower, who has the the a partner who embraces and is a foundation to all those things that you do want to achieve. So now it is a joy and a gift to be given respond to take responsibility and do shit. Where in the past it was like what was dumped on your lap? And you better do it or else dawn right? Yeah, that’s a big difference there. And it may shift again, some, there may be a time where I’m done with. And it shifts back to a different part of the spectrum. Dan Just to make things more confusing. If you thought you knew what we were talking about. We certainly have a friend or two or three that are wonderfully meek, submissive, yes, sir. How may please you, sir. Thank you, sir. And then they turn and have their submissive, now they have a submissive and they’re like submissive, what the hell do the thing get going? Right? We do. So they are both powerful followers and powerful leaders or powerful leaders, I should say. And the more dawn stereotype stereotypical Dan Well, I hate that terminology, but the more submissive submissive, yeah, right. dawn You know, what’s funny is after this conversation that we had to srts ago about the difference between submissive and obedient. And I was talking about how I, I fed more off of obedience, and submission, per se. And I think that’s about all the time that these questions started actually looked up submissive, and it means to follow. Right? I am absolutely a submissive, I do follow you. So I am absolutely slave or bellet, or whatever terminology, you know, because I do follow you. You do have the last word. You know it. You’re in charge. Right. So and you allow me to do these other things that I do. So it’s it’s kind of how you use the verbiage? Yeah. Oh, I do. I do want to mention something because one of the people in our chat said switches. So when you were talking about Yeah, so some would call themselves switches? Some would not. Yeah, I only have one friend that absolutely does not see herself as a switch. No, but that Dan that is because in my opinion, that’s because in our realm, maybe it’s just a regional thing. switches, it’s very much a BDSM play term. For in our area. That’s why I think our friend dawn doesn’t like the word because it’s very much her relationships. She’s been a relationship with her leader for good lord over 30 years now. Dan And I think of Lady Kaia is another good example of this. Okay, right. Where lady Kaya has submissives followers unless they’re visiting me, in which the lady goes apart and the capital K goes apart away, and it just becomes little k Kaia. dawn Oh, she’s visiting you. Yes. Okay. Dan Right. So she is absolutely one of these people that can do both last quarter she considers herself a switch, or if that terminology resonates for her or not, dawn I would ask her I was gonna say I think she does. But she’s done a lot of growth. And I hate that word growth. Shifting. She’s done a lot of shifting. So I don’t know if she uses that terminology or not. Dan I like the term grow. I see. I see why. dawn But not when it comes to changing who you are in it. You don’t want it to I don’t want it to sound like what she was before was bad. And that’s it shifted. Dan And I tell you, oh, podcast listeners, the truth of the matter is just two or three days ago, I suggested to dawn that she needs to go find a submissive of her own. I think Don would make a fantastic dominant leader type, if that’s what saying to her also. At least in our area. There are way more male submissives than Dom’s, Yeah, yep. So dawn you can easily cherry pick, I’ve known that for years that I could become female, dominant. And have many, many, many, many, many choices to choose from, doesn’t seem to me. You know, for many years, over a decade, I knew that if I could become a top, I would have many more playdates. It doesn’t seem to me Dan that don’t do it. dawn So it’s maybe one day Dan I think somebody in the chat room is very excited about this idea of you being a top dawn spiritual top, I can do it as a priestess, as a service as a Dan priestess. Yes, dawn I get that. So I can do that help people, you know, do rituals to help people you know, manifest something manifest some sort of healing, that sort of thing I can do, but that makes me feel like I’m doing it as the hand of divinity sort of thing I will say is the hand of the goddess because that’s what I did. And because of that, I’m the servant of the goddess. doing this for this person. So yeah, absolutely service. good at it still topping. Dan Yeah. And that leads us to the reminder that we’ve been promising to do a episode that’s more about a spiritual power exchange in spiritual BDSM. dawn Reading the chat room, yes. Dan Somebody recommended up a service dog. And that’s certainly legit. There dawn are service tops. There is absolutely service tops. And I’ve talked to a couple of service Dan dead you would look hot as fuck. Where I have you dressed as a dummy in my head. Oh, yeah. dawn Yes. Nice. Don’t have to show me Dan how hot it is. dawn Well, now we have to have a place to do it. Dan That’s a good point. Um, speaking of which, dawn yes. Dan You know how everybody on my Facebook feed. Everybody’s posting recently. I got my first shot. I got my first shot. I got my first shot. Yeah. I got my first shot. dawn I haven’t. Oh, that’s right. Yeah. So no, I don’t get mine. So Dan I am looking at these Polya. And we’re switch switch over to polyamory. From here, for a moment, at least two interesting aspects of this right. First off, I’m looking at the polyamory groups that I’m a member of. Yeah. Most of them are about polyamory dating, right. As I was doing the research for the polyamory dating guide up there somewhere. I have to also write about the dildo. And, and I’m thinking, wow, I see people are still pretty active on those groups. It’s just not my thing. Because what I used to post here’s my little intro, right, right, which we learned how to make great interest from a researcher right in the book. People would respond. And they’d say, Oh, hey, I want to get to know you. Well, my idea of get to know you is let’s go break bread together. Let’s go have a meal together. Let’s go for a walk together. Let’s share time and space together. See if you know that that thing is there. dawn Is there that buzz that Dan I am not good at nine months stringing along virtual. Yeah. And I am doing it best I can. The point being once I get that second shot, that means I’ll be able to start hitting the boards to say yeah, let’s go meet dawn right. That’s not the way it works. That’s not the way it works. Oh, Dan come on. dawn No, they’re still saying after the second shot, you still have to do all the things you’re doing now. Dan If any of our podcasts There’s our nurses or we’d like to pretend to be a nurse and say that my that I’m correct. That’s probably not a good idea. dawn People nurses uniforms now, though, Dan that’s a good point. And this is not a medical podcasts don’t take anything. The reason so, but one of the things that I want to do is and here’s dawn, a sidebar completely that you don’t know, I have been telling you, we wrote a book about polyamory, flirting and polyamory dating. And you need to get back out there start flexing strutting your stuff, and you say, Well, I will after the shots after we get past this COVID thing, right. I think I would like to put together a co Ammori profile a couple’s profile for us. We haven’t done that. And we haven’t done that in dawn forever now. 15 years. 16 years? Yeah. Dan And I think that it would be something interesting to do for the for the couple of us, for the pair of us and see how that goes, see if it works out for us. Right. The trick is, how would we approach that? And I was thinking about that earlier? I think I would start off by saying, as I was writing this couple’s profile, I think the first thing I would say is First off, sex is optional, completely with either one of us. So this is not going to be the standard. post that you see. dawn Right. It’s not unicorn hunting, per se looking for a third for sex. Right? By by female submissive for sex. Dan Right. Right. And that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Unfortunately, I think I would lean towards, I think you and I if we did go through with creating a couple’s profile, I think we would be more comfortable with it being a power exchange person, a follower power exchange person versus a leader? Yeah, absolutely. Because I need somebody to do shit. You know, as well part of this because I want that service aspect of it. dawn Well, it’s actually kind of neat, because I’ll let you read the chat room. It’s actually kind of neat, because I actually reached out to a couple recently, I mentioned that we were going to talk about sunburned noses. So on our 1130 to 430. Wow, our five hour hike yesterday. Yes. So I was I was telling Dan, because we live in the same house and don’t have a lot of time to chitchat. But I actually reached out to a couple because they posted on one of our local groups saying they if if there was someone that was into board games, tabletop games, walking and being spanked, that they were looking for a female, so to be spanked alongside the wife, plus play games, and go walking and Dan stuff all things here in dawn all things I’m into. But they were a little young. Dan You can say how young they were. dawn Now I could all right. I’m old sided. Dan There are podcast listeners prepared to either judge dawn or not judge sorry. But I’m 53. And the person that was talking about this, yes, was 34. And I think the wife is just a little bit younger than that. So I really was like, Oh my God, this sounds perfect. Oh my god, they’re the same age as my son. Oh, man, but this is exactly what I’m looking for. But they’re 20 years younger than me. But you know, so all this was in my head. I don’t even know if I could bottom for someone that young. Right? I mean, I’ve done it with Kaia. Yeah, I don’t know. So I really don’t know. So in my head, I’m like, but if I don’t reach out to them, nothing will happen. And I will never know. So why not go ahead and reach out to him. So I did, I reached out to him. And I said, you know, and I’m gonna be upfront, I’m 53. I don’t usually write to people that are 10 years older, or 10 years younger than me, you know, just whatever. And so if you’re not into spanking someone that much older than you no harm, no foul, but I felt like I should at least right because it felt like it would be a perfect fit. So they’ve responded, Dan well, did they respond? dawn Chicken is sitting in my fat male. Dan This is Episode 561. We need content. Read your rejection letters for God’s sake. dawn Oh, you’re you’re assuming I’m rejected. Dan I want you to hear me say that and take it as a challenge. dawn Okay, well, the thing is, is even if they say oh, we be you know, excited, and you’re still COVID Oh, yeah, I still can’t I still can’t get could meet them on a walk. Oh mask? I wouldn’t do a board game. It’s still too close. Right table topping. Well, you and I do it online people. So that’s a possibility. I mean, so they’re still getting to know them before. So But no, I haven’t read it. Transcribed by https://otter.ai



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