EA563 – Filter Off

This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast Dan and dawn have a great conversation with Zach about Filter Off, a new video speed dating app! Could an EA Speed Dating event be coming? 

PLUS they try out some male delay spray

And they go off on all kinds of random trails! As usual! 



Dan 0:03
This week on erotic awakening, filter off, sexy review and kick in the stars.

dawn 0:11
Welcome to erotic awakening, an exploration of all things erotic. If you are offended by adult topics or prohibited by law, we recommend you stop listening. Right now.

Dan 0:21
The erotic awakening podcast, as well as workshops by Dan and dog are offered free of charge to our community.

dawn 0:28
Because of the expenses involved,

Unknown Speaker 0:29
you’re laughing at my radio.

dawn 0:32
Because of the expenses involved, we’re grateful to those that support us through Patreon and donations. Awesome. People like minotaurs

Dan 0:39
who really supported us,

dawn 0:42
and d3. So

Unknown Speaker 0:45

dawn 0:46
so awesome. Thank you guys. So that is pretty amazing. Um, you know, it’s, it’s things like that, that keep us going. You know, there’s some times that that we’re a little tired, and we don’t want to do things and we don’t want to do things in general. So things like that show us that we’re appreciated. And absolutely, absolutely appreciate it.

Dan 1:13
Also. Appreciate it. One of the things that keeps us going, which really doesn’t keep us going.

Unknown Speaker 1:18
What’s that

Dan 1:19
the free sex stuff?

dawn 1:22
Oh, yeah.

Dan 1:22
Which is weird. We’ll talk.

Unknown Speaker 1:25

Dan 1:25
Later, in the podcast, we’re gonna be speaking with the creator and founder of filter off an online dating app. Online speed,

dawn 1:35
speed dating app. Yeah, that was really interesting. interesting conversation

Dan 1:39
Absolutely. works for polyamory, or some of the other bizarre examples that I came up with. Yeah, yeah. Like, I think something about vegan.

dawn 1:49

Dan 1:50

dawn 1:52
You know what sounding familiar? We may have to look at that, again. I’m looking to date again. And speed dating could be a way to go.

Dan 2:02
I was thinking about a. Because you can create using filter off you can create a speed dating event for any type of people. We could have it for the podcast listeners.

dawn 2:14
Oh, that would be cool.

Dan 2:16
Yeah, that’d be fun.

dawn 2:17
That would be fun. We’ve got a lot of listeners. So that would be awesome.

Dan 2:20
Before we get there. Don, I just noticed on my Windows PC, which I’m not a big fan of, but the Windows Defender antivirus popped up. You know, that means?

dawn 2:31
Do we have a bug? No.

Dan 2:34
It means nothing. But it does lead to a segue if guess what I’m doing well.

dawn 2:38
What are you doing tomorrow getting? shots. You are lucky duck. So lucky duck going away. But you did take off the day after right? Just in case you did not? Oh, that’ll be interesting, though. Not everybody has reactions, my

Dan 2:52
thinking Yes. work from home. If I’m gonna be sick as a dog, I will get paid for it.

dawn 2:58
No, that is true. I can I’ll take care of you. I’ll bring you blankets and soup. And

Dan 3:04
you say that, like you’re being facetious. But you’re not

dawn 3:09
being facetious. I’m just being I take care of you.

Dan 3:12
But before we get into that interview with filter off and find out all about that. As I mentioned at the top of the show the fine people at promise cent Is that how you would say that word? Yes, from promises.com wrote in said, Hey, we want to be your new sponsor, and we said hey, No, thank you.

dawn 3:33
We have Patreon instead of sponsors.

Dan 3:36
And they said, Hey, how about we send you a bunch of sec stuff? And we said, fuck yeah, of course.

dawn 3:41
So every once in a while we get lucky. And yeah, somebody will send us something to review.

Dan 3:46
And then the nice thing is we don’t really have to we have no we have no dog in this.

dawn 3:52
We have no dog in this and our supporters. don’t hear about the stuff that’s really really bad. Did we ever? I don’t think we ever did a show on that one thing.

Dan 4:05
The tongue condom? Yeah, no, I don’t know that we did.

dawn 4:10
That was years ago. We were still in the apartment before the House. So 678 years ago, it was

Dan 4:19
not a great product now. So but they did sign up. So they sent us all kinds of lubes and a variety of pills. That new supplements supplements that are supposed to do a variety of things. And they sent us some of the stay hard long or delay spray

dawn 4:42
delay spray. So the idea to meet name for it.

Dan 4:45
I don’t think it’s original. I think that’s what it’s literally called. Okay. I think the the idea of it is it’s simple as this. You take the delay spray and you spray it on your penis and it will bite numbing the most sensitive parts of your penis? You can last longer when you’re having intercourse. That’s a good idea.

dawn 5:08
I guess.

Dan 5:10
You Yes, you seem a little I convinced?

dawn 5:14
My my thing is, is that I get why people want to use delay spray. Right? So because everyone thinks sex should last longer, but that’s not my fault on it. You know what I mean? I’m okay with a quickie. Yep, I’m okay with something that’s passionate. You know if it’s if it’s, I’m not on board with the whole idea of thinking about baseball while you’re fucking so that you last longer. I’d rather have the energetic connection than it to physically last longer.

Dan 5:47
Yeah, if you’re looking for sex to be more than a physical.

dawn 5:51
Yeah, which I am. Right. So yeah, so delay spray. Like I said, I can understand the using of it. And maybe it helps someone’s ego them it would have to help them man’s ego because my ego gets a stroke when things happen out of control.

Dan 6:11
But don’t underestimate the the value and the ego attached to the mean. So I as a male was taught two things. First off when you masturbate you should do it quietly and quickly. So no one catches you

dawn 6:31
know, we’re taught that as girls we’re taught not to touch ourselves. Well, if you are going to Yes, absolutely be quiet.

Dan 6:38
I ignored that lesson. Instead, mine was more of the are you still in there? Hello.

dawn 6:52
I did mine at night.

Dan 6:54
The flipside is then you are it shoved down your throat and main way

dawn 7:02
that was an intended

Dan 7:07
so you’re taught by mainly by porn that you should be able to last far more than the average whatever the amount of 5.2 minutes, whatever the average amount of time and males supposed to last right? So there is some some mixed messages in some pressure as a male bodied person that you know, the society teaches you and not to mention, there are plenty of regardless of your personal preference female identifying people who like long lasting sex for penises that say long lasting for a lot of fucking before the explosions.

dawn 7:44
Is that true? I’d like to hear from people that that’s true for maybe I am the minority, but I’m okay with that too. How many times have Okay, I’ve sat with other people watching porn. How many times do we fast forward against the boring IN and OUT AND IN and OUT AND IN and OUT AND IN and OUT? Or the long blowjob at bad porn and brownies? We would all Fast Forward past that stuff and play Benny Hill music to it because

Dan 8:12
yeah, but I don’t know that bad point. brownies is a good example of how people consume porn. I mean, how long can you watch South Park parody porn before we get it um,

dawn 8:29
so I get it there is ego attached to it and stuff like that.

Dan 8:33
I’m not just but that’s the point I’m getting to it’s not just ego It is also there are people that enjoy the fact that having met their male body person last longer than they last.

dawn 8:46
Okay. So

Dan 8:50
but I think that is the truth

dawn 8:51
I it’s probably as a truth I’m a minority and like I said, I’m okay with that. So I’m more into the energy and the the connection than I am the and you know what, and it’s funny because I’ve told guys over time, guys that I’ve been with that time doesn’t matter. Fucking doesn’t matter that there are so many other things that we could be doing. And they take that as a challenge. That’s true and it becomes so boring.

Dan 9:21
So as Don said, podcast listeners Feel free to write in and tell us what your opinion is. But even if you don’t want to write in because you’re afraid Don’s gonna judge you because you’re like, Oh, I would like some of this. last long spray. What do you call it? Get a good name for delay spray

dawn 9:37
delay spray.

Dan 9:38
I will say that the delay spray from promise sent that’s promising calm. We tried that. Was it last night, two nights ago, two nights ago. And I will say it was effective as advertised,

dawn 9:53
effective as advertised

Dan 9:55
to the areas that were supposed to be numbed to increase Now, numbers that were supposed to numb. Did it actually increase lasting time? Well, yes, yeah. But not by design, the way it’s designed to work. Perhaps I overused the numbing spray because I was so numb. That I kind of lost my boner before we consummated the act. Hmm,

dawn 10:24
that’s okay. You took care of it.

Dan 10:25
We took

dawn 10:27
alternative methodology. Absolutely.

Dan 10:31
fucking hard.

dawn 10:33
I agree. So yeah, and you know what? I kind of expected that I that some of that would rub off on me. And then I would numb out too, but I don’t remember feeling anything different.

Dan 10:47
No, there are some instructions. You have to the I think the the key is you spray it on 10 minutes before the intercourse. Oh, so while you were down letting the dog out. I was letting the dogs look at our dog. Oh, my God. She’s sleeping so sleepy after a long day of being a dog.

dawn 11:12
Yeah, she’s not even looking at us. She’s used to us talking about

Dan 11:15
now. But she’s got a little tail waggle going. Alright. beyond that. We’re gonna have a few other random things you want to mention? Probably your date. My date? Well, your dates. My dates. Well, upcoming podcast. Oh,

dawn 11:30
I thought you meant like Polly dates. I’m like, What the? Oh, you know what, though? We should mention, someone mentioned us a new dating app.

Dan 11:38
It is the coolest. I need to go finish.

dawn 11:40
I need to go finish filling my note because it seems so much fun. What’s it called? It’s called

Dan 11:47
to something

dawn 11:50
up? So Dan is gonna look it up. I don’t think tune is in the title of it. You might be able to look in, in my email, and I’ll have something there. But um, somebody mentioned to us a new dating app, because I was out there going alright, people I need I need new apps to try because I’m not finding anybody else

Dan 12:08
isn’t how we got this app at all?

dawn 12:10
No. Well, someone mentioned it. Alright. Well, how did you get it? How did

Dan 12:14
I got it? Because I said, you know, it

dawn 12:16
would be also that right? You did start that whole thing. So you said it would be awesome. If you could find people to date based on the music that you like,

Dan 12:24
Yeah, because I was just taking out on a specific Peter Gabriel song called signal noise if you guys know Peter Gabriel. And I was just digging it. And I was like, Man, this is so impactful. What I need is somebody who would like to take this kind of music, that’s what I want to date. It’s just the same music I do.

dawn 12:46
And a friend of ours, pointed out that there is an app like that, and it’s called taste buds. So we should probably do a whole show on that at some point. But I don’t know if it’s enough content for a whole show. But I’m on taste buds, you fill out your profile. And you have to list five musicians that you like so they can start matching you with people. So it was neat, because I got an email this morning from taste buds that said, Hey, Don, you match with these five people because of the music that you selected. They have matching music. And I looked and there was one person that was Queen and other person that was Peter gay. No, I don’t think it was any Peter Gabriel. So it was mostly David Bowie and Queen and Metallica. And then I get down to the last one. And it’s like quick note, by the way, I’m polyamorous. And I like Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush. And I’m like, Oh my god, this is perfect. And then I looked over and it was you. So we’re still a match. We are.

Dan 13:45
So really interesting, really interesting little app. And unlike many of the apps that we’ve reviewed if people in Columbus,

dawn 13:54
OH, nice. Oh, and you would think as big as Columbus’s. But yeah, we’ve been on a lot of polyboard that, um, there’s nobody in Columbus there. Or it’s people that we already know that you know, that we’re just good friends with. But um, man my musics gonna be weird though, because I started looking on my Spotify road trip list. And I’ve got everything from Hank Williams because I know songs from a long time ago to Dr. demento stuff to KC and the sunshine band to Leif Garrett. I mean, just you know, all this stuff that I know words to from across my life. That’s what a road trip. My road trip list is. So cool.

Dan 14:33
Yeah. So that’s a tastebuds.fm. Make yourself a profile. And let’s see if we match.

dawn 14:41
Oh, that would be awesome. All right. Cool. All right. So date, that’s what we see. I was thinking you were talking Polly day. Do you were talking zooms daily sidebar. Sorry. Well, I’ve been in the mood. Like I said, start dating again. So my second shots coming up soon. So um, for dates, I don’t have any that we’re going to mention today. We are going to be doing a kinky book club tonight where people will be asking us questions on the polyamory toolkit I believe, and we’ve got a whole lot more stuff. We are zooming in April and I’m getting ready to add a few more evening classes. So, if you want to know what they are, you can sign up for the newsletter. Check us out on fetlife I’m Dan’s Ronnie. Or you can find out under Dan and Dawn and that will have when our live podcast is when our zoom calls are when we’re teaching for other groups across the country. I think we have tests coming up this month. So different things like that. So fetlife our website newsletter. So speaking of newsletter, we have a lot more subscribers like Stacy in California and Jessica in Ohio, Brian in Washington, James in Ohio,

Dan 15:52
Katie Kate.

dawn 15:54
Is it Kate or Katie? Let’s call it Katie in California and Beth in New York. So head over to erotic awakening calm and find the Get your E a shout out

Dan 16:05
and the corrected discord link is there as well.

dawn 16:09
Oh, nice. Oh, please sign up on Discord. That’s actually been a lot of fun. And you get to see our tentacle pictures and our food on boob pictures that people put there.

Dan 16:18
It’s been really neat to see. Having You know, we’ve always talked about having some kind of a message board where people could interact discord is actually working out we’ve

dawn 16:27
tried kik and there’s still a little bit of action on kik, but discord seems to be where it’s at.

Dan 16:33
We did get an email from someone who says Dan and dawn I need your help. So astrologer Garth Astro Garth Fastow is looking for people to be featured in his Instagram series The astrology of kink.

dawn 16:50
So astrology encompasses all of who we are including our sexual proclivity, quote, all that used to say this word a lot proclivities and kinks in the series, he analyzes charts to locate how a person’s kink originates from the astrological pattern in their natal chart

Dan 17:08
if you are digging that and you’re digging the astrology and you want to be featured is the his astrology of kink series. You should contact this person what name Did you say Garth?

dawn 17:21
It should be Garth. Garth Astro at Garth Astro calm so ga r t. h. A S. Tr. Oh. Well, there you go have it in the show notes. Maybe.

Dan 17:32
You used to dig the astrology I think

dawn 17:34
I really did. And I actually have my birth chart my natal chart. In my paperwork somewhere that I haven’t scammed yet. To my tub of cannibals. So interesting, but it’s been a very long time ago. Oh my gosh, the person that did my chart was the person I was going to try to be poly with. And they were pagan. So it was the first pagans I ever met in real life. When I was still back with the ex husband. They were poly and pagan. And she did my chart. Sorry. Um, you would have met them at the fly by night bookstore when we were meeting there for Polly Columbus. And I can’t remember their names. It was a couple that ended up to Texas.

Dan 18:21
I have a vague recollection. Yeah. Yep. All right. Cool. Beyond that, gonna find out about filter off the video dating app. Although you should mention you got some technicals again.

dawn 18:34
I did through Discord. So many guitarists sent a like a logo. A Batman logo. Oh, yeah, it was Batman Kung Fu. That was really cool. And then tentacle dildos by peachy she sent me to an Etsy store. And then you sent me a tattoo of a dude with tentacles and it was like wrapped around his face. It was a tattoo picture.

Dan 18:57
So we were talking about taste buds earlier talking about music. This picture is from the court of the Crimson King.

dawn 19:07
We’re gonna say that for some reason,

Dan 19:10
because I own that shirt with that same

dawn 19:12
but not with the tentacles wrapped around.

Dan 19:15
The same face the scared face if you’re really digging the King Crimson, but the tentacles were coming out the face so that that was really cool, really neat that it was




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