EA566 – Hodgepodge 7

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This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast Dan and dawn talk catch up on some listener questions! 

Such as…

  • Why is there such stigma around women who choose to move on the right side of the slash to be power houses?
  • Someone wants us to talk more about non-sexual poly
  • After care services for people on the left side of the slash
  • stigma around being seen as submissive came up
  • dipping toes back into the dating app world. How soon do you tell someone you are poly? 
  • How to do you keep from inflicting heartache in poly? 
  • How often does consent need to be renewed in your dynamic? Every task? Every punishment? Every scene? Every day? Week? Month? Once it was given it remains in tact?
  • Adding a non-sexual house slave
  • How to approach initial expectation setting/relationship bootstrapping to get “average poly date” to the level of authenticity necessary for these kinds of conversations. I’m curious about your approach to opening up to this level of radical candor.

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