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This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast Dan and dawn talk about Nipple Play!

Plus, a tentacle cup and a tiny home update!

And is Peachy awesome? 

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Welcome to a eroticawakening this week. Nipple play, um, sorry.

Nipple play tend to cool cup and tiny home update.

There you go. Welcome to the live podcast between us. We have this big orange bag.

I know that my voice was low. Okay. So see you online. Uh, one of our listeners, um, Glad that you’re feeling up to watching this. Nice. Awesome. I have to computer to see the chat room. We’re going to come back to your question. We were going to do that today. Well, we tried to do it. We tried to do it last week and none of this came out.

So. That question. I tell you if you’re a podcast listener your who’s. I bet you’re just like, what the fuck are these people do? And they’re all over the place. Oh, I thought the people listening knew us, so that was normal, normal. So today on the podcast, first thing we’re going to do is to go into this orange bag.

And if you’re watching on YouTube, you can see the orange bag. And if you’re listening to us later, You’ll just have to picture and you’ll miss the whole beginning. Cause we just skipped everything for the second time around you. Didn’t miss that. Um, so Don, when we talk about nipple and breastplate and we’re on the YouTube, so we’re not going to be demonstrates, even though I was one of my booby shirt, just for it, you did shirt just for it, but we do have some.

Let me start off by saying this. There’s some interesting research that I’ve done recently for one of our new classes. You and I did research. I can tell you all about nipple play. That’s one of my favorites, but do you remember years? I don’t know. 17 years ago, you and I attended a class on breast play.

That was a. Presented. I don’t even know if it was a class on breastplate. There was some aspect that we were being, uh, um, a very well-known presenter who has some medical expertise mentioned to us. That breast play potentially could cause breast cancer. Right. And for the last 17 years, whenever we’ve presented about press play, we’ve said we’re not medical experts.

We don’t know, but we do know a medical expert that said this thing. So go educate yourself. Right. Well, I realize we’ve been just saying that instead of going and educating ourselves. So check this, uh, according to UC Berkeley and Lawrence, Berkeley national laboratory, they say that. Squeezing breasts can actually be cancer, uh, further bumping bruising, pinching and touching breast does not cause breast cancer.

You cannot catch breast cancer from another person that one’s pretty obvious. Right? Um, so all these really interesting breast cancer facts you that you can go look@atportaldotct.gov. Comprehensive cancer, blah, blah, blah. I’ll actually put the link out there. It’s a terrible link. So I wanted to start off by saying that that’s one of the things that we’ve always been aware of.

I’ve heard of, when we teach, um, central spanking, we teach, uh, spanking on the ass, of course. And then we teach spanking on the breast and then we teach spanking in other naughty areas. Right. So, um, Visual involved. And we do always mention that. Uh, frustrates me, I guess, concerns a little strong, but, um, I am aware that we mentioned this and that some people believe this because I happen to love nipple play.

I love breast play. I love not just play. And we’ve got a kink starter card that says nipple play, but we’ve also got one that says nipple torture because there is a slight difference. And I love both. So, and I love to be king. On my breasts. I love cupcake boobs, and there’s people that are against cupcake boobs for the same reason.

And cupcake boobs is where you wind the rope around really tight. It’s not, uh huh. I can’t do that. My boobs, even though they look like it would be easy to do with my. It’s really not coconut rope is what works best because it bites onto itself. Um, and grips. But, um, what was I going to say? The cupcake boobs there was, oh, it’s not a rope harness because some people will send me pictures of cupcake boobs, but it’s a roast hot rope harness, which is just a criss-cross with the boobs.

No, I like the wound around the boobs where they almost turn purple, even if it’s just for a little bit. So. It’s young. It’s true. But a lot of people won’t do it. So Donald true or false, you can orgasm off of nipple play, I would say. Absolutely. So it’s true. Uh, yeah. Um, nipple play. I mean, when you, okay, so a trick that you can use with some people is if you want to quickie and you need them to loop up.

Pain on the nipples works for you. Works for, that’s why I said on some people, it works for me. You have to know your person that you’re playing with. Um, absolutely works great for you. It necessarily, um, oh my God. If you did that to some of your other partners, you’d probably get punched.

One partner who super sensitive nipples. I know who you mean orgasm often nipples, but man, if you give it a squeeze and a pitch, you are in the wrong side of the street. Yep. Oh, I’m thinking of someone else who, if you pinched their nipples, they might punch you and they’re submissive with you where you’re thinking, oh, I’m not saying, okay, what’s the.

Ha ha ha. Oh, it starts with a K. So the first thing, and it’s going to come out of the toy bag here is this old ready shirt from salvation army. And the reason why I would bring out a old ratty shirt from the salvation army is not because, so one of the things I like to do is say, go, go say it looks my size.

Buy these for you from the salvation army. I always get large. Yeah. So a large, large, one of the things I like to do with nipple play is to have the person put on this shirt or not district’s exactly right. Any old shirt from the Salvey any old cheapo shirt that you don’t mind it being the last time it’s ever worn.

And then prior to them having it on, you gotta do a little bit of guessing and you put a little stuff. Right where you believe the nipples are gonna end up and what’s, they’re wearing it to play outside with the shirt on, and then you can pull it. So the nipple just barely comes out and then you could rip the shirts and have an entire breast play situation.

I have not done that.

Mentioned that before. And you said, oh, we need to do that. And then we did it. We did. Yeah. The nice thing about when you’re a partner of 20 years and you both are over 50, neither one of you can remember shit. He can probably convince me that he’s done this before, but I don’t have a memory of, it was the same night that we met Andre, the giant, oh, you stop you weren’t with me.

When I met him. You actually met Andre, the giant, absolutely professional wrestling, and then meet the wrestlers behind the convention center. Now I mentioned earlier, when it comes to breast play, Don likes the cupcake boobs, and I’m no good with any kind of rough coconut rope is the best grippy sort of rope, but why bother with rope at all?

Instead, I’ve got what we call . Now, this is sold as bondage tape, um, which makes it a little more expensive than you saran wrap. You can go to U hall and get this, and it’s much stronger than saran wrap. Yes, it is the same stuff that they sell at you haul and you use it and you wrap around the chest nice and tight.

And again, it’s that same thing. The night Lang is the tightness. Yeah. The construction construction. Construction is a start. And then again, same thing right now. We’re going to be super careful and do a little bit of knife type of, or yeah, right in the shop. Some little holes. Yeah. Whoa, you have done that before.

You’ve you’ve done the all in saran wrap in a frame. Uh, we call them a gate up here, but I don’t know that anybody else does, but it’s where you do a suspension group suspension. So you’ve done that with me before with, with that and the wider, and then had me completely. Not suspended, but in trapped within that gate.

And then yeah, snip those, snip that here and then put clamps or clips or whatever. And yeah, alternatively, if you don’t want to use the bonded trap, we have the vet wrap. And again, this is, uh, Doesn’t actually have a price on it. It’s this is three M vet wrap. That’s all it is. Again, it’s a super clingy sort of substance where you could actually do some nice press bondage with this stuff.

Again, if you’re a big rope guy, big bondage, Shibari person, feel free to go use the rope, um, showing some alternatives because I am not now we’ve got our.

Absolutely could use a vibrator on the nipples. Right. Don’t leave them just, you know, it’s not just for the, the Yoni place down there. Right. Absolutely works out well for breast as well. Um, sorry. Nipples gone. Oh, I’m just excited at this point. Um, various sensations right now, you might explain this glove.

Please do so sorry. We’ve had this for a very long time and people have been trying to find this glove and not having much luck and I don’t know where to find it at now. It’s. God, we’ve had this for how 18 years at this point, it’s a roofer’s glove. So it looks like glass. I don’t know what it looks like on camera, cause our camera hasn’t caught up yet, but um, it kind of looks like glass or like it’s real pokey, but it’s actually rubber bit.

Right. So you’re not really going to scratch anybody with this, but it is definitely a rough sensation whether you drag it or grab with it. So, but it’s not going to this. I don’t think this has ever left marks on anyone has now. So it’s not like sandpaper. It’s rubber. So. But, but it’s also it’s it is very, very texturing jury.

Oh yes. We got to wear it either. And they, lot of texture, a lot of our things that you could absolutely, you know, common things to use on nipples clamps. Now, if you got to use clamps, start off with simple clothes, pins, wooden clothes, pins, they’re the nicest clamp that you can start with. And if the person that you’re doing the clothes pin with and.

When we’ve very one of the very first scenes that you and I ever did with somebody else, they did a line of clothes pins all around your breasts. Yeah, they did the lines and they did the daisies. So they did like the flower pedals around the nipples, not on the nipple, but right around the edges of the word.

Say Arriola, Ariel, you can absolutely do, um, that, and then you can put these same wooden clothespins directly on the nipples and then see how the person that you’re doing it. See how they respond to that. Right. It might be a Yom. It might be a Ooh, that’s just right on the edge of too much. If it is a yum, then you’ll move.

Uh, you might want to move to another. Pin it it’s a, um, silk clap pin and hopefully somebody on the YouTube knows what those things are called. Yeah. I don’t remember. But someone did give us a word for the texturey thing that I was saying, tile, tactile thinking, and then the T word, and then the clips D Clover clamps, Clover clamps clamps is what they’re called.

Yes. Another one is Don mentioned earlier is the caning of the breast. Now let’s pick up clear. We’ve been talking nipple, nipple, nipple, nipple, caning of the breast, not the nipples. Do you like having your nipples? I do not like having my nipples caned, but the one thing to keep in mind is that when you think caning, you think hard strike, you could absolutely.

Yeah, this very, very, very softly. So, and just give it rhythm. And that would work out this particular item. And you’re looking at top. You should, if you’d like to say this hop on future life podcast, um, this, by the way is not a cane. This is actually a metal chopstick. You couldn’t find any Clover clamps in our toy bag.

Could, you know, a lot of them have broken at this point, but I do have a set in my toy bag. Well, there we go. It’s my spot humming toy bags. So it may have to get renamed. And the last toy that I happen to have in here, um, this is actually just kind of a weight that, uh, I use as a fist for punching. Again, this is more of a breast play than it is a nipple play.

I don’t know that I would do, um, punching directly on the nipples per se again. No, I don’t know. Cause it’s kind of flat. That is kind of flat per se, but still, I like that more up in the fleshy of the boob. So, um, and then I’m surprised you did not talk about. So that’s the toys from our toy bag. We’re packing up the condo.

We’ve got three huge flipping toy bags to go through, not to mention the two small ones and the one that was gifted to us when someone passed, oh, we get all this stuff to go through. But the one that you use a lot. With nipple play is your damn tooth. Oh yeah, please. A Fang that holy cow. So that bites I love biting and have to try.

It’s almost a vampirey, like sharpened to natural as far as I know. Yeah. Now canines right here. Well, that’s what it is. This one. All right. Okay. So, so, uh, other comments that we have in the live chat nipples are always a good topic. Thank you. Uh, sir, sir, sir, Burress loves the bright, the binding of the breast and also suggests hot sauce or tiger balm.

I’m kind of curious about that because absolutely agree. That would be like the chemical play on the nipples. Um, but I picked her hot sauce and I’m like, oh, so does that mean someone’s going to suck it off of my nipples because sucking on my nipples and sucking hard on my nipples. I love that idea. Hot sauce.

You’re not doing that with me. Are you, you know, I like, I like the medium spicy, not the hot spice is true. That is true. And then tiger balm. I’ve never used that. I have some, I wonder how that would feel. Yeah. I don’t know that I’ve used that the floor and then a needle play. Of course, obviously breast. I don’t know about needle play on nipples.

Let me see what I’ve seen there. I do need a lot of needles right into the nipple. I do hear some more. I have done. Ouch. I mean, I’ll tell you why. One of the ways that I knew I was kinky before I knew there was a word for kinky is I actually try to Pierce my own nipple. With a tack and a hammer. So yes, nipples can be pierced when you’re exploring.

You might want to find a different way when you’re trying to give yourself a piercing like a a, or you’re just trying to get off. You know, I convinced myself, I was trying to get myself a piercing, but I was just trying to get off. Good job. So the piercings, cause I have had now funny enough, I have had my nipples pierced before.

Cause you were there when I got it done. Right? Instant endorphins, holy cow. But, um, I, they ended up making my nipples so tender. I mean, I kept these piercings in for years, but they ended up making my nipples so tender over time that I couldn’t do nipples. And nipple play is so one of my favorites, I ended up taking.

The, um, piercings out. Yep. So, because I couldn’t enjoy the nipple torture Pearson’s in there cause I know, and yeah. And, but you know, if you pull, cause I do like to have them pulled and pinched and stuff as well, and those barbells would be there and it would just be too painful and it was a bad pain. I didn’t like it.

You couldn’t twist them anymore. You couldn’t really bite on them anymore. And I was losing that play. Same reason why I don’t want the boob job. I’m afraid of losing feeling in my neck. Is that a thing though? It is absolutely a thing. I know someone very popular. I won’t list their name. We’ve known them for years that actually lost their nipples during a boob job, lost their nipples or Nope, lost their nipples.

The nipples got moved and then didn’t take, so they have too little. That seems unpleasant. That seems very unpleasant. I want to keep my nipples. So therefore, no boob job. We will let you keep your nipple. So there’s some, some basic nipple play we’re in the midst of writing a new class called talking door knockers, which is a, uh, an intro to breast tie.

Do you get it? I do. So we don’t know. We’re just the knockers. It’s a labyrinth. So don’t. I see that. Oh, we’re back to the note, Tom, but I’m not done talking about nipples. Have you noticed how many times I’ve grabbed my boobs? No, this has got to be on YouTube. It’s gotta be marked, not appropriate for kids.

I don’t know if it’s going to get, I’m going to throw this out there. I really do like nipple play. I love breastplate. I love nipple play. If you come across me at an event and Dan used to tell people that they could just ask him. To play with me. And that’s happened over the years. What four people, five people maybe have come through and said they want to play, but I’m also going to throw out there that if you just want a simple scene and you have time on your dance card, because events are opening up again, I would love to do a breast and nipple.

It doesn’t have to be anything major. Right. Cause that scares people off. Sometimes it can just be a thing I can do that I’m looking forward to people, people actually asking you that. Well, the comments in the chat noted. Okay, excellent. Uh, so Dawn, one of the questions that we had recently, someone wrote in and said is peachy.

Yeah. PTs, someone wrote that was Fiji. No pitch. You actually said. Yeah, I am. I don’t know. Anyway, we just, Pete, she’s awesome. And we’re just going to put that out there. I’d like to throw that out. There are peachy peachy comes to all of, just about all of our zoom stuff, all of our Patrion stuff, and it has awesome questions and awesome thoughts.

Yes. W we have many awesome listeners, but peachy mentioned how much she likes being mentioned. So we said, we’re going to get you here. And then I wanted to mention, because it show off and show off, because this was mailed to me. We have our PO box number, which is actually not going to be valid anymore.

So I probably shouldn’t mention it, but I did. Sorry. Um, and someone mailed this to me and it is, um, it was a pink, pink hair, Jen. So her real name stuck in my head. So I had to look at the thing anyway. I don’t know if you guys can see it. And like I said, my camera hasn’t caught up just yet, but it has my name on it in purple.

And then all of this blue is tentacles and it’s absolutely amazing. And it come in at a perfect time because we’ve got this, this new trailer, right. That we’re going to be living in this tiny house on wheels and there’s cup holders in our chairs and our recliners and none of the cups I brought fit.

This one fence and it’s metal inside. So I made T last night. At like 11 o’clock and closed it up. And when I got up this morning, it was still warm. Fairly cool. Yeah. So that was cool. So anyway, thank you. Pink hair, Jen, who is also on our discord. So I need to thank her there as well, in case she’s not listening.

Um, you know who else? We have to think? Probably a lot of people. Yes. But it’s specifically new subscribers to the newsletter like Sharon. Uh, Christy from Ohio, Karen from Iowa. Oh, that’s probably the Karen. That’s our Patrion supporter. Stephanie from Utah, Heather from Ohio and Leah from Oregon. I kind of hope Heather from Ohio is not the same Heather from Ohio that I.

Oh, I hope not. So we know a lot of Heather’s in Ohio, so actually we do. Oh, we, gosh, darn so head to erotic awakening.com and find the, get your EA shoutout link and just sign up for the occasional newsletter to get the latest on our podcast and our dates coming up. And anything else could I throw in there?

We also, the last newsletter I threw out there, we also have our polyamory dating. On sale right now. If you buy it through our website, it’s only 10 99, it’s still $20 on Amazon. Cool. But if you’re going to get it, you really probably should get it soon because we’re getting ready to be in a tiny house on wheels.

And I don’t know how many copies I’m going to have with me to mail. So if you’ve not been paying attention or maybe you’re new to the podcast we have recently. And it’s so fun between in the life of this podcast, we have now moved a number of times and, uh, we went from a six bedroom house, which we shared with a poly partner down to a two bedroom condo.

And we are now in this literal, uh, well, One bedroom, three rooms, total, uh, RV. We are going to hit the road. We’re going to be, who knows where we know we’re going to be in the August of 2021. We’ll be in Kentucky beyond that. Who knows while we’re trying to find it, but we know where we want to go in September or where we’d like to go in September.

But a lot of people seem to be doing this. And it’s hard to find a camping spot. It is. I think that’s about it. Is it? No, I have a few more people to think so because people are sending me pictures. I like this don’t you like this? I would like some food on boobs on occasion. That would be nice. So actually, um, every now and then I check our Instagram account and I’ve posted, we’ve both posted some pictures out there.

I posted a picture of our spanking bench and our liberator in stories. On Instagram, most sad, most sad. So at some point maybe we will get a toy hauler and the toy area instead of motorcycles, which we sold ours. Oh, anyway, maybe we’ll have a mobile dungeon at some point would be fricking that’d be awesome.

So any, okay. Instagram. So, um, and, uh, Sam wall likes to send me stuff on Instagram and this time he sent me a picture of a leather. Yeah, that was really, that was very cool. So now also wanted to mention I’ve got nothing to do with anything, but did you know Dawn that we are now on geo survive? Geo Swan what’s that?

That is the fastest growing streaming service in India and India. Well, so we’re more than there. Well, that would be cool. Cool. That would be cool if, um, they have some of our backup episodes because we actually did an episode on poly dating in India because it’s very different there because they don’t really date.

So that would be neat if that episode shows up and you’ll have to go to that episode to understand all of that. Um, yeah. It’s super interesting though, except for, I wonder if that person who, because they’re not out right. It’s kind of taboo. They knew this podcast was only in America. Well, we’re not only in America, but we’re not on their streaming service.

Now we are done, done, done. So other than that, Dawn, um, wait. Oh, oh, cause poppy. Oh, discord. So poppy went to TIHDI taco Tuesday. And they saw a tentacle graffiti painting it. Wasn’t graffiti. I don’t know what else. The taco Tuesday, I don’t know. It’s what they went to till he taco Tuesday. No, no, I’m hungry the mural with tentacles.

And they said they, they went to TIHDI taco Tuesday and saw this mural and thought of me and sent me the picture. I think that your breasts would be the perfect holder for a time. And this shirt and they would look at that. Holy cow. Oh, I’m touching my boobs again. Sorry. YouTube might not like that, but at least they’re covered mostly kind of, yeah.

That’s street legal. This is street legal. I hope so because I was just the church, but it’s treat legal well. Yeah. Yeah. Um, so beyond that Dawn, what else is there? I want to mention really quickly, um, starting today. And you get a free day today. Cause it’s on YouTube. It’s going to be on YouTube. Obviously it’s live now.

Uh, but moving forward, we’re the podcast normally comes out on Tuesday from now on it’ll come out on Thursday unless, uh, except for on our, uh, Private patron feed, which I just figured out it isn’t a thing. We’ll start posting that early on the patrons, the feed. And, but for everybody else, you’ll get it a couple of days later, same podcast, just a little bit later, just a way to say thank you to him, patrons.

Yeah. We try to figure out ways to say thank you. Sometimes it’s a free book. Sometimes it’s a free chapter of a book coming up and, um, yeah. So just a quick, thank you on that. Awesome. Uh, this is like a little bit of a scattered podcast. It lasts. Do we have, um, well, it’s been, like I said, last week’s didn’t take, so it’s been a couple of weeks.

Um, any questions? I don’t see anything on the chat that we need to cover. So. Eh, uh, someone did say that’s why alpha doesn’t want me to get pierced. So that’s cool for the same reason, those boobies protect the boobies. No. Well, it’s more about being able to play with the boobies,

nothing wrong with that. Take a moment to support the podcast, rate us on apple podcasts, Google play, Stitcher lifts, or just tell you. CB like what we’re doing here. Maybe like what we’re doing, blah, blah. We already mentioned, we already did that. So anyway. Bye Dan. Bye Donna. Bye everybody.

So, how do you remember how to set the settings or we just.





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