EA594 – Long Distance Polyamory Relationships

This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn talk with Sym and Peachy on how to create and maintain healthy long distance polyamory relationships!

Plus, four more kinks – Begging, Belonephilia, Bimbofication and Blindfold! And what is the difference between bimbo and doll?

PLUS, we have a great time at the Jacksonville Area Munch and have a tentacly menora!

Some items we covered are:

  • Poly ldr communication tricks such as Marco Polo
  • Have an agreement of how you’ll have the important conversations
  • Watch TV together on zoom, reading the same book, eating the same meal
  • Body doubling
  • Start a hobby together .
  • Object permanence (don’t see, forget about)
  • Sexy time! Mutual Masburbation, Showers, and Co toys together

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