EA604 – Submissive Needs Not Being Met

This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn explore what submissives can do when their needs are not being met. 

Plus dawn talks about dragon sex and Dan says gets a cookie just for him. 


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One response to “EA604 – Submissive Needs Not Being Met”

  1. Paul Wilson Avatar

    The Dom/sub relationship is a very significant one and can be compared to a marriage contract. Most never achieve this level of camaraderie, but the potential is there. Unfortunately the Dom needs to be a dominant for years before he can appreciate the sub for who she really is. Without her, he is an empty shell of a man, and certainly not a Dom. Without her he will look for many, many times to achieve the relationship that truly works for the both of them. Sex according to pornography is a man’s game. Unfortunately pornography is a male sexual fantasy. Yet most men in the world use it to appreciate their own sexual activity with women who befriend, or even love them. But again pornography is not a learning tool, but rather a fantasy. Male and female sexuality is almost as different, as one author puts it, as if “Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus.”Truly learning the difference in so important to valuable sexual experiences. However in a Dom/sub relationship it is almost totally necessary to maintain the relationship. Learning this truly takes years with missteps and wonderful successes.

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