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This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn talk with @Kuldrin about Households – what they are, why do it, if it is about support…or orgies. 

PLUS lots of lactation and more! 


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2022, Dan & Dawn
Erotic Awakening Podcast


[0:06] This we can write a quickening households knife play and wood-burning a.
No welcome to erotic Awakening and exploration of all things erotic if you are offended by adult topics or prohibited by law we recommend you stop listening,
right now there are other quickly podcast is grateful to the support of our patreon community who receive ad-free early access to the podcast as well as other Parks thank you to all of our supporters including our newest ones hebo at lira
awesome hi Dan hi Don how are you this fine day I am doing pretty well actually I see that the cough is gone,
the cop is going to thank goodness people had little bit of laugh with that because the topic was forced to blow jobs and I couldn’t stop coughing yes but we do and and.

[0:55] Couldn’t take advantage of that
in any weird bizarre way no I think I’m finally starting to feel better today well good glad to hear it today on the podcast we are going to be talking about households we are going to be talking about a couple of new fetishes and as always something to do with a,
burning an octopus I don’t know what that’s about before we get into any of that though let’s go let’s get into our first topic Dawn,
it just so happens that you and I are currently in a micro little RV and are
house so to speak includes you me and a dog and one of the aspects of moving around that real dog not like a human puppet right not like and what are the things as
left or we are moving out of the current pandemic depending on when you’re listening it’s the covid pandemic not the one that we didn’t prepare for in this coming up he says as a doomsayer.

[1:58] And it’s great to jump back into these huge events but some people have had that opportunity for this middle ground that and you and I.
Done this in the past we don’t currently do it and this is this idea of having,
a household and fortunately on the podcast night we have collagen from the infamous cauldrons Crypt podcast that is going to come on and talk with us about households and.
Cauldron first off thanks for joining us on the show.

[2:31] Thanks for having me and in classic podcaster to podcaster Fashion we didn’t really just sport we didn’t really talk about what we’re going to talk about we have this word households and said yeah we’ll talk about that and I turned on record,
so thanks for suffering through that I love it I love you guys you’re awesome it’s only fair I believe when we were on your show you called us old
I think that’s the term you used to,
being old myself I can quote Reagan I do not recall well I think what you actually said is we’re like one of the original.
Podcast is which is probably much more complimentary than do the old guys they’re still here anyway so.

[3:19] We ended up this whole topic came about because I had a person in Columbus that I was that I’m fond of
and we had the opportunity to play once and it was really great to see her come into the community and to see her start grow in that community and then she moved away
and then one day I found out,
that I’m lucky I happened to come across her profile and I see that she is in this house of some sort with.
You being a Colton and I wanted to explore what that actually means are we talk so let’s talk about.
Because we know what our house was right right I think people get this this idea when they hear do I am in a house and you see it on FetLife right I am in a house with shooby doo and I am brother of shabby de and blah blah blah blah blah.

[4:10] And then there’s these leather households and these all this kind of stuff so let’s start off with what is this this house that we’re talking about what is a household.

[4:20] For me for us it’s a group of people who are chosen family with.
Similar interests I think one of the big parts of household in this comes from the leather side I don’t consider myself to be a Leatherman certainly a hybrid.
I’ve got a lot of Primal in me so we have aspects of a pack as well there’s the BDSM family’s the packs the households the leather households.
Um but,
going back to old old leather it’s my understanding anyway that with a lot of them there was a cause to support,
whether it was just each other or education within the community and the NFL house in North Georgia where I grew up.

[5:17] Is is a place that gives shelter to.
Abuse victims whether it be male female non-binary there
they’re absolutely Kink friendly so they stay typically within the left style but of course they’ll take anybody in and it’s a very small place that I didn’t even know about when I live down there
so that’s our primary cause I have a pin on my vest that represents them but then just as far as the individuals.

[5:52] Our personalities are all quite different.
So we bring a lot of different aspects to our play to our community and,
to each other so we kind of fill the Gap that we.

[6:11] That we suffered in our vanilla or our families of birth basically it’s a Brotherhood and a Sisterhood and it’s
you know just sent me that’s that’s what the family is we
just exceptionally close and you know that’s but that’s not to say that other people cannot petition to become members of the household,
so what does your household look like right now I don’t know that people understand what it can look like,
so right now there’s seven of us myself my wife she is primarily a
voyeur she used to top she’s no longer topping and so her primary Kink is just.
Warrior and she loves to watch.

[7:05] My former submissive Mayfair is a member of the household she is strictly.
Submissive and bottom except for when it comes to rope she’s learning rope and that’s,
something that we encourage even if you’re not going to use it is that education if your
a bottom learn how to top if you’re a top learning how to bottom because we believe that it makes you better at your craft there are.
Junie unicorns Angel she is submissive and bottom.
Audi and CC there are a couple getting married in June and they have a.
DS relationship that they switch in so it.
Which is fascinating to see and that’s a topic all on its own there now you said something about.

[8:07] People that are tops should have some understanding of bottoming I believe so okay is that a is that something.
That is important in your household or that’s just a you philosophy like so for example if I joined your household as a top would I then therefore have this.

[8:28] Suggestion or requirement that I go learn how to bottom
as part of the house manual which I’m still working on we’ve all been together for a few years now
and I’m a perfectionist I’m a little OCD but as part of the household standards that.
I’m setting up that we all have to go through,
and the existing members we will go through those together but that is one of the rules okay it’s manded mandatory for the household that everybody knows both because.

[9:08] We want to work also teachers within the community so we need to know.
Because bottoming and a lot of tops don’t understand that bottoming is a skill.

[9:23] And so I think that by learning to to bottom it makes tops better by learning to top it makes bottoms better and it helps them to recognize,
who is safe and who potentially is not safe to play with in your interaction with house members how much of it is.

[9:44] BDSM related and how much of it is just social let’s watch a movie related.

[9:50] We meet every Sunday we’ll have dinner at one of our houses at least every other week and then on the off weeks we go out to a restaurant.

[10:02] And.

[10:04] Those times are a wonderful mixture of both in conversation typically sometimes will end up back at my
mayfair’s house where my play Space is an addition to her house and but typically it’s just a lot of conversation there.

[10:27] Goes both vanilla and BDSM related as far as throughout the week we’re all in communication daily
typically through sending memes and Tik Tok videos and just trying to support each other you know somebody’s having a bad day then.
Then we’re we’re there for them if somebody’s car breaks down then we’re there for them
no matter what it is I lost my father and my brother last year within two days of each other and
the amount of support well on on a Monday we laid mayfair’s grandmother to rest and that
that Wednesday of the same week my father or my brother and then and then on Friday my father so it’s just
that family support system on top of all of the fun too
fun things along along with that question not to over talk please but I’m a podcaster that’s one of the one of the biggest misconceptions about households.
That I know of his people think that it’s an orgy like that’s the number one question or the number actually I apologize it’s not a question it’s an assumption.
Is the it’s just everybody is sexually linked and while that is true with some households.

[11:55] I found that the majority at least the majority of the ones that I’ve personally interacted with that’s not true.

[12:04] So I just want to kind of bust that myth,
you know up front on that one’s re it’s not but is there any rules around dating within the household you know because certainly one of the ways that you could create a lot of strife.
Would be you know.

[12:22] Joey Joe starts dating Sally and they break up and then well who’s going to leave the house yeah unfortunately,
that can be an issue right now with Odie and CeCe being engaged they were together they you know they joined as a couple come in as a couple.
With sort out the Kinks she’s single she is a play partner of mine.
And that yeah I think one of the biggest.

[13:00] Helpers in that situation is.
The time period you don’t just petition the house and then you’re a member you petition the house you get to know us and you’re interviewing us over a period of six months to a year,
and we’re also interviewing you and it has to be a unanimous decision to bring.
Somebody else and or brow Apple yeah yeah bring a couple it has to be unanimous.
Because there’s there’s not going to be any animosities that way and if somebody’s a holdout Then There are a whole day out that’s not question they’re not.
They’re not made to feel bad about it because they are giving their their truth and we respect that so this really is a chosen family.
So this is an intentionally chosen family so I know there’s a lot of people that are probably looking for that I mean God especially right now
you know disconnected from everything in the in a in a world in a community where we have a lot of.
BDSM top bottom as well as you mentioned power exchange is therefore in the house does the house have a leader is there a hierarchy.
I’m head of household.

[14:19] So so what does that mean.
That that means that they look to me to be the leader that they.
Me to be that means that our house motto is respect above all else and they look to me to be the leader in that which sometimes.
Unfortunately I fell that we I called a vote on my leadership.
Back about a year ago 8
89 months ago because in the emotional turmoil of all of the loss that I suffered last year in the stress of covid I acted way outside of my norm and.
Just I did not feel myself worthy to be the leader of such fine people so.

[15:20] Yeah that’s self-awareness is also something that we highly promote mmm so and that’s actually really cool that you were able to do that.
Um so what gave you the idea I mean I know why we started a house and then why we retired it so what gave you the idea to start a house.

[15:39] That Eternal longing for family.
And just talking to other people Master Gabriel of house Raven blood in Los Angeles.
Mr. cyan was his mentor and he was part of her household as as being mentored by her she is in.
The founder of Dom Khan and Sanctuary LAX and he and I have been friends for.
34 years now he contacted me over the show and said hey you’re either the East Coast version of mirror I’m the West Coast version of you but we have so much in common.
Let’s have a conversation and of course that piqued my curiosity and since then we are very tight but he has a.
A very strong hybrid household as well nice nice and then you were talking about petitioning what’s all involved in a petition.
Basically you have to write a letter if somebody comes and says hey I would you guys are awesome your great to hang out with I love the work that you do
whatever it may be we’re if they just hear about us they can write a letter that’s going to require some questions be answered such as.

[17:04] What.
What do you bring to the table okay right what what are you looking for why would you want to join a household and why would you want to join our household.
What causes are important to them what is where it what areas do they want education on because again education is very very important to me personally.
And thus it has to be important to anybody that’s going to be a household member.

[17:42] And I can see and it’s clear to me that education is important to you I posed as we were getting ready for this we were scoping out your your podcast over at cauldrons crept and.
I was just looking through the most recent shows that you’ve been doing and Donna died you know here over here at erotic Awakening we tend yeah we have the occasional,
serious show but we tend to be pretty you know let’s talk about
fucking done with a tentacle talking about you know signs of mental and emotional mmm
mental and emotional the other podcast or honey the mental and emotional abuse and talking about Kink is a competition and cheating and BDSM
so clearly you know we have some really.
I don’t want to see hardcore topics but some very significant topics topics that are important to talk about and I do want to point out it just you know.
The value in that so clearly education is important to your house so it makes sense I don’t know what word I want but it kind of.

[19:05] Makes sense that people would have to list what their calls is are and that they’re willing to do the work and that is not just about a backpack
some people I’m assuming it’s about that backpatch they get that embroidered thing on their leather vest or whatever and how’s this can be work.

[19:26] It is it definitely is work there’s the reward is amazing the people.

[19:34] The are I hope that I give them a percentage of what I get back from them.
Clearly since they voted to keep me they the fuckers kept me outside,
for 45 minutes after they had voted two minutes after I walked out the door the lights the time they were talking about how to make the perfect spaghetti sauce or something huh.
Well it’s a big I mean.
Even though they did it in like 2 minutes or whatever I mean it was still a big choice so I wonder if they did it to make you sweat or just to let you know that they were.
Seeing how important of a decision it was,
because I’m such a serious person and and I am I get I get rightfully accused of being overly serious
but they they they really enjoy making me sweat from time to time and I appreciate it it keeps me smiling I love them for it I love them for it,
yeah now education is very important for me and and those the the abuse episodes things about that’s why I started my show to begin with.
Back in 2016 was because of all the horror stories coming out of Fifty Shades and.

[20:56] Unfortunately that if I would have discovered you guys the back then then I never would have started a show because I’m like okay people are addressing this but I didn’t know what a podcast was I just.

[21:07] Like I’m going to do this internet radio thing really was how I was looking at it and then oh okay well this has been around for since 2005.
But it was just all those horror stories of abuse and I’m like I’ve got to do what I can to help educate people I work in the psych field I worked in an acute care inpatient psych facility,
for ten years I started out as a Floor Tech Mark worked my way into Administration but the whole time.
Patient and staff education was always part of my job so I wrote,
workbooks for the patients on stress anger management you know all these things which I actually.
Teach these classes through my podcast now and make it apply to Kink because communication definitely applies to everybody but yeah.
So anyway sorry I’m a little off topic but yeah
welcome to podcast again all right so one more question for you this on this if you don’t mind and I’ve got to put you a little bit on the spot here
okay you title and gave you warning you talked about it being everything from a sense of community and a support network but also opportunity to.
Play with some of the same people and eat meals with the same people.

[22:32] Have what is what would be one of the unexpected benefits that you know just wasn’t on your radar whatsoever that you’ve gotten from either leading or just being part of a house.

[22:51] The amount of Outreach that the rest of the household has done.
The the education that they have have just completely freely taken on their own and their unwillingness to take credit for it.
The humility in it that doesn’t surprise me with knowing the people but I never would have guessed.

[23:23] That I would have been surrounded by such fine people.
He you know I tend not to look at myself in that great of a light so when when these things happen it’s like holy shit I,
these people are amazing why are they following me why have they chosen me,
to be their leader throughout this journey and and with all of them it’s a.
It is a lifestyle it’s they are not people who just dabble in Kink and there’s nothing wrong with that I have you know a lot of episodes about about that.
And it can be a lot of fun but.
For people who give their life to it like like you like the two of you do you know it’s it’s so much work.
And it can be so incredibly rewarding but to see things coming from them.
It’s just absolutely amazing they never cease to amaze me and I never expected.
It’s Abby.

[24:34] Such an amazing journey like and I know that sounds crazy and I’m like I’m really just we have our issues as well from time to time where we’ve got to step in and and,
put each other in check but.
Yeah it I never would have guessed the what it was going to turn into with how other people are so open to just
put themselves out there to educate others mayfair’s incredibly Shine the fact that she has joined me as a co-host on the show for so long when she was just supposed to fill in as just is one of those things.
That is a primary you know prime example of that.

[25:15] Yeah because I mean I just for me it was just family grew up very dysfunctional family and so looking for that camaraderie and fellowship.
Lose my primary thing well it we are it is fantastic that you have found that.
And you know I just gave you a shout-out because part of it as somebody who’s run a house having that leadership role is not always a lot of fun you know,
and and I just a shout out that your content that you’re taking that mantle as well obviously,
it’s funny when we are getting ready to have this conversation there was dozens of topics we could have gone on about,
if people want to find out about those topics bringing you in as a presenter or just to find your podcast what is the easiest way to find you.

[26:03] Cauldrons Crypt.com K UL D RI n KR y PT of course if you spell cauldron,
Crypt correctly with sees you can get there too I bought that domain just in case that’s why it’s contact
yeah or to contact me master cauldron at gmail.com fantastic awesome culture thank you very much for being on the show with us hang out for a little bit uncomfortably
while we talk about other things Don one of the things that we would talk about would be I don’t you know I haven’t I’m not a big educated guy.

[26:39] Okay but I looked at me like when I go to the academy of fetish Arts I’m gonna fit in the problem is I don’t know.

[26:50] What to wear to graduation how would I find out what I should be
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Patrick from Ohio computer King from New York we know computer can we do no computer can Joe from Florida who we also know.

[27:29] And Kerry who we also know that their name sounds familiar from North Carolina because they have great taste in music
oh that’s right oh really nice and Corey from Texas who we don’t know yet but we’re going to meet you Corey when we go to Texas more on that later head over to the erotic Awakening.com And subscribe today.
Awesome and get your EA shout out and get your EA shot up so that is about it not much else going on the show today we do have a couple fetishes probably cauldron since you’re still here you are going to have to I mean,
you know have to see,
I got to be taught careful not to treat collagen too badly because he has his own podcast right didn’t get a hit show it’s like other podcasters that suck here’s my list,
Dan that’s the end of the list Colton my understanding is you volunteered to take one of the fetishes.
Which would you like one two or three.

[28:23] Let’s typically like things in threes so let’s go their culture and how do you feel about.
Tatian you know when a lactation fetishes is all about lactation.
Let is impressed milk boobs that produce milk how do you feel about that I think that it is exceptionally sexy.
Yo man I’m not big on on the taste of love,
that ultimately that because you hear being an expression of podcaster but he’s all I got abba-abba-abba,
I feel like you really do like that especially not after a cheeseburger heavy with onions that was a terrible experience at my first experiences an adult with that.
Um but it it’s a.

[29:22] Dow watch a movie from time to time where they’re where they’re spraying some milk yeah that I think it’s sexy very sexy fantastic
awesome awesome so my only experience but now ex like,
I was going to share something that I knew about had happened in a dungeon because that’s like that’s my only experience lactation oh wait a minute I had two kids right there there
that happens for years now we had someone that we knew in a dungeon that she was expressing milk,
unlikely shot glasses uh-huh and then was told she couldn’t do that because that is fluid.
I need my family fluid so you can’t share it so you know that sort of thing but um,
as a person that has lactated that is kind of sexy.
So that was before your time Dan I am well aware that I’ve no experience with it I’m having.

[30:24] I have no connection to it one way the I’m going to say if you did that was probably your Stony years and you wouldn’t remember anyway.
Might that’s very like yes I’m picturing a specific person to my favorite video please do that and then I will know then maybe I’ll have something new awesome awesome on one or two.

[30:44] Um you already know what to is right I know it too is so good – so you don’t why are you going to be able to pronounce one no I’ll take two I’ll give you two
wait a minute yeah I’m gonna guess it because I can sell it on I already know the answer to this how do you feel about knife play I’d love it but the sound of the knife opening.
And the sound of it scraping and even if I’m blindfolded and I don’t know that it’s a knife hell it could be a credit card I think we were taught to use credit cards because the edges feel like a knife and you can’t really hurt anybody with it but even just the fault of it being something sharp if I’m moving and you open up a knife
I’m instantly still right
it’s like don’t move don’t move and then you can feel the point and now I live I love sharp pointy things it’s so for people that are not familiar with knife blade knife plays the idea of the top having a knife and using it as a sensation toy
on their bottom not.

[31:45] And I’m going to say in this case we’re not talking about cutting skin because then we would be talking about cutting which is a separate fetish but certainly
the idea that you could cut skin it’s a little bit of fear play a little bit of engine play a little bit of sensation play yeah,
I’m down for it let’s mix in some removal of clothes.
And I will say ever since I picked up some.
Plastic knives from a Army-Navy surplus stuff and I don’t mean like plastic knives that you cut you know that you get at McDonald’s and spread your butter with but these are,
they actually look like knives with the point when Tom’s bringing knives yeah I guess I am a wombat lives yes and they are.

[32:35] Knife enough like.
That the bottom in with a little bit of head space doesn’t differentiate them between any that knife in any other knife but I as a top I’m a lot more relaxed using that knife then.
A sharp edge steel knife,
so depending on the situation so in specifically if I have let’s say and I’ll try put this gently if I am I’ve got my dick in someone,
and we’re doing knife play I like using that plastic knife because it does allow me to be a little bit more it’s a little bit more generous if I am less than.
100% skillful if I Buck I’m not going to get stabbed no you get snapped but it’s not a significant not significant enough that.

[33:20] We have to do anything about it right I mean I could cover your mouth that’s only courteous to the other people in RV park cauldron Debbie views on Life play.
It’s in my top five okay absolutely love knife play in my playroom I think I’ve got
22:23 knife something like that in there some of them are excessively sharp others I have taken to the grindstone and intentionally dulled them as part of
after mentioned fear play but I will use them in Impact scenes and.
You name it knife play is.

[34:01] Kind of a standard with me first for some reason Don has left the.
Podcast area and getting her pants on and getting her car keys so I don’t think it might be a fan
so and absolutely and then we had someone that listen to the podcast that I’ve played with before and he learned that I like knives and he brought machetes.
To our scene that was hot oh can I can I give a shoutout a shout-out on that one my house member Odie.
Bought me a billhook that’s about of
52 feet long so it’s like a machete haha only the end of it is hooked like a Pelican Beach right right and
oh my God it is absolutely the scariest I mean it’s
yeah you have that thing and it’s scarier than Jason with a machete that’s that’s why I’ll never be able to join your house because you’ll say all right and bottom and you go,
Bill how crappy I fuck you man about all right Todd what you got for me.
All right so this one will see if I can pronounce it cat of Tron Ophelia.
It’s a fetish for having sex in front of mirrors some people are simply turned on by seeing themselves in a mirror.

[35:26] No I It’s tricky because our normal definition is do you fantasize about that and I can’t say I fantasize about it but I sure as hell enjoy it when there is a mirror around so I’m gonna have to say yeah that’s a thing for me.
That I just don’t think about a whole lot you know I used to.
In my vanilla marriage where I was not getting any Kink and didn’t even really know there was a word what I was interested in I can remember pulling out,
that mirror right the the little ten dollar mirror from Walmart and leaning it against the dresser,
and and masturbating in front of it that was fucking hot that sounds fucking so what do you think culture and mirrors.

[36:12] Yeah yeah I mean you’re hitting like three out of three for me because I am both a voyeur and an exhibitionist.
So that kind of can play into that for me yeah
oh yeah I I used to joke and this was no joke way back when when we had like Yahoo rooms and you know instant messenger and stuff
and I would like webcam and open up a room or IRC and I would open up a room and have you know have the webcam I didn’t care if anybody was in the room or not I could see me.

[36:52] Fire we gotta hang out on what else we got out here so we got a few tentacles of course any time someone sees tentacles they like to send me things and some of these are just amazing so or death sent me a tick tock.
And it’s of the wood burning of an octopus so it was really neat it shows the whole the artist and usually I like tentacle,
right and they’ll send me you know sexy pics but sometimes it’s just this beautiful artwork and it was his wood-burning thing it was absolutely amazing and then I’m going to Taurus on our Discord sent in,
parking post actually I guess it was a no-parking post so it’s one of those posts to keep your car out of spot but someone had painted it into an octopus and and I’m like you know I could I want a picture of me
in a really short skirt sitting on this no parking post you know the funny thing about that is when.

[37:51] Today is Big today was a big work day for me so Hall I saw on that conversation I didn’t see any of it except for your comment
I would like to squat on that parking costs and I was like man I got this court I don’t know what the fuck’s going on over here this is awesome and then somebody’s been stretching out and doing their kegels.
And then Traverso are friends for their sent me a um it’s it’s like screenshots of them trying to make a movie
and it’s of alien tentacles and it’s like really,
rubber tentacles that they’re using and it shows them fucking the girl and wrapping around the girl and fucking her mouth and
that was kind of hot too because it’s not like CGI or anything it’s actual props that they’re using and fucking her with so yeah.
I don’t know if they were tentacles they look more like alien snakeheads.
Yeah you know but it’s the same kind of like someone that doesn’t any other one so yeah so I got some awesome awesome tentacle pictures you know Dan does like food on boobs.

[39:02] And if you send them through our Discord Channel I get to see them too oh for fuck’s sake.
I forgot to put this on here but baby love actually sent me some food on boobs not her boobs unfortunately but a picture of.
Someone who had cupcakes on their boobs and I totally forgot about it actually maybe I was just saving it for myself but now it’s yours as well podcast listeners you know I need to make a scene out of that with another check.

[39:33] Icing cupcakes smeared on nipples
and then you lick the icing off why are we not doing that right now because we’re in an RV in the rain in New York I don’t know if the other person,
to do it is my boobs your boobs yeah that’s not the sucks
taking over the sports podcast for your startup podcast could play Stitcher Spotify or whatever you listen or just tell your friends feel free to reach out to us we love interacting with you contact us with questions
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hi guys.



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