EA615 – Humor and Joy in Authority Transfer Relationships

This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn are again joined by @_Kevin_ and @_katie as we have a conversations around joy and humor in our authority transfer relationships. Do you lose respect for ‘goofy’ Leaders? Is joy a key aspect of your relationships? And more! 

Plus we find out about one of @_Kevin_ ‘s fetishes! 


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[0:00] This weekend erotic Awakening Authority transfer isn’t funny sucks in the RV in egg girl.
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[0:25] As well as other perks.
Q2 all of them are somewhat Mortals hi Don hi Dan hi Kevin I Katie hi there hey guess who’s back yes JD’s back.
As we yes that’s that’s on the internet for the rest of your life now Hsu so we are still at our little RV retreats we.
Well long week and we’ve been hanging out with Kevin and Katie and Katie you came up with an interesting question,
that we thought we would discuss on the podcast tonight and as I was just telling Dawn we’re going to try and not do a interview per se,
but just the four of us have a conversation and the reason that I thought that was a great idea is a couple of days ago you the four of us,
recorded a conversation which we’re going to be releasing tomorrow or the next day kind of an exclusive for our patrons of the four of us just sitting around chatting about things like our favorite event.
Least favorite sexual positions.

[1:34] I don’t even remember this is a Bish amidst activity that’s right each of us ended up having a question that we have 0 title run yeah so we had yeah and.
As we record that conversation we realize there’s a lot of laughter a lot of humor and.
That doesn’t always seem to be the case with some of the power exchange or authority transfer couples we know so Katie.

[2:03] That’s the setup,
yes what are we actually talking about so that’s that’s a that’s it we are talking about lightheartedness levity joy and humor silliness even silliness,
in the this and egalitarian relationship style some people think seem to think that it has to be quite formal and quite serious and and pompous even and I’d like to discuss,
how that it looks like in our life and what we think about that or even how it looks like now because at the beginning Dan and I like,
are high protocol we spent a whole year being in high protocol and I loved it and it always confused me when I saw people that were not,
pompous and and
and stuck-up even was that so worth I’m sorry was that the year of no laughter then and no joy when we were around other Park change people sure okay yeah we didn’t even know Dan had put in the contract that he had the right to be silly.
We still had that high protocol year and I can remember friends of ours and she would be so silly when’s it my turn when’s it my turn at the stoplight.
And just just very just very silly and I always looked at them and I’m like I don’t think you’re a real mmm,
sort of thing so and it was only over time who do you guys know this silly a silly leader in a power exchange relationship you me.

[3:29] Yeah the two of you but who else knows the others got to be other people that are really leaders and I’m not going to actually let’s not do names but there’s a couple folks
just north of DeKalb where oh he’s very fun it’s a pretty silly funny light-hearted going of self,
defecating human very humble that way but they are uncommon I would say.
If we know 200 we may be no seven that have a lightheartedness and a real open Joy might even be high yeah no I’m actually completely sober right,
so but I mean I can remember being in the space just even just up to a couple of years ago,
where people had seen Dan and his leather and seen him with his cover and you know this type of stuff one day because we have a high protocol event
and then a couple days later he’s skipping and singing about the dog and you know people look at me and I’m like don’t look at me it’s in our contract he made sure that was allowed a long time ago because he didn’t want to change himself.
So and for me being silly it’s just starting to happen so was the year of high protocol then.

[4:45] A year of inauthenticity.

[4:48] I don’t think so you were you were hiding your silliness no because I can damn thinking I’ve never been silly.

[4:56] Yeah well easy for you easy for me yeah we out of it okay take this away out of that question light light hearted and and Goofy or fun and see and he could easily be that around with kids.
No I think that’s probably the legit I don’t recall I recall trying to hold myself to a standard.
That I had thought.
Hi the appropriate standard for a leader in the pocket relationship to be you know which is somewhat solemn you know not necessarily stuck up or pompous.
But some of them you know and responsible that’s the key right right you can’t be a silly mofo and be responsible for another human being,
or so you thought or so I thought and he does there is you know I can say it out loud it does feel like a conflict conflict you can say it like that but there is some.
I mean it does feel a little ear and Clarity that you can be.

[6:01] Responsible for another human beings wealth,
in health actually met Health but in wealth and well-being welfare and Welfare there’s a lot of w words I should have used huh buddy the podcast doesn’t normally go like this.
Of course I could edit all this but I digress and still.
You know that’s a lot of responsibility I supposed to fucking be all up Le Petit and happy and jumping around in your underwear when you got all this burden of responsibility well and see.
The word that comes to mind as you say that is what is it gravitas that the heaviness the seriousness the.
The weightiness of owning another human being and Bering being ultimately responsible for the things in your shared life.

[6:54] Um yeah it doesn’t it doesn’t really fit with I’m going to be a ridiculous dork right all right and.
So I get that there seems to be a disconnect there yeah but I mean obviously you guys have figured it out right.
Right right reaching to you then did you guys start did you Kevin start off.
Beginning Noob power exchange leader being the goofy fuck that you are now easy there no um.
I think more serious and and again probably in public I tried to be less goofy but.

[7:38] I never had exposure to what it was supposed to look like so I didn’t want to be ridiculous and I have people you know feel like I was.

[7:51] Not not competent because I was so so silly but I didn’t know that there was this higher standard of of.

[8:01] Yeah strictness and stoicism or whatever the right that I should have been aiming at.
So I never really went for a high protocol but I probably rained in a little bit of.
Silly I think that like when I when you say silly it seems to me that’s that’s the extreme
you know skipping about and wearing wearing bunny slippers and like farting out bubbles that people can pop with their nose or something like that and add an event as a master seems a little bit.
There’s silly okay I may take that idea and run with it I know right but.

[8:39] What about the the lightheartedness and joy between the two of you is that you know that’s what I’m saying that was present laughter and humor and all those things now that doesn’t feel rare to me you know when I think of.
The variety of people.
Even specifically the people that joined us on our little 80 Club call that we had right that’s all people that.

[9:06] For the most part seemed to have a sense of joy and it seems to come from their relationship.

[9:15] Knowing they’re found the right spot and they’re authentic Master Cecil is a great example of somebody who’s not silly.
He’s not Goofy,
but he is a jokester and he’s very seems to be he smiles so naturally he seems and big laughs and yeah very happy with himself,
as a lot of joy in life it seems like soon my lack of joy and lack of knowing how to play even with my kids.
Right that had nothing to do with our power exchange relationship that had to do with me.
Now once we got into a power exchange relationship I think it actually became harder for a little while.
To find that play because I was like I don’t need to learn how to play with this I can just go inside myself be of service.
You know it’d be the perfect I guess slave I always strive for perfection.
And be the powerslave be the be the whatever and I feel like I excelled at it to a level so I didn’t have to learn how to play and it’s only.
I’m trying to think it’s only when I started cultivating joy and I don’t think so I think it was before that.

[10:32] All I know is recently in the RV it’s much easier.
So to cultivate that joy and to just be silly hell I’ve even gotten a little bratty and it goes right over Dan’s head because he has no clue that I’m even trying it because it’s not something I’ve ever done before.

[10:50] It’s not really bratty it’s more silly.

[10:55] Okay you’ve got you’ve got to thinking of a follow-up so it’s a it’s a it’s a diversion that it was you know what is the difference between being a brat and being a goofball and that sounds like a whole other podcast yeah it does,
so I’m going to swallow that back in time so watch what about you what about early days versus now what.

[11:19] I think that for me the joyfulness the sense of humor.
Is so intrinsically part of who I am and how I navigate not just the really good times but especially the bad times I’m the person that cracks jokes when I’m in the emergency room,
because for not a hater I know yeah but that part would make Kevin he’s not ready to crack jokes when I’m in emergency room and I am used to,
being in those kind of Crisis situations and trying to be light-hearted as part of getting through that,
um so when I came into this relationship with you.
If it had become this very serious intense interaction somber interaction I would not have thrive.

[12:04] I would that would have just completely drained out what what I am people say well that’s a Katie when somebody’s being kind of Joyful or Whittier things like that and I’m saying people just kidding.
That’s so much a part of my daily interactions and especially when times are hard and they don’t feel like.
I don’t feel like we’re in the early years that was non-existent I think.
Our way of interacting with humor and looking at you know our failings and looking back and laughing at them in poking little holes in them and stuff is is a really really healthy way that we navigate it,
and the fact that you as a leader are humble enough and don’t take yourself that seriously unless it’s necessary.
Um is very valuable to me and a good straight man.

[12:57] Oh gosh yeah yeah he sets up the lines and I deliver the punch and you guys are like just the opposite of us right even in presenting oh yeah that.
Katie is the silly one the witty one you know the humor Kevin delivers the
epidemic stops information yeah even though I mean you both still do that yeah I can fourth you but I know for us it’s very much Dan is the comedian Dan is the person on stage
I tell people if you’re in the back row You’re Not Safe he will come find you right,
if you don’t want Whiplash keep an eye on me I stay up at the front and I’ll reel him back in,
overtime that’s kind of starting to melt together a little bit I have actually found my jokes that are actually funny,
you know that just pop into my head that used to be very rare.
And sometimes damn gives you information or plays off of mine sure or my whatever.
I want to tell a little story when we would been to our maybe fifth time we played in a dungeon and.

[14:11] After we were finished people in the dungeon and whether they be tops and bottoms or in master slaves or whatever tend to be very pretty firmly in their roles and.

[14:22] Kevin and I had a scene and by the end of the scene my little kitten ears were off my head and my nice Lacy totally transparent sorry sequence shirt was off my body.
we’d had our fun and we’re doing our cleanup of our space and Kevin put that sequence shirt on himself and the ears on his head and the looks of,
and it was just fun and it was funny and it was it was joyful we just had a wonderful time and it was a silly thing to do and and he is secure enough like his penis didn’t fall off he didn’t lose his master he didn’t lose his MasterCard you know,
is it like this is who we are right and that to me was a beautiful moment of being completely authentic in front of everybody and saying.
You know this is this is good this is healthy and fuck you if it’s you know if it’s hard for you to process or come talk to us ask us a question and I’m glad you mentioned that because I want to ask you guys because in Sharing earlier you mentioned you’ve gotten some.
Your perception is that people respond negatively to,
that that you are so joyful that you have a sense of humor that well if you’re a real pirate share Authority transfer couple you wouldn’t allow such Shenanigans now,
I don’t know that Don and I have ever gotten that response but maybe because I’m the goofy one or because I because I’m too.

[15:50] So I don’t know maybe I’m so full of I don’t give a fuck that they are people are talking about me all the time and I just don’t know right.
I mean does that kind of mute the happy does it ever lead you to think you know maybe we should tap it down somebody fit in.

[16:08] You know Katie is super super fast and super super smart and that means that in normal conversations.
She’s run words around three different ways and you know and so she’s.
Often saying stuff that is there to entertain her and if I if I’m lucky I catch it.
And then occasionally other folks catch it and and.

[16:37] Because kind of like the flash do you know the superhero The Flash dealing with all the people around.
Um she’s already had the conversation kind of and and so she’s in the micro seconds between everyone else getting to move,
saying other funny things right wow I think I’m flattered so that ends up being these blurted things in the middle of conversations and people are like.
What the fuck why is why is that in this conversation why isn’t she managed better why why can’t you make her like stay on topic we’re trying to have this discussion.
And I think it’s great because you know it’s her fun it’s my fun and.

[17:26] I don’t know I have a hard time feeling like.

[17:30] We need to stop her down because other people can’t keep up this great way to put it um.
And I don’t think it’s because I think it’s entertaining I don’t know why I would fix it for their benefit.

[17:50] I say you know that’s that’s the way I wonder why would I correct it I can’t figure it out so.

[17:58] Yeah I don’t go ahead and I would add that people often use humor,
and have that kind of reaction because they are being disrespectful or hurtful or doing jokey jokes at other peoples expenses and I really have a pretty strong guideline,
except for that one time and I’m sorry we’ve all had that gonna remember okay I pretty much have a pretty strong line that that’s not the way I try to have fun is somebody else’s expense and especially at disrespecting Kevin,
so when people will say two things to come in like why don’t you get her in line why don’t you get a control of that and and things like that,
they just don’t understand and and Kevin’s like yeah.
I designed her that way you know kind of thing so I don’t I think it actually highlights that we have something special.
And that it’s maybe a little bit different but it’s right for us when people like what I’m wrong yeah absolutely we thought about this kind of thing,
and you guys seem very secure with the way you interact even when it’s really light-hearted and joyful yesterday we were sitting around and.

[19:08] You know as much as we’re hanging out together for a week or two or friends.
But we’re all power exchange where Authority transfer as well and yesterday Dawn.

[19:22] Lean Back copter Fist and punched me right holy Chris
in front of everybody okay the leg the face whatever I don’t remember why and I really couldn’t even look at you after that it was just like okay that was amazing it was amazing if it wasn’t so
damn funny you know I might have had to respond,
but even then it’s it that to me is an expression of the joyfulness of Dawn’s current,
being it doesn’t feel disrespectful it doesn’t feel.
Like it needs correction and I certainly don’t feel like I need to put on an air,
and put a show in front of you guys so you don’t think that’s what I later could get away with thanking ice I don’t even remember what it was who karate-chopped you so you punched him oh but he always karate,
Snow’s gonna say there was only that was only number two million 54 this weekend right apparently every 2 million I’m gonna get smacked back because that’s the way that works right so I mean you guys have gotten used to seeing him
do that with me the karate chops actually offends other people right okay because he doesn’t silly it’s not like punishment it’s not
whatever it’s like I don’t know yeah boy how many would you like cartoon master so.
Yeah the silliness I think that also.

[20:49] Having a sense of humor about past failings takes Incredible strength of character,
and to be able to look in the past and say oh my God that was a big fuck up and I can’t believe and then I did this right and then I did that oh my God and and to find the humor in those situations means that.
Your humble about it you can recognize it and you’ve kind of moved Beyond it being some great big ouchie situation into something you just leave.
Thing like when you say what remember when I was a kid and I did that stupid thing kind of thing,
and when Kevin’s does that I do have to do that all the time because I’m always doing stupid shit,
but when Kevin takes you know past failings and then he will actually sometimes exaggerate them just to just to make them seem even worse than they were and we have laughs with people in front of classes whatever,
I take that as him being.
It’s pretty secure and confident in who he is and humble about his past mistakes and how is that all not just great stuff.

[21:55] The question is I guess and you having done the year of high protocol.
Is there a is there a benefit to.
Tamping down that stuff publicly if you are if you’re in a loving relationship if you if you like your life if you’re if you.
Are naturally a person who has joy and laughs at things is there any benefit to.

[22:24] Being publicly more solemn and stodgy I may be the only ones to table but my answer is yes,
when we do high protocol stuff and we bring that stuff in and kind of reel it in a little bit,
we are very much in our roles and it just kind of I mean we’re in a Rolls now but it’s kind of casual so when we take,
that time to be in high protocol and I’m not going to answer okay Dan I’m going to answer yes sir yes master yes Bella and whatever he’s given me for the night,
so I’m on my p’s and q’s and tote and just recharges that again maybe like when you guys do your power.

[23:08] Things mmm yes yeah I mean that totally puts you back not back in space but it kind of makes you very mindful like is your intensely focused and that’s what I like I like that mindfulness,
I would if I was in that mode right now I could tell you exactly how much water is in his cup,
exact I would never have let you get the coffee unless it was because you were Hostess you know I would be just so taking care of everything,
whereas were a little casual right now so I know he’ll tell me,
when he wants me to do those things so yeah it’s very hyper Focus I agree with you Donna at first my thought was no well at first I thought was yes at a funeral and I actually question that,
is it authentic I mean there’s an approach there’s appropriateness right I’m not gonna flash my boobs at somebody at a funeral.

[23:59] But it doesn’t mean that I’m gonna be joyless I have boobs thank you.

[24:04] But I like the the high protocols seen whether it’s an event weekend or just a short a couple of hours for a meal.

[24:15] Even in that the high protocol weekend it’s a scene and you’re putting yourself in that energy that energy doesn’t lead me to taking a lot of humour from Dom nor give it to know and it doesn’t mean it’s gone,
it is much more subtle it is much more appropriately aimed.

[24:39] It is like you know where Dan might be 80% comedian in 20% leader.
Master Hank is the opposite right your master Hank has.
A sense of humor but it’s dry and occasional you know and it’s not the point the point your point your purpose is not to entertain me.
Your purpose is service service right yeah and I and for her to respond appropriately.
Right she I can’t she can’t come in you know carrying my chalice in the appropriate slavey Manner and I’m standing on the table dancing.
Right because it’s not because it’s not me but it’s not that time in that place yeah,
you make me think of people going to like a Meditation Retreat and the mind frame they end up there and that’s not enough entik to them,
they have a focus they are having that experience and they’re there for a certain purpose and so they might even speak more quietly or or not talk about the near the news for the week or you know whatever the thing is they,
they change yeah we are their energy where their focus is yeah so I guess.
The question then is when you’re at one of the big events and you see folks.

[26:05] In that kind of grim stoic you know I never laugh I never smile kind of intense frame.
Um I have often thought wow that seems like that would be a hard.
Life to live that would be 24/7 24/7 that would be a pretty Grim existence I want to smile and laugh and chortle and and.
Feel more joy than that portrays and what you’re it sounds like what you’re saying is.

[26:43] That that’s an unfair read that is not a representation of who they really are.

[26:50] It is a representation of an aspect that they want to enhance enhance for a short time perhaps.
On the flip side I think that and let me think about this I never thought this before but a really solid.

[27:06] Leader follower relationship allows both people to be more authentically who they are.
Because they become more vulnerable would not only with each other but with themselves more self accepting.

[27:22] So that could be who they are is that what I’m saying gonna be our next book that’s going to be alright wow then.
Find your authentic self with authority transfer because 599 book will get you,
so just under seal and I’ve had one of those this mod cast to wasn’t going to see if that,
um so but that second year I that’s the year that I had those interventions I talked about,
so that I’ve written about and talked about because I was so stoic around people and so quiet and so whatever that people came and checked on me.
I was in my happy place that was our second year being together the whole first year was building the foundation,
the second year was being in that high protocol and,
as someone that was working I was working on my healing passed at the time I was doing all kinds of work that was just my happy place I’m sure there was moments of Joy through that if I thought about it hard enough,
but I do remember a lot of just feeling safe.

[28:28] Not having to deal with people I could stand behind Dan wherever we went and not have to be introduced and not have to do hugs I didn’t have to interact with people and that was where I needed to be at the time,
and like I said we shifted it now than 20 years right so we shifted into time just time for a quick little yeah please contrast story.
Kevin and I ran for international power exchange for two years the first year we went down to be to the competition the international level competition.
Um and we’re judged whether or not we were Worthy,
we were very serious about what we were bringing to the table we were very serious about our presentations we are very serious even our fantasy scene was very authentically this is the way we play in a dungeon this is are,
our domination and submission that we do in our scenes,
and that was our was our fantasy and our interview was very serious questions serious answers sorry am I going too long – yeah so I don’t and then the second time.

[29:30] Then we the next we didn’t win that year the next year we went down and came in and spoke with this before that we went much more casually because nobody ran that year from our region so we ended up
stepping in the saying we would run again and we went down and we thought we’re just going to change it up we’re going to really relax,
our fantasy scene instead of showing authentically how we play was instead
that I was a human sex doll that chem and kept on upgrading so we could actually get himself a decent blowjob and so we went through a wind-up doll and then it became a Mariah marionette yeah and then I became a
first of all I just don’t like a blow-up doll named playable and then Mary marionette then and,
a wind-up doll in a wind-up doll and then eventually like a cybernetically you know when he changed me sir Nai
and then I keep once I was all cybernetic then I could give them a decent blow job and everybody was laughing the whole time at that scene and then we walked into the judges for the interviews you know how tense this can be
we walked into the judges for the interviews and one of the first judges asked to Kevin Ray just question and Kevin turned to that judge who he did not know with it what the fuck man.

[30:38] Josh supposed to live where did Judge Kevin and the juggler judges laugh because here I am correcting Kevin right and then come inside
that’s an excellent question I’m like you’re not supposed to complement the judgment and the whole interview
from there like the judges became very light-hearted and we’re still asking serious questions but we’re so ready to just
relax and enjoy that and really see who we were and they it’s almost like we.

[31:07] We allowed it to be a conversation and an exploration rather than an interview by being by being.

[31:17] Relaxed and humorous,
we didn’t say hey we’re not taking this serious we said we’d like you to get to know us and so yeah like a vulnerability thing again right,
so well with our title run I was very much wanting to you know be the stoic be the perfect example or what you see is perfect and now that I’ve been a judge that there is no perfect right,
you know in all these things and dance like no we’re not putting on that show where we’re going to be ourselves where you know whatever.
And the funny thing happened with us so with the power exchange title which is what you guys went for you have a fantasy that you have to put together yes with the master-slave title which is what we ran for you don’t okay but we didn’t know that.
And they wrote us and said hey don’t forget your fantasy.

[32:08] And I’m like dude and I was under the impression we did it because I don’t do this I especially 10 years ago did not want to be on stage and you know do the thing.
And I’m like Dan they said we have to have a fantasy I didn’t think we were supposed to have a fantasy but it looks like we’re having a fantasy this year so we finally figured something out and then they wrote us oh no no no Master Slave couple does not have to be fantasy everybody else does we’re like.
But we figured something out that we really really cool and they’re like okay well you can do it and I’m like so the only thing we ask is because we’re running against someone else that won’t have a fantasy,
we want to do it after yeah the books have closed now the pheromone score yeah right there non score.
And that’s what we did we did it non scored and it was Lucy and Charlie Brown and.
That got a lot of laughs in the crowd because Charlie Brown finally beat Lucy for pulling that damn football and you can hear people in the crowd going it’s about damn time so what a thing so you know we have fun,
the I’ve got a silly story about our title run which has maybe maybe this ends up cutting,
during our first speech or whatever during our Title First Title run where we didn’t win.

[33:24] I said something about no,
it was in the second one I said something about oh yeah go ahead know why because I’m having a hard time getting it right okay so Kevin was making a point that it didn’t matter what he wore,
that he would could be a master even if he was wearing a Deadpool when a Deadpool one see he would still be my last one Zeke and then we one and one of the judges was in our class,
the next day after we had one and she says I want you to know that the entire judges panel expects you to do your step down speech and if anything so we did our entire step down speech with me wearing a suit and stuff.

[34:07] And right in the last 45 seconds or something underneath the ice like three piece suit
first event okay yes I turned and walked off stage while Katie looked at me confused and kind of finished the wine down in the thank yous and all that and then I came back on,
my Deadpool 10 Hayes like he snaps and points at me and has me kneel before everybody and they all bust out laughing right because he delivered what they said
fun and even the Charlie Brown and Lucy one I’m the one that came up with the idea which is
one of the reasons I wanted to do it you’re invested yes I was invested because I was like everything I can think of
is devil and angel teacher and student blah blah blah and then I’m just in we’ve been told we’re going to do it at that point or whatever.

[34:55] And I’m in the shower now is right before they said that I was in the shower and Lucy and Charlie Brown popped into my head that’s awesome now because Dan added music to it and one of that is the Sunday
football themed anytime I hear Dan getting ready to watch football and now it’s like a spanking you guys okay Spanky let’s play Don you know that sometimes I like to have sex,
yeah and sometimes I like the BDSM yes well we should teach sexual BDSM at the Academy of fetish Arts,
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[35:53] Like am I doing States yes so name and state if they give it like Jericho from Ohio Matthew from cash.
Mandy Moore from Ohio I’m Canadian give me a break Michelle from us up.
For fuck’s sake 80 mile from Florida Morgan I say right yes okay.

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indeed so that is it around us were that was amazing you should have taken a look.
At them while you had the screen too late I got number 1 through 4.
Not counting who’s going first number three here we go get it Kevin how do you already know how I feel about this but we’ll ask somebody else finds out mechanical philia sexual attraction to end or arousal by machines,
you know robots or other machines like a car or a bike a plane.

[37:27] I think the machine Kink is like not cars and planes and stuff like that but I think.
Artificial cybernetic girls are pretty hot I think like.
You know vibrators and simeon’s and.

[37:47] Alien mechanical porn where instead of instead of tentacle porn right yes.
Cybernetic tentacle porn that’s all cool like that intersection that is cool.
Cool any interest in anybody a robe I can Mechanicals and we’re doing a robot I like being a robot.
I like being there like a toy like that and being played with but as far as I can or not you’re not saying like.

[38:12] Vibrators and stuff not necessarily no no this is more yeah the the craziest yeah,
getting kind of no not it doesn’t do me yeah neither me neither so Katie let’s 12 for Kevin.
Poor Kevin yeah cuz I was thus the soul the soul pervert in that round okay maybe other people will have their trap but I mean if it said like fucking machines and stuff I mean I would think that would be part of it yeah my cars very erotic.
I can remember coming across a comic book Archie and Jughead and it was a it was a but it was born based Archie and Jughead kind of like my Beauty and the Beast one.
Johnny Jackhammer if you’re listening and you know about this,
Jughead an Archie comic I would love to see it but anyway one of the characters I don’t remember which ones which was fucking the tailpipe of a car he’d want to 10 you know so it’s just all comedy some people that’s as a total turn-on right.

[39:15] Is it for you not for me alright number two masochism 000 masochism you know good old pain punishment torture.
First kissed are you a masochist you dig it do you masturbate about being a masochist.
Certainly I am not much into pain pink and I wouldn’t even call it pain intense sensation of such as caning or blogging and things like that do not tend to get me hot and bothered and.

[39:46] I’m aroused um I would but I want to add to that there is masochism that is like mental masochism like me Kevin does like a little bit of humiliation play or object fication of me that is a kind of masochistic.
Place to be absolutely done yeah that I will come all over I will say for this particular question we’re talking about the physical aspects,
and so nobody at this table enjoys baskets,
so no I’m I actually consider myself a masochist but I will not label myself that way anymore,
I tried to when I was trying to find a play partner years ago I decided to list myself as a masochist,
and I’m that will get your shins whipped with a single tail that will get all those painful painful places but yeah so I did not like that I like too much I like,
I like impact play I like flogging I like all that stuff but I like it when it’s ramped up and it’s part of a power exchange seen not just pain for pain.

[40:53] So all right then you have left number one and number four yes King.

[41:01] It’s so hard to be in charge yeah then number one or number four.
One mountain Elijah why did this is what you hear is that doctor.

[41:19] Michelle like Nia Michelle black.

[41:24] One of those words Marshall agnia that’s pretty cool fetish dedicated to armpits including kissing licking smelling.

[41:33] This Kink may also include inserting penises into armpit absolutely not I mean that hey you can on your young I’ve never.
Headed deep naughty fantasy and had an armpit part of it.

[41:49] End of story yeah just nothing that have you ever have you ever licked close to an armpit where they put deodorant on it’s kind of like.
I can’t I don’t have no saliva sure it’s dry it all up how about you kitty um,
I don’t mind when you smell like when you smell a little bit sweaty and manly and stuff like that that is a that is no that’s that’s time with you right kissing licking smelling,
it’s not smelling because it’s my podcast yeah but I’ve got the computer and I’m the question answer as Quran did.
Does not change my instrument.

[42:32] Did you finish yes he did I sent you well it’s good Don so now no no um.
I wouldn’t have thought so but over the last year or so occasionally.
We get to bed and Katie hasn’t put on deodorant.
And mid snack sex I’m snuggling into her boobs and stuff and I end up with my nose in her armpit and I’m like,
holy fuck that’s all of a sudden really fucking pheromones but I like it it’s it Taps into some primal thing and,
makes zero sense to me and I would a year ago of said well okay not not a deal for me so it’s not like you look at porn about it but if it’s Katie it’s yeah but I guess I have a handful of times.

[43:21] Ended up you know foods and my guts full of shit.
Um so I get number 4 and I can imagine yeah that’s probably sufficient.
So Dawn yes medical play role play involving medical scenarios medical Implement scalpels needles speculums and/or medical uniforms medical play often involves an examination one person by the dock door.
Man I’d like weird hurts I’d like to say why do I even want to say now that’s not a thing but you know what.
That’s hot is it better now feet in stirrups not that I like to be in an OBGYN with my feet in stirrups.
If it was part of a scene,
absolutely I’ve played with someone that did electrical play and he put on his rubber apron and he was the Mad Doctor and you know put me in the stirrups and it’s all electrical and that was phenomenal.

[44:25] Tell me about this you are off busy with somebody else yeah sure.
I don’t think so I do love being examined and explored like I’m some kind of teething that needs met but that’s harder but that’s more like objectification you could be a horse and I
and I could
I could run my like I love running my fingers along your gums and in your mouth yeah and that’s more like a horse exam than a doctor exam may be okay thanks he’s taking back the power so.

[45:06] Let’s save everything else for next time Dawn as we have a six francs conversation to have in just a couple minutes before we get out of here though we have to mention that balsamo’s set me an egg girl,
that was really cool it was like I don’t know can you explain it Kevin it was it poached it looks like really nice Poached Eggs attend gotten golden at all perfectly Poached Eggs yeah and they kind of like,
lift it from a picture of a plate of food and put it his boobs.
On a character or some old or they took the bait off the character the way around to show how perfectly that one took this right just fix that camera,
that’s our next Patron and then Sasquatch linked me,
to a tentacle flogger so you kind of know like that the tentacle fingers but they’re hard plastic these were actually like rubber,
tentacles like those tentacle fingers that caps that people send me,
and so and they had made a flogger out of it so the little suction cup I saw that you respond G my birthday is coming up and it doesn’t sell them he just made it first made it for steel yeah,
take a moment sport podcast right us on the podcast Google play Stitcher Spotify or wherever you listen just tell your friends don’t sing.

[46:31] That is so not me take it away just stop like I don’t know what to do with this,
feel free to reach out to us we love interacting with you
contact us with questions podcast comments it just to say hi you can find us at Stan and Dawn at the Twitter and FetLife we are erotic Awakening on Instagram use the links when the erotic Awakening website for Facebook and Discord and,
you don’t have to be a patron to be on Discord but that is where.
Or just email us at Dan and Don and erotic waking.com hi Dan hold on hi I’m gonna get it.



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