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While at a women’s retreat in Phoenix February of 2023, I was talking with one of the women and mentioned I was a Qadishti. She wanted to know what that meant. I described what it meant for me, “Priestess of Sacred Sexuality/Sacred Touch” and she wanted to learn more.

There isn’t much out there, except what Dan and I and a few others have written, but when I googled, I was surprised and pleased to see that we were featured in an article about about the Qadishti movement. This is from awhile back and feels a bit familiar. I’m betting Gaylen talked to us about this. I’m pretty sure that’s the case. But, I’d forgotten about it and it was a surprise to come across it when I googled.

I shared the article with her and then her eyes went wide when she saw it was about me and Dan in particular. It’s a great article and I thought I’d share it here with a link……

Sacred sex and temple prostitutes
from ancient myths to modern realitys

by Gaylen Moore

Dan and Dawn are co-leaders of the Path of the Qadishti – a path of sacred sexuality inspired by ancient stories of sacred prostitution. The term ‘sacred prostitution’ may sound like a contradiction, but for Dan and Dawn there is no contradiction between sexuality and spirituality, so for them the concept of sacred prostitution is not at all shocking.

Dawn is a Pagan Priestess, ordained and licensed in the state of Ohio. She has led a great many weddings (including “leather weddings”), collarings, rites of passage, handfastings, and other ceremonies. She also offers Sunday services. Dan hosts daily meditation and dharma studies for Buddhists and non-Buddhists.

Together, Dan and Dawn blend their insights and experiences in the realms of sacred sexuality, BDSM, energy work, and spirituality to offer a unique perspective to the audiences who attend their various workshops, training, and demonstrations. They also host Erotic Awakening – a weekly internet radio show (podcast) covering a wide range of loving, erotic and spiritual paths.

……More here, but go to the link above to read it. I don’t want to fully copy it here…….

“A qadishtu is known for her capacity to impart loving touch, for her ability to be a physical expression of the Divine, for her sacred approach to sexuality, and her ability to share that with countless others, all without diminishing herself or denying her own needs.”

…….and more here…..


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