Qadishti Eyes


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Qadishti Eyes – On a Ship

June/06/2017 10:33 AM

Qadishti Eyes

Dan and I taught a class at NLA: Orlando, called Qadishti Eyes. It’s not the first time we’ve taught this class, but it was nice to have right before taking a cruise with so many different people. 

The basis for Qadishti Eyes, is the concept of not judging people based on their looks; instead, realize that everyone is God/dess and deserving of love and sensuality. It makes ‘people watching’ so much more enjoyable. Usually, people see others, such as overweight people and judge why they are overweight. Or even skinny people…which is what I have to watch out for…..and judge them too skinny or sickly or having an eating disorder or that they are snobby. All of these judgments are made without knowing the person. With Qadishti Eyes, those judgments drop away and you just see them. I love this concept. 

When I remember to look at people with Qadishti Eyes, everyone turns into a potential lover. I love how this feels. It doesn’t mean I act on it or say anything about it or try to hook up with people, but the possibilities are there and it doesn’t leave anyone out based on their looks. Though, I have been turned off by some people on this trip because of how I see them treating their partners, staff or the people around them in general. That’s a different to me. 

So, using my Qadishti Eyes has lead to a wonderful trip with beautiful people. I need to keep this in mind a little more. I don’t know people’s stories. I don’t need to be judging them on the beauty that is sold to us by the media. All people are sparks of the God/dess. All people are beautiful. 





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  1. Joe Pitkin Avatar

    Such a beautiful sentiment! Thanks for this post…

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