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One of the ways you can meet other polyamory people is polyamory specific events and groups and gatherings. And you have a lot of options!

Conferences – There are a few multi day conferences in North America and some plans for global ones at the point of this writing. The quote at the beginning is regarding Beyond The Love, one that Dawn and I (along with partner Karen) co-founded in 2012. There are other conferences in Philadelphia and Atlanta, as well as Ontario and West Virginia. New ones, such as Hearts & Collars, are getting started. None of these are intended as ‘hook up’ events, but they all include meet & greets and other ways to get to know each other. Check out the appendix for a complete list. 

Groups – Head over to Meetup.com and type in Polyamory. You’ll see listings for New York, North Carolina, California, Ohio, Toronto, and lots and lots more. Most of these groups are educational based but include a social aspect.

Gatherings -This one is a bit more vague, but once you start moving around in polyamory circles you’ll find picnics, polyam game nights, poly book clubs, and more.

I would have to say that the question we get the most, is “How do I meet people” and though online is the easiest or at least the most available, obviously it has its own challenges, the way we recommend is through real time events.

When meeting someone online, it really is hit or miss. You are judging someone by their picture and words about themselves. Whereas in person, you get to see so much more – how they interact with people, their smile, their energy in the world, etc. You get a bigger picture about them and sometimes that zing happens.

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The Polyamory Dating Guilde is a book about finding other people who share your view of polyamory and want to share it with you. Chapters include where to meet people, online polyamory dating sites, dating for couples (and if you should), and lots more!

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