3 new polyamory classes

Polyamory Change Management

Change is inevitable, essential, but also, risky and can be scary! Join Dan & dawn, two of the co-producers of the yearly Beyond the Love Polyamory event, as they explore and provide tools around change! When a new person enters or a new person leaves; levels of desire and need; and even hobbies and interest. Things do change; pick up some strategies to go with the flow!

Long-Term Multiple Partner Relationships

If you have multiple multi-decade relationships – or hope too – this is the class for you.  Join Dan & dawn, who have relationships that include 18 years, 12 years, and few other multi-year relationships, as they explore the challenges around when polyamory goes from NRE and hot sex every night to dealing with details like bills, dying pets, illness, and day to day monotony of being normal working peoples.

Mindful Polyamory

Sometimes polyamory can feel like a “me first” movement. Quoting polyamory advice boards, you’ll read suggestions like ‘all the sex and love you want; other people have to adjust or move on; down with rules and boundaries!’. This is good advice for some and seems to work. But some of us find a different approach to be of value. Join Dan & dawn, long-term polyamorist as well as co-host of the Erotic Awakening podcast, as they explore an approach to polyamory that focuses on generosity, selflessness, and compassion. “This is about finding strength in not only personal growth but in the partnerships we create as well”






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