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  • BDSM vs Abuse

    BDSM vs. ABUSE We have been asked many times over the years about the difference between BDSM and Abuse. Sometimes it’s hard to put words to…..abuse is kind of like porn… know it when you see it.  But, then again, that’s not always true. BDSM, Power Exchange, …, it’s different from the vanilla world. It […]

  • EA626 – Creative Kinky Scenes

    This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn talk with Freya about some really amazing and creative scenes – and how to get the scene you want!  Plus you can now get the Polyamory Toolkit Audiobook, a freebie for all of our patrons!  PLUS dawn really loves spanking! Hear the passion. And a dungeon of […]

  • The year in Review Wow….what a year. 2021 brought a lot of changes for Dan and I.  It was a weird beginning with still being in the midst of covid, the Space closed so our weekends were free, and taking care of bat’s daughter.  As it warmed up, we spent time in parks visiting friends […]

  • Thanks to our patrons part 2!!

  • Presenting for Wicked Grounds on Nov. 30th – Building a Powerful Power Exchange Relationship

  • EA586 – Sexy Self Confidence

    Sexy Self-Confidence Confidence is being in complete trust in yourself and believing in your powers. It can also be seen as a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something. But sexy confidence is what we need to shine. It’s not arrogant, and you don’t have to fake it, just […]

  • Spicy Vanilla Market Place

    Dan and dawn will be presenting ‘Flirting’ at the Spicy Vanilla Marketplace.     

  • EA560 – Jealousy Survival Guide

    This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast Dan and dawn talk with the wonderful Kitty Chambliss about jealousy – and how to do something about it! Plus advice for keeping the sexy at home (and quiet). PLUS Dan goes camping and doesn’t get eaten by a bear! Leather Bear or otherwise! Become a Patron! RSS Feed @

  • 20 years in a Power Exchange Relationship

    As of today, Dan and dawn have been in a formal power exchange relationship for 20 years. They hope to have a new book out soon, sharing what it’s been like. Lot’s has changed in the last 2 decades including their relationship language.

  • New Relationship Energy …or lack thereof…aka DemiSexual

    So, for years I’ve been thinking that I must just be weird….for many reasons. But, this one in particular. I don’t experience NRE. The only time I’ve come close is my first boyfriend in high school. It was at church camp of all places and I could tell he was different. My cousins set me […]