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  • What makes a good leader in a power exchange dynamic?

    In the power exchange world of today, I often see a stance that is so anti ‘one twue way’ (that is, no one can say that the only path to being a good leader in a power exchange relationship is you have to do A and B or you are a poser) that it implies […]

  • How to Follow – Helping a Leader find their seat of power

    Believe it or not, not all Leaders come into their relationships full of confidence and know-how. Dan sure didn’t. I was his first submissive. He was my first Dominant. We learned this dance together. He did a great job showing a face of confidence, and taking risks that proved fruitful for our dynamic. But, there […]

  • 2 Styles of Power Exchange Relationships

    There are many different styles of Power Exchange Relationships.    2 of the styles we talk about in ‘Hearts and Collars’ is Co-op and Military. Various other names can be used for these styles, but these are the ones we are using in the book.  These are the 2 styles we see the most… Co-op […]

  • Ordeal Rituals in Power Exchange

      In our newest book, “[Hearts and Collars](”, we talk about the importance of ordeal rituals in our power exchange dynamic. We also discussed this during the Book Club of MAsT: San Diego last night. ********************************* For us, these ordeal rituals are a rite a passage. An ‘earning’ of the roles we are about to […]

  • The First Tool – Polyamory

      From ‘The Polyamory Toolkit” by Dan Williams and Dawn Williams (2019)   TOOL #1 – DEVELOPING YOUR WHY   Dan says…   I can certainly recall more than once shaking my head and wondering “Why am I even bothering with this poly thing!?” The first time Dawn went on a date with another person […]

  • Self Publishing – Next Power Exchange Book – Turning our Polyam books into audiobooks

    Self Publishing – Next Power Exchange Book – Turning our Polyam books into audiobooks   Eleven years ago when we had ‘Living M/s’ published…..self-publishing was complicated and not common. We had thought of self-publishing, but a publisher reached out to us when they heard Dr. Bob was writing the forward. So, yay!!! our first book […]

  • Being a Survivor in a Power Exchange Relationship – Power Exchange Book #2 Chapter

    This is the beginning of my chapter in our new Power Exchange book….being a survivor in a power exchange relationship…..after this beginning, I will have all the notes from my survivor class fleshed out and added…..can’t wait to get it written! **************** A lot of people ask me what it’s like to be a survivor […]

  • Team Polyamory

    We just got a request to review a textbook writing on Relationship Anarchy and had to turn them down. Basically, we know what Relationship Anarchy is, but it’s not how we do polyamory. As a matter of fact, we’ll be writing a class soon on ‘Team Polyamory’. I’m not sure what the title will be […]

  • The Polyamory Toolkit

    When Dan and I got together in 1999, we decided that we were going to design our own relationship. We had no interest in being monogamous. We had no idea what that meant, as we didn’t know of anyone that lived that way. Not only were we going to be ok with each other having […]

  • How To Meet People

      Exert from The Polyamory Toolkit   Some would say that being polyamorous isn’t about the number of partners you have; that you can be in a two person relationship or even single and not dating anyone and still identify as polyamorous. And although I agree with this, polyamory in action is about having partners. So […]