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  • April Presentations

    April Let’s Chat! With our Patrons – Polyamory (Zoom) Sunday April 3, 6pm EDT   ONLINE – TES Presents: Power Exchange, Polyamory, and Potential w/Dan and dawn Tuesday April 5, 7pm – 10pm EDT   sub/slave/follower Chat (Zoom) What about this dynamic and being a sub/slave/follower empowers you as a person? Tuesday, April […]

  • A Weekend at Kinky Kollege

    A weekend at Kinky Kollege Oh my! What a much needed weekend!! Much much much needed! Exactly 2 years ago since our last event! And even that one didn’t have naked people. So, it’s been longer than 2 years. As an introvert, and covid paranoid….I thought I’d spend most of my time in my hotel […]

  • Formal Power Exchange Dinner – The Story

    this is fiction, but based on our experience of similar events and the tone we hope to set for the next one On the way to the event location, Karl and Linda chatted about what to expect and who would be there. Neither had attended a Formal PE Dinner before but they had an idea […]

  • Formal BDSM Event – the protocols

    There are a number of things about a Formal BDSM event that gives it a different tone. One of those is simply dress. You don’t need to wear full leather, but this is a great chance to put away the blue jeans and wear slacks or a nice dress. Formal does not mean a tuxedo…but […]

  • Formal BDSM Event, the story

    Background: If you have been to the Columbus Space, it will help you visualize things as such. The dungeon is in the main room, the Living Room is the room in the back (Sandua), and the Submission Room is what is currently what is commonly called the Social space. Upon arrival, Mistress Zoe and her […]

  • EA464 – slave lyon, meta meta, and long bike rides

    This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast , hear the 2018 PXS Keynote with slave lyon! Plus, Dan and dawn talk about how you can be a good meta coming into a new relationship. PLUS sexy questions and 700 mile bike rides!   Don’t miss an episode! Click below to subscribe     Check out this episode!

  • EA450 – Sex Down South and Warming Up For A Scene The Right Way

      This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast Dan and dawn talk with Marla Renee Stewart about the Sex Down South conference! Plus they go deep on how to start up a scene – from sensual to sadistic, the warm up can help make it a great scene! PLUS sex tips; Kinky Kollege; Tijuana Bible; and LOTS […]