Formal Power Exchange Dinner – The Story

this is fiction, but based on our experience of similar events and the tone we hope to set for the next one

On the way to the event location, Karl and Linda chatted about what to expect and who would be there. Neither had attended a Formal PE Dinner before but they had an idea what to expect. They were excited and admittedly a bit nervous, for different reasons.

Upon arrival at the event location, the tone of the night was set pretty quickly. Although who they saw at the door was their friend Dan and nearby his wife dawn, it was actually Master Dan that greeted them. Or, more specifically, greeted Linda. “Domina Linda, a pleasure to see you” he said shaking her hand. “We are gathered in the living room, this way if you would”, leading her away, totally ignoring Karl. dawn – or, from her bearing and manners, slave dawn – quickly moved to Karl’s side and quietly asked him to follow her. Thus, both physically and energetically, Masters and slaves were separated.

In the Living Room, the dominants and masters all sat around, engaged in conversation, relaxed and enjoying peer energy. Slaves – not “his slave” or “her slave” but simply slaves – moved around, attending to drinks or appetizers. The slaves were quiet and respectful for the most part; although you could see on occasion that they had input for a subject, they were not there for conversation, but service.

After a bit of time, a slave from the kitchen whispered into Master Dan’s ear and he got everyone attention that dinner was ready and they should move to the dining area.

As those seated at the table, various Ma’am and Sirs and Masters, ate, the slaves moved in and out with grace and quiet. It was unclear if the slaves were going to eat later, or already had eaten, or not at all, but it really wasn’t the concern of those at the table.

One interesting moment was when Miss Lola was server her dinner. Karl – now slave karl – was serving and when he slave put her plate in front of her, Miss Lola looked at it oddly. karl stood there and after a moment said “Something wrong with it…?”. Miss Lola smiled and said “I don’t eat pork”. karl was probably trying to be funny, or perhaps he was nervous. But he replied “I guess tonight you do”. The room got quiet and Miss Lola continued to look at him, the smile leaving her face and a cool stare coming to her eyes.

Master Dan spoke up. “slave, you will remove that plate and have the kitchen slave come see me”. karl said “I’m sorry, I didn’t -“

“slave” Master Dan interrupted “Get out of my dining room”. His voice was calm, but had an edge of steel and left no room for argument. Turning red, karl turned to look at Domina Linda, but she seemed engaged in a conversation and didn’t even glance his way. slave karl, chagrined, left the room. The role of the kitchen slave was to be overall responsible for all the slaves and servers; slave dawn was fulfilling this role and promptly came in, standing near Master Dan’s chair. Master Dan quietly mentioned that Miss Lola doesn’t eat meat and would need something else to eat. slave dawn replied it would be no problem and shortly another slave brought her in a dish.

Part of slave dawn’s job was also to address any issues in the kitchen – or with the serving. She talked to karl, who was very apologetic and explained that he just wasn’t used to the tone of the event but really wanted to do better and slave dawn gave him a new task that would both help him be comfortable but also let those sitting at the table – and specifically, Domina Linda, who was likely worried about her slave – know that things were addressed.

A different slave finished the dinner service, and another for dessert. For post meal coffee, it was slave karl who brought out a decanter and served. Those at the table pretended not to notice the gag he now wore – but it was clear they silently approved. And as he served Domina Linda, she quietly said “Nicely done, my slave”.

Those at the table retired back to the living room as the plates were cleared and they relaxed and wondered what the entertainment for the night would be. In past events, it had ranged between everything from poetry readings to sexy fisting scenes, so there was no telling what it would be. After that, the slaves would be released from most of there duties and allowed to sit with there owners. And then later, the play space would be open; some people would play, others would continue to relax and lounge in the Living Room, enjoying the causal power dynamic being shared.

Domina Linda sat sipping coffee and talking with another dom/sub couple, with karl sitting at her feet while she stroked his hair. The four of them discussed that although the lifestyle isn’t like the fantasy books they read before they got started, sometimes it was better.




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