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  • A Weekend at Kinky Kollege

    A weekend at Kinky Kollege Oh my! What a much needed weekend!! Much much much needed! Exactly 2 years ago since our last event! And even that one didn’t have naked people. So, it’s been longer than 2 years. As an introvert, and covid paranoid….I thought I’d spend most of my time in my hotel […]

  • Team Polyamory

    We just got a request to review a textbook writing on Relationship Anarchy and had to turn them down. Basically, we know what Relationship Anarchy is, but it’s not how we do polyamory. As a matter of fact, we’ll be writing a class soon on ‘Team Polyamory’. I’m not sure what the title will be […]

  • Dan and dawn busy in February!

      Take your pick! or join them all! We’d love to see you 🙂 Friday, Feb. 5, 7pm est – PK Presents: Guide to Polyamory Dating –> Sunday, Feb. 7, 6pm est – Sensual BDSM —> Wednesday, Feb. 10, noon est – Eros Gathering – Sacred Sexuality: A Beginner’s Guide –> Thursday, […]

  • Sensual BDSM – zoom Feb. 7th 6pm EST

    Dan and i present on a lot of topics….but one of my favorites is when we talk about sensuality, bringing connection to a scene. Whether it’s our ‘Sensual Humiliation’, ‘Sensual Spanking’, or ‘Sensual BDSM’ class…..I love them all. 🙂 This Sunday, we’ll be zooming ‘Sensual BDSM’. It’s the class for those that want more from […]