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  • The M/s Flag

          This is the Master/slave flag.    It’s been around since 2005, yet not many in the bdsm community know it. That’s because it’s for a small niche of the Leather and BDSM community….for those in power exchange relationships:  Doms/subs, Masters/slaves, Leaders/followers, etc.    I was told once that the straight vertical line…

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  • The day in the life of a submissive

    (note: D/s, M/s, Authority Transfer and Power Exchange used interchangeably. We started as D/s, moved to M/s, then the term Power Exchange became popular and now ‘Authority Transfer’ seems to be the new term for what we do) When Dan and i decided to create our life/relationship, more than 2 decades ago….we had been spending…

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