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  • The M/s Flag

          This is the Master/slave flag.    It’s been around since 2005, yet not many in the bdsm community know it. That’s because it’s for a small niche of the Leather and BDSM community….for those in power exchange relationships:  Doms/subs, Masters/slaves, Leaders/followers, etc.    I was told once that the straight vertical line […]

  • Ordeal Rituals – Collaring Ceremonies

    We’ve had a lot of people ask us lately about collarings and ordeal rituals (both with collarings and in general). Obviously collarings come in all shapes and sizes…..we’ve been talking about them on the podcast recently and during an interview with Kuldrin’s Krypt. Episode 634 – Collaring Ceremonies Episode 418 – Collarings This is where […]

  • Kink & Power Exchange is my Fetish

    I was talking to a University class recently about Kink and Polyamory. During the discussion, they taught me something about myself. While they were trying to understand the difference between kink/fetish and what I got out of kink. They simplified it nicely. I’ve known this….but the way they made it simple was great. …..we were […]

  • Permission Based Relationship

    While we were interviewing someone for the podcast a the other night, they used a descriptor that I  hadn’t heard of before in the years we’ve been living power exchange: a permission based relationship.    Well, that resonated with me. A permission based relationship. I had never thought of our relationship in those terms, but […]

  • How Survivors Can Thrive in a Power Exchange Relationship

      This is a class I (dawn) have been teaching for many, many years. After our first OLF (Ohio Leather Fest) at the beginning of our relationship, I knew this was something I wanted to teach. People were asking questions about it and there weren’t many presenters that were willing to talk about it at […]

  • ‘My’ Master ….word choice

    I came across someone’s post a few days ago that kept refering to ‘the Domme that I serve’ ….and it made me think/remember. When I talk about Dan, I usually say ‘my Master’ or ‘my Belum’ or ‘my Sir’. But, whenever I say it or write it, there is a little blip on my radar. […]

  • As a submissive/slave/follower, what do you bring to the table?

    What do you bring to the table?  Last night during our sub chat on zoom, I offered the topic of “As a sub/slave/follower, what do you bring to the table?” I love starting off the new year with this topic and have done so for the last 10 years or so.    I like to […]

  • Being a Survivor in a Power Exchange Relationship – Power Exchange Book #2 Chapter

    This is the beginning of my chapter in our new Power Exchange book….being a survivor in a power exchange relationship…..after this beginning, I will have all the notes from my survivor class fleshed out and added…..can’t wait to get it written! **************** A lot of people ask me what it’s like to be a survivor […]

  • EA588 – BDSM and Power Exchange After 50

    This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast Dan and dawn talk about what they, as over 50 years old people, bring to the table when it comes to bdsm and power exchange.  Plus they talk about red flags and green flags…or at least try to.  PLUS rules in polyamory. Always bad? Or is that a […]

  • sRTs – Submissive Roundtable Benefits for those in Power Exchange Relationships

    One of the things that I highly recommend to people is to surround yourself with like minded people. If you are poly, join a poly group. If you are power exchange, join a power exchange group, etc. And preferably one that meets in person, not just a fet or fb group online. So, I prefer […]