‘My’ Master ….word choice

I came across someone’s post a few days ago that kept refering to ‘the Domme that I serve’ ….and it made me think/remember.

When I talk about Dan, I usually say ‘my Master’ or ‘my Belum’ or ‘my Sir’. But, whenever I say it or write it, there is a little blip on my radar. At the beginning of our power exchange relationship, Dan had told me that he didn’t want me referring to Him as ‘my’ anything. A slave shouldn’t have ownership of Him.

I totally agreed. But, we never figured out what I was supposed to say instead that sounded right.

I still type/say ‘my Master’ and it still feels wrong. I belong to him, not the other way around.

So, I see this post where they describe their relationship dynamic as ‘the Domme that I serve’ instead of ‘my Domme’. There is a piece to that that feels more proper.

Yet…..for me…..it seems to lack depth.

I played around with it to see how it would feel.

“I am contacting you for my Master”…..no, usually I say “I’m contacting you for Master Dan”….I’ve already figured out some ways of removing possession.

“Who is Dan?”……..”Dan is my Master” …..that’s when I use possession. That’s when it feels a little odd. I mean, he is my Master, but not ‘my’ Master. So, would it feel right to say, “Dan is the Master I serve”?

That feels a bit impersonal. I’m betting he would like that change though. Or maybe not. Maybe he’s grown used to the way I refer to him by now.

And as I said, when I say “my Master’, it’s not about ownership.

I’ll continue to chew on this.





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