The M/s Flag




This is the Master/slave flag. 


It’s been around since 2005, yet not many in the bdsm community know it. That’s because it’s for a small niche of the Leather and BDSM community….for those in power exchange relationships:  Doms/subs, Masters/slaves, Leaders/followers, etc. 


I was told once that the straight vertical line means ‘action’ and represents Dominants and the 3 lines are for ‘inaction’ and represents submissives. 


Well, I shared this on fetlife back in 2011 and how I didn’t agree with it. Mainly because, as a submissive I’m definitely not ‘inactive’. I’m busier than I’ve ever been. Master Tallen saw my post and set me straight. Thank goodness, because I was confused as to why someone would think a submissive is ‘inactive’. 

Master Tallen created the flag and presented it at the Master/slave conference in 2005. So, this info is right from the source. 



I was told the straight vertical line means ‘action’ and the 3 horizontal lines meen ‘inaction’ …… or translated closely to such. So, vertical line for Dominant/Master and horizontal lines for the one that has surrendered …sub/slave…..though i would argue about using the ‘inaction’ symbol…i’m busier now than i’ve ever been 🙂

Dec 28, 2011



As the creator of this symbol, I NEVER declared the 3 lines to mean inaction. Whoever states so is in error. The vertical line means Dominance and Master. The 3 horizontal lines mean submission and slave. Period. The two have to be together to create the entire meaning. A Master is dominant to the slave. The slaves submits to the Master.

Dec 28, 2011



So there you go. If you see this flag, now you know what it means and who designed it. 

If you ever run for the Master/slave title, and are studying your Leather history….this is great info to know. As a judge myself, I’ve definitely had this on my list of questions to ask the couple running for title. 


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  1. These nuggets of info came in handy when running for title. And it was a great experience to have Master Tallen pin the Master/slave pin on us when we won GLLA Master/slave title in 2010. 🙂 ~dawn

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