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  • Polyamory Dating Online- Creating Your Opening

  • Polyamory Dating Challenges as an Introvert

    (exert from The Polyamory Dating Guide) “I want to be alone… with someone else who wants to be alone.” – Dimitri Zaik. Dawn says: There are introverts, extroverts and ambiverts. Most of us are ambiverts, but slide on the scale more towards introvert or extrovert. Introverts recharge in solitude. Extroverts recharge around people. That’s about […]

  • When you have communication disconnects, try Porch Time

    I used to have some less than nice thoughts about one of my partners partners. I thought they were slimy at best. But my partner loved this person, so was I supposed to share it? Stuff it? How would feel if someone told me that my choice in a romantic partner was poor?  One of […]

  • Complimentary Strengths …. seen as Hawk and Mouse animal totem medicine

    We’ve known for years that one reason we work so well together as a couple is because we have different strengths and weaknesses. For the most part, we compliment each other. He likes to lead. I like to follow. He likes to create. I like to bring his creations to life. He likes to solve […]

  • 20 years in a Power Exchange Relationship

    As of today, Dan and dawn have been in a formal power exchange relationship for 20 years. They hope to have a new book out soon, sharing what it’s been like. Lot’s has changed in the last 2 decades including their relationship language.

  • Farming your relationship

    Dan says… In talking with two friends just starting an M/s relationship with each other, I tried to share withthem the need to balance the active process of building the relationship with the passive concept ofsimply letting the relationship take its course. Think of it as cultivating the relationship; when youthink of cultivating, think of […]

  • Available! Polyamory Dating Guide

    Love is Abundant…if You Know Where to Look Realizing that you are polyamorous can be a wonderful insight. It may feel like a solution to a long term feeling that you never fit in with monogamous models. Or it could have been a ‘team decision’ that you have more than enough love to include others. […]

  • Poly and Dating Over 40 – from The Polyamory Dating Guide by Dan and dawn

    I was on a zoom call this morning with my much younger girlfriend….and was telling her about this guy that was interested in me, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to follow through with it, because he reminded me of someone else. And though I have good times with that someone else, he also provides […]

  • Hard Paddle

    April sat, shy and uncertain, alone at a small table. The bar seemed to dwarf her, the dark smoky air battered unceasingly by a jukebox that alternated between George Thorogood’s raw chords and the twang of Hank Williams, Jr. She’d never heard of this place – tucked down a side street in a part of […]

  • Where to go to meet poly people

    Exert from The Polyamory Dating Guide © 2021 Dan & Dawn Williams One of the ways you can meet other polyamory people is polyamory specific events and groups and gatherings. And you have a lot of options! Conferences – There are a few multi day conferences in North America and some plans for global ones at […]