Complimentary Strengths …. seen as Hawk and Mouse animal totem medicine

We’ve known for years that one reason we work so well together as a couple is because we have different strengths and weaknesses. For the most part, we compliment each other. He likes to lead. I like to follow. He likes to create. I like to bring his creations to life. He likes to solve puzzles. I like routines. He likes spontaneity. I like structure and plans.

Some couples would struggle with those differences, especially if they are egalitarian. The power struggles that would result, is not something I’d like to be part of. But, with us being a power exchange couple, these differences seem to work in our favor. And because of these complementary personalities, we’ve been able to create some amazing events. It works out well for us.

Mix that with my spiritual path which involves lots of pagany stuff like spirit guides and animal totem medicine and I’ve come up with another explanation of why we work together so well. One of my spirit animals is the mouse. I haven’t wanted to admit to that for years because I have some amazing spirit animal guides in my life like: Black Panther, Blue Heron, Red-tailed Hawk, Whale ……and mouse always seemed….well….small. I feel larger than mouse. But, am I? Really?

The more I look at it, the more I understand my personality. And Dan’s. You see, Dan has some spirit animal guides in his life as well. Hell, we built House Metta around Skunk medicine. And what I’ve figured out lately is that one of his main medicines when working with me is Hawk. He sees the larger picture. He has vision. And because he’s working with the big picture, sometimes he misses details.

As for me, the mouse, I see all the details. Sometimes he says I burst his bubbles when he’s dreaming. I don’t see it that way. When he starts talking of a new plan, I automatically go into logistical mode. “What about this?”, “Have you thought of that?”, “What about when this happens?”. I’ve been having to learn to just let him get his dream spoken into the air. Let him dream big. Then, I can go into logistics. He thinks I’m bursting his bubbles, but what I’m really doing is going into a space of trying to figure out how to make his dream real. And that involves answering lots of questions.

I am mouse. I have a heightened awareness of my surroundings and can spot danger long before others around me.

I am all about details. And organization. I love to collect data and organize it to be used later.
Dan sees the big picture. The future vision. I see the details that are needed to make it happen. As Belum and belet, He tells me what he wants, and I make it happen. He tells me what he wants to create, and I create the plan.

In another sense….Dan is the predator to my prey. (Just typing that sentence made me all wet. That shouldn’t be a surprise.Yumm)

He has the power to devour me, and doesn’t. This is one way he’s earned my trust over the years. Mouse is not very trusting. She sees danger everywhere. Dan as Hawk is actually my protector because he’s chosen to be and because of that I can relax a little.


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