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Love is Abundant…if You Know Where to Look

Realizing that you are polyamorous can be a wonderful insight. It may feel like a solution to a long term feeling that you never fit in with monogamous models. Or it could have been a ‘team decision’ that you have more than enough love to include others. Or perhaps it is something you’ve known from the moment you started to be interested in romance.

This book is about finding other people who share your view of polyamory is and want to share it with you.

After all, just because you identify as polyamorous doesn’t mean the poly world suddenly opens up and people are climbing over themselves saying “Me too, let’s be some combination of multiple loving humans together!”. Instead, the challenge of finding like minded people, connecting with people, communicating your interest and desires, and simply beginning dating are not only still present for polyamorous people, but for some of us, even more challenging than a monogamous path.


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