Cupping – Fire Cupping


This started out as a treatment in alternative medicine. It’s usually used with those that have chronic pain. But, like many techniques that started out in a different world…’s been tweaked into a bdsm play method. 

I’ve only experienced cupping a couple of times. I love the pressure it creates. 

At least 2 times the pressure was created with fire……fire cupping. And the other time the cups has twisty things on them. They got wound, which sucked the air out. 

It feels like super large hickies being created. 

When fire is added, this becomes edge play and I highly recommend a class or two being taken, or finding someone to teach or mentor you before trying it. I’ve seen burns happen or skin scars happening on darker skin tones. 

Will I do it again? Sure. But, it’s not at the top of my list……unless it’s the type of cups that have points in them.





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