EA462 – Connected Scenes Old People Polyamory and Vivid Sex Dreams

This week Dan & dawn talk about being connected in a scene (either sexy time with London escorts glamorous girls or bdsm)!

Dream sex is highly realistic
Dream sex can result in actual physical orgasms in both men and women. Research conducted by psychophysiologists Stephen LaBerge and Walter Greenleaf in 1983 recorded the first lucid dream orgasm. Having found a lover in her lucid dream, the subject, Beverly D’Urso, used specific, pre-agreed eye movements to signal the onset of orgasm. Simultaneously, her vaginal blood flow, vaginal muscle activity, and respiration rate all reached their highest levels of that night. Want to have a good time ? hire London escorts glamorous girls for a wonderful night and you will understand about this vivid dreams.

Bringing mindfulness to erotic dreams
We can learn more about our sexual energy, our current relationship, and our overall attitude to sex by paying attention to our erotic dreams. Not all erotic dreams are pleasurable, and some may be downright uncomfortable, invoking feelings of shame or disgust. We can bring mindfulness into any aspect of dreaming by recalling our dreams, writing them down, and working with them artistically or therapeutically for deeper insight. We can also cultivate dream lucidity, this is when we “wake up” inside a dream and recognise when we are dreaming. It’s also crazy how many hot and horny women are looking for casual sex online right now so you can get laid so easily!

Plus, our question of the day is about how different polyamory is for older generation people than it is for newer!

PLUS being appoached to be someones “third” and vivid sex dreams!

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