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This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, @dananddawn are joined by Zoey (Brattastic) from Brat University to discuss bratting!

What is unethical bratting, in bratting a kink, and much more! Plus Dan makes it clear that Doms can’t be brats (and proves he is one).

Plus slutty mormons and Olfactophilia!


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[0:04] Is we can write a quickening brat University Art of fetish and Mormon.

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[0:33] All of our supporters including our newest one April hold on hi Dan Dawn.
Did you know that recently we were having a conversation on our polyamory.

[0:49] You said for whatever reason that you when you brat I don’t even notice and I disagree I think.

[0:58] You are beginning to turn into a brat I don’t I don’t know that I want to be a brat.
But it is kind of fun well I just I was never 20 years of not.
Even knowing how to brat well I don’t agree and I’m this is an intervention okay and today I’ve got Zoey on from the brat University podcast to help me figure this out Zoe thanks thanks for coming out and welcome to the podcast,
hi thanks for having me.
So Brett University podcast is all about not only is it about other Kink 101 stuff but it’s also about in.
In ethically branding and other stuff like that.

[1:40] Tell me a little bit more about Brett University podcast just start okay okay so um.
Really quick so I gotta hop back a little bit tell you how to became a thing so I have a tick tock and I of course post funny brat content because brat content is freaking hilarious but also I realized there were.
A lot of instances of Brad’s doing things that weren’t ethical like bragging at random people online or pushing their Partners boundaries and a lot of them were just like.
You know I just thought this is what they do and I was just like no that’s that’s that’s not it and then I realized.
There is a really anywhere you can go nowadays and get that information I can’t find books on it there’s a few websites here and there that talk about it but.
You know I don’t they’re not on class rosters when I go to sign up for classes and so I was like.

[2:39] What can I do to provide information about this to people and so.
I got a couple of my other Tik-Tok friends and we got together and both of them are breasts as well and I was like hey how about we put out this podcast that talks about these different brat topics one
just so people that you know might want to identify as brats or people that do identifies Brad’s know how to do so in an ethical way most of it.
Involves involves a revolves sorry around consent and I think so many brats brat without consent and that’s where like Brad skinny super like bad rap.

[3:22] Um that we top from the bottom and we don’t listen and we just want to disobey our dominance and this this whole thing but then you know I could go into how like
Dom’s can be brats too but that’s a totally different topic for a totally different day oh yeah no mine mine is a brat to he will never admit it to you but he definitely is
but so there was that portion and then also
just to give people an idea of what the heck a brat is anyways because there are so many people I know that have never liked encountered one.

[3:56] But they have all these preconceived ideas of what they are and I was just like.
No so whether you’re a brat yourself trying to learn or you just want to know what the hell a brat is anyways that’s what our podcast is for we also
added in like Kink 101 topics nothing teaching any sort of Kink or fetish specifically but just things like what is a Munch what is much etiquette
what is the vetting process look like setting boundaries with Partners talking about negotiations like things like if you were a newbies or things you should probably know.
So let’s start there that lets say I’m a newbie what the heck is a brat
for I’ve got a question with that though and I’m kind of curious if you know this term because you’re way younger than we are
okay so what is the difference between a brat and a SAM
it’s ok Warren asked masochist all right well what’s the one question of the time for go okay so we actually did a whole episode on what is it is called what is a brat anyways which literally answers that question and we found some
definitions on line but then we kind of took those and morph them into
something of our own basically a brat is a person that likes to instigate.

[5:17] Like conflict and those that are listening can’t see it but I have like air quotes around conflict to engage in some sort of scene or activity and it’s
I would say a simulated power struggle because when it comes to branding their boundaries and limits and what you you know can or can’t Brad about how far are you allowed to brat so like
Brad and technically is never being directly disobedient because your
Tom said it was okay so you’re technically not disobeying anything what so it’s simulated Disobedience and.
Now I have to go and like I put it in a dock so it give me a second it was like the perfect
definition for what the hell a brat is and I can’t remember it off the top of my head so give me like two seconds while I love the idea of just the first part you’ve said already the simulated power struggle.
Right which is I think where a lot of the.

[6:20] Bad vibes people get towards brats is that they don’t recognize that it is a simulated power struggle that the determination of who wins that power struggles already made.

[6:34] Yeah I think I had a.

[6:36] Issue with that when we started coming across the brats is that because my Kink is obeying so I never understood.
Why brat seem to be defiant,
so so brat and lift the power struggle so like I said this is simulated power struggle so so one of the ones we looked at it
you know it started on Urban Dictionary obviously if you’re going to go find your terms and labels please don’t just stop at Urban Dictionary but we started there and
it honestly had a good like jumping off point it said a type of BDSM label in which a sub in most cases I love that they added that enjoys misbehaving to the Dom caregiver or whatever the
you know d-type is for attention and punishments so and that also is a whole thing that every brat ones punishments like I said there’s a whole minutiae to this which is why I like our podcast is nothing but basically if I were to be defiant like I’ll give you a scenario.
My big thing to say is what are you gonna do about it make me and I will judge it want you to make me I want to submit but I don’t want to do it.
Willingly I want you to put me in my place and that is what I found was a lot of branches we want to be put at least if on the subside want to be put in our place.

[7:58] Like yeah I’ll get on my knees but like you got to make me get there I’m not just going to kneel in front of you because you said to do so.
I like to obey and I like to be made to obey.
I don’t know that I have ever in 22 years told Dan what are you going to do about it make me I think you would turn and walk away and not ever rat does that there’s also something called malicious compliance which is where you’re doing what the Dom said
but you know it’s not what they meant so if your d-type hold you go make me a cup of tea and you bring them back cold tea.

[8:37] And you say well I made you a cup of tea you didn’t say it had to be hot tea,
or to go Neal in the bedroom and way and I’ve seen someone so they’ve gone and knelt in the closet in the bedroom.
So like there’s something but I don’t know that I could ever do that okay I want to go with the kitchen.
And take a piece of paper and write the letter t on it over and over again and put it in the cup
it’s it here you go a couple to yeah TT so oh no so it’s definitely not for everybody um
there’s a there’s a thing on Tick Tock we’re like.
The good girls and the brats like we have like simulated battles or whatever but like me each show love for each other because
are you know we hear that on Tick-Tock a lot like I could never or the good girls think that they’re boring because the brats get all of the attention and I’m just like no you’re not boring don’t get me wrong and I will deny this if anyone comes at me about it I am a good girl.

[9:43] A decent amount of the time a decent amount of time but I will love you if you act no I never said that um.

[9:51] But sometimes like like it says sometimes this for attention like maybe you know I you know I want you to put me in my place right now and I could say hey I want you to do this thing but that doesn’t always you know
it’s kind of hard to like ask for that.

[10:08] Sometimes the least for me and so by branding it is an indication to the dominant like oh they want me to do this and that’s where like negotiations come in place like
I’ll talk to my dominant like if I’m reading in this way usually means I want this
you know and for me it you know depends on what I’m doing if I’m just being sassy you know I might just want you and my just be a voice and that’s all I need for you to like tell me to stop it
or I’ve had instances where I’ve said something and I like beads,
snarky and I’ll turn around like walk out of the room and I’ve had my dom come up behind me and like put his hand on my throat and be like you know do you want to say that again and like that’s all I’m looking for.

[10:55] It’s just you know re reinforcing that Dynamic and some people also don’t like it because they say it’s testing the dynamic like why do you have to test it constantly but like.

[11:07] I personally don’t see it as testing like I know it’s there and I Know It exists but like in that moment I just want to feel it.

[11:15] And so I do stuff to poke at it.

[11:18] I’ve had other people who brat way harder than I do I find it funny like looking at Don’s face of some of the things that I’ve done and I’m like there’s something some other brats have done that I would never do in a million years like I’ve seen other brats
tell them like for a Saddam to do something for them and of course dumping nice will do that for them and they’ll come back and they’ll be like oh you’re such a good boy and I’m like I would never in a million years
now sit like that would get to the other part of this destination where it says you’re looking for a punishment.

[11:50] Like you want to be punished which people also find tricky with Brad’s because like you know if it’s a punishment you’re not supposed to like it and that’s where you get the term fun Ashman,
we recently just post an episode about that we’re finished and punishments are two different thing fun assessment both parties want that to happen
and as far as a punishment both parties
I’ll believe it deserves to happen because I don’t ever think a Dom or submissive wants a punishment to happen we don’t go out seeking and I can actual punishment like for me punishments are different and how they are administered the voice that’s used but like
I was and this was like in the beginning of our relationship but like my partner was at work and I was being a shit via text and it was the whole like you’re not here
what are you going to do about it I think I was saying that I was going to play with myself because they weren’t home and I wasn’t supposed to and I was like you can’t stop me you’re not here huh and then he’s like that’s fine I’ll take care of it when I get home.

[12:50] And I’m like okay I mean I didn’t actually do it but I was being a bratty little shit
and he comes home and I didn’t think he was going to take care of it right when he got home but he did he comes and he Embraces me and he kisses me and the next thing I know he pushes me face down on the bed
he grabs the paddle from off the wall because there’s one that just sits on the wall at all times and next thing I know I’m getting spanked and I’m just like oh
okay so like that would be a funny Schmidt because I’m not actively being punished I didn’t like
you know if I had actually like you know touched myself and yeah there’d be a punishment because I was told not to
but I was being a British it but technically didn’t break any rules so you get the funniest moment because I was looking for that I was looking for the fun of like a punishment without the like.

[13:38] Seriousness that a punishment cambrie so branding like it says is I feel like often done for attention and.
Punishment or fun assignment and said I will say finish but instead of punishment.

[13:53] And other brats might brat for different reasons but that seems to be the consensus seems to be what I’ve seen in anything anyone that I’ve talked to my own experience is that seems to kind of be.
The reasons why Bratz do what they do and that’s kind of who brats are in a nutshell it’s poking the bear to get a reaction.

[14:17] No I was just going to everything that you’re describing
is sounds like the first spanking party we went to because the first spanking party it was all about spanking and anybody that was like brought up on charges and here’s my are quote was
pulled in front of the court and then the court dished out how many spankings they got so the brats would go around like crawling under chairs and
tying shoelaces of the Dom’s together and just you know just all kinds of stuff like that and it was all yeah
it was all role-playing and stuff you know it was a party then you know this is what was expected because that’s why they created the court was so the judge could.
Hand out punishment yeah if you ever have you ever been reading and I mean.

[15:04] Most of the town’s very playful human we know we don’t use the word brat and probably appropriate I don’t know but she’s pretty playful and I’m pretty playful.
But there’s sometimes where Dawn can be her normal playful stuff.
And I’m just not in the mood for that shit and I take it very badly have is that something that brats have to worry about is that.

[15:26] Something like that this is your dogs are not in the mood for that shit yes and so we actually had an episode on that too because we were talking about boundaries and limitations see you guys should just listen to my podcast you would have answers to your questions and all of us are gonna go listen to it but we gotta get him started somewhere
no it’s okay it’s okay um.
So yes so we talked about setting limits just out the gate like there are some things that I’m not allowed to do with my current partner like my partner said go do this I can’t be you know are you going to make me they do not like.
Direct confrontation and I’m like okay I mean I do but you know that’s a limit for them and so me I’m just more
of a smartass and I’m sassy like I’m gonna go do it but you’re going to hear me catch an attitude the entire way I’m on my way to go do it but um there are some times where like even that and he held this be like no and then you stopped or we talked about brats.
Being attuned to their Dom’s responses if you do something and let’s say most of the time you get.
A reaction out of them and it because it’s something in her Dynamic and this time you do it and there seems to be either a negative response or no response stop.
Stop writing stop doing it.

[16:48] And check in like hey are you okay is this too much right now do you need me to stop and I’ve done that you know.
And and asking if you have you know pushed too far is not something bad it happens I actually made a tick tock the other day about it it was.
A sound and all it said was who I fucked up and it was saying like when you’ve branded too hard and act
like accidentally upset your d-type because you don’t do it intentionally trying to piss them off but sometimes you know you catch them in a bad headspace maybe they had a bad day but you know.
You didn’t know about it yet like know it happens and this is something that you have to you know watch out for but this is where.

[17:35] Kind of getting to know your partner a bit getting to know their reactions in might help I will say it also helps if the d-type does speak up and says hey I’m not in the mood right now.
Because we are not mind reader’s.
But I know that is not always the easiest thing to do if you are having a bad day and in your own head but this is where.
If you do something and you’re not getting the reaction from them that you’re looking for or that you you know are trying to get
either say hey did you know that this was me trying to start this are you just not in the mood so know it’s definitely something we have to be mindful of and that was a conversation we had about consent that.
You know I don’t care if you’re in a bratty mood if
you know your partner is not then you need to stop because Brad adding as much as people I think don’t realize it branding is a kink and.
Are all King needs consent
and it doesn’t matter if you’ve done it 52 million times this might be the one time where they’re like hey don’t I like to be spanked but this might be the one time where I’m like no I’m not in the mood right now like it’s the same thing and it involves checking in if
things don’t go the way they usually do.

[18:52] Now correct this for me there is this clearly incorrect perception.
That Dom’s can be brats as well um Okay so
that is not an incorrect assertion there Dom’s can definitely be brats and this is where you kind of have the opposite it’s where the Dom will try to trip the sub up
to get them to misbehave are quotes in some way so that I finish meant will take place
I don’t remember why or how it happened but like my diamond particular likes to pick and.

[19:36] It was doing something and I bit him and I wasn’t supposed to do that and he was like oh no you bit me and I’m just like what you and he was like I don’t care and like.
Obviously in his tone I knew I wasn’t in like any actual trouble because he provoked it so we’re you know same thing but from the top down instead of from the bottom of its them provoking their submissive to get a reaction out of them
and he loves do it he loves doing a lot of things just to get a reaction out of me he loves when he says stuff and I go quiet and I’m kind of just like I make like an embarrassed face and he’ll just be like oh what’s wrong and I’m like shut
you know exactly what’s wrong you know exactly what’s going on in my head right now you can just stuff it.
So he likes to do that
he’s definitely that person that also likes to like say these things to me like public places like will be the grocery store it’ll come behind me and like like.
Pinch my butt or he’ll come behind me and say something in my ear and I’m just like I know no one hurt him.
And I know no one saw him but everything inside me is like oh God I’m embarrassed right now.
He’s also very sassy verbally.

[20:57] Kind of a pedantic asshole but like not to the point where he’s a dick but.

[21:04] What we were doing something earlier today and because we had some fun times yesterday morning and I was like yeah I really like we did yesterday he goes what did we do yesterday.
I don’t remember I don’t like yesterday morning and he goes I don’t remember that can you remind me and it’s crap like that and I’m just like you know very well what the fuck I’m talking about.
You know everybody like he like made me say it so it same just kind of poking the bear to get a reaction so Dom’s can definitely definitely be.
Brats but you do not have to be a bratty Dom in order to be with a bratty submissive you do not those do not have to go together honestly I think it’d be kind of fun but like you do not have to be a brat yourself in order to.
B with a brat.
Well what you’re stepping all over my toes now so I’m gonna make this interview go away for you if you don’t mind has your Dom ever listened to the podcast.
Realized you’re done something and then said hey what’s up with that.
No and I’m glad that he gave you this right now because my headphones are on but um.
No I think anything I usually mention on the podcast isn’t something that like I done and he doesn’t know about usually taught me talking about something that has already happened.

[22:29] I’ve definitely made Tik toks that he was unaware of usually involved me like
filming him and doing something silly or things like that and so I’ve done that without him knowing about it I’m really quick before you send me away Don asked the question way in the beginning and I feel like I need to answer the difference between a brat and a SAM
oh yeah so as you said Sam is a smart ass masochist
there is a incorrect assumption that all brats are masochists they are not.
I know many brats that don’t like to be spanked that don’t like any form of masochism a fun assignment can be anything and it does not have to be in a masochistic sense me I am a mask is so I like to be spanked but
not all Downs of masochist so we’re a smartass Master cases being a smartass
simply to get you to do something sadistic to them they’re trying to get you to spank them they’re trying to get you to do something to hurt them a brat is not necessarily doing that because not all brats are masochists.

[23:31] Good thank you thanks for coming back that and and you’re not getting away from us quite yet stick around comfortably while we wrap this thing up.
Dawn did you know that it’s less than.
It’s less time than you think before we are up to Cleveland to talk about teaching about polyamory and about sexual BDSM.
So that is very true so it’s coming up very fast and you can find out more about that and keep up with all of our Events book news and discounts via the erotic Awakening newsletter
and you get your awesome me a shout-out like Greg from New York so head over to erotic Awakening.com And subscribe and get your shout out today,
not too much else to talk about except for swinging Mormons but first done we do have our 3 fetishes
Zoe you by the.
Global Contract of podcaster to podcaster interviews are bound by duty to answer one of these questions about a fetish were you aware of that.
You might have mentioned it somewhere before this thing started but the let’s let’s let’s do it I’m anxious awesome bullshit I just threw out there huh.
Pick a number 1 2 or 3 three.

[24:51] Are you into orgasm denial you know where your orgasm is just denied entirely or delayed.

[25:02] Yes with several caveats but yes.
I’m more for delayed than completely denied I have done scenes where I didn’t get to come at all and like obviously I was fined and I enjoyed it but I am someone that.
I have a very high sex drive and so like I need to come like at least every few days I’ve gone longer than that and I damn near imploded or at least that’s what it felt like
so extended periods I can it’s not my favorite thing which is why it’s often uses a punishment for me because I don’t like it um.

[25:49] But it’s definitely something I engage in I do like like if I’m having a scene being edged multiple times and denied is something that I enjoy.
Even better if it does end in like a day.
Body shattering orgasm but I have had ones where I’ve been Edge multiple times in there was no orgasm and like the sheer frustration at the end of that but no it’s something I like organ orgasm denial is fun.
You know what I’d lie enough I am a fan of my own orgasm denial or delay.
But that’s more about I like being horny and on the edge and just being like that per day is what about you Dawn
so I like the whole orgasm control things so and if denials part of that then that’s part of it so I like having to ask permission.
Before I can have an orgasm and sometimes he says no I’m with you I’m definitely more
orgasm control than just pure orgasm denial and like instead of denial is part of that then I’m okay with that but I’ve definitely had the other side of the spectrum where you know you’re going to come like.

[27:02] Ten times in a short period of time because it said so um
but no it’s fun my partner definitely likes keeping me I like how you said that Dan about the whole like I like being horny and needy all the time and apparently that’s how he likes me too so there’s a lot of.
Teasing and things of that nature and so yeah it’s a thing for me I like it okay now I don’t.
I don’t mean to be offensive I don’t know if you’re in some kind of situation where your non-monogamous
but I have already written down on this little notebook that if you and I ever hook up and you brats
I am going to deny you an orgasm that’s already written on my little book here so just FYI when I run into you let’s go.

[27:53] Dawn how do you feel about old sect Ophelia you know that attraction to Smells or perhaps some putting it body odors and it body odors.
Am I attracted to smell okay so I’m going to say for one this is not a kink or a fetish but there are some smells that we talk about in our
sex aramas sacred sexuality sex Aroma class that do turn me on and that is things like
ocean water
like like marshy water and that should because I had a lot of sex around outside around rivers and marshes and I’m from the eastern shore of Maryland so there’s a lot of that there are a lot of water.
And pool chlorine.

[28:45] And I feel like there’s something else but I can’t think of it off the top of my head that smells that do trigger some horniness and only trigger,
thing but I can’t say it’s like well I don’t know hmm.

[29:01] I like your smell and I’m not saying I have a pungent body odor but I like your smell and when he used to go like on business trips he would lie under the shirt.
Yeah so you know cuz I like that I was going to say that I’m like I don’t think that that’s a king for me either
unless it’s specifically my partner smell I told him like his smell does one or two things for me either is very comforting or I’ll smell him and I’m like I’m instantly horny now like I’m like you’re gonna have to back up
on our way to go somewhere and he’ll put on like his deodorant or whatever and.
And it’s not like it’s a deodorant other partners of mine haven’t used but it like on him and mixed with his own like natural scent I don’t know it has a it has an effect but it’s just him like nothing else does it.

[29:56] Yeah so what about you Dan smells that really um other than you know the obvious I like the smell of fresh pussy
yeah but that’s not smell is a big thing though because when Dan and I go on Polly date
or if we go out for one night hook up so whatever
we change our clothes and change and take a shower before we come home or as soon as you come home because we smell like that other person.

[30:27] You know I don’t like other people in my bed because I can smell them so that can be a really strong thing for me.
I really can.
Yeah what’s mine so what’s yours yours is 0.0 philia which is the general fetish for teeth which can include biting
licking or what which kind of exciting flicking teeth or even removing them.
Wow boy that’s a whole Spectrum I hope they mean false teeth.
Yeah are you into anything teeth my whole problem with this one is biting is a separate fetish all on its own I think so too therefore we say no the removal of teeth.
Teeth related things I wish it was my fetish I wish I could go to the dentist
with something other than dread that would be awesome another thing I’m with you though I think biting is it for other things so agreed because I like biting but I don’t I wouldn’t say that.
I don’t care remember the word you just said oh Don Julio I dont´t Ophelia is not my thing but biting by itself.
Absolutely can you imagine somebody with that cake going to the dentist.

[31:48] Like listening to give teeth removed and they’re just like can I keep that tooth please leave it for later
well there’s our fetishes with add a few times that you’re on the tick tock Don apparently you found.
Or someone found Ohio Hedgehog sent this to me.

[32:11] So he has sent it to me today I think it was and it is about a Mormon wife on Tik-Tok.
My understanding is he’s also got an only fan site but but this Mormon wife on Tick Tock has blown it up and she talks about The Swinging that goes on.
Between the Mormons in Utah and that she tells a lot of details about it and some people will admit to soft swinging.
And she says nope she was part of a group that that that went the whole way so and now she’s in the middle of a divorce so this is you know this huge thing on Tick-Tock and I was telling Ohio Hedgehog I’m like you know.
Good Sundown we know people from Utah and a lot of people that we know that got out of the Mormon
religion kind of swung haha swung swung their pendulum on the complete opposite side of the scale so they went leather they went pink they went Polly they got tattoos you know peers you know they just did did the whole thing and are loving it
and I’m like and the women get to swing in this which means they get to experience other men.

[33:25] Yay good for them right they get a little a little extra as well so so I’m not exactly sure why it’s such a big deal but.
I don’t want to look in the Mormon a so it’s really weird um
years years ago I was baptized as a Mormon actually during my freshman year in college I don’t know oh yeah I didn’t know a whole lot and it seemed like the right thing to do at the time and there’s a I will say there’s a lot of things they don’t tell you before you get baptized because you know
they can’t tell you until you’re baptized so like I acted that point I was just like nope and I feel like.
A lot of it and this is my own personal experience and I swear I’m not trying to say the Mormon faith is terrible as my own personal experience I feel like there’s a lot of sexual repression but also at the same time.
They want you to date and marry people and make babies and I’m just sitting there like they do know how babies are made right and like what if you marry somebody and they’re just you’re not compatible in the sack and I’m just like.

[34:33] Like how does that work and I just remember so back when this happened I was super big into Vampire Diaries super big.
In the background on my laptop was the two brothers from Vampire Diaries and they were shirtless because Ian Somerhalder is just.
Like even to this day he’s an older man now and he’s got the Scruff and I’m just like yes please anywho um
and I got like in trouble for it because it was enticing Unholy thoughts and I’m just like so now I’ve got to monitor my you know my thoughts I’m just like,
I’m not doing anything you know at the time I hadn’t had sex yet I hadn’t planned on having sex yet and honestly I feel like all this anti-sex stuff is what ended.
Up me going and ended up having sex in the first place and so I’m not surprised that there are these swinger parties I’m like you’re told.
You have to date and get married and have kids like you never got to explore yourself sexually you’ve no idea what you like you have no idea what you don’t like and I’m just like.

[35:41] You know if that’s your own personal choice and you want to wait until marriage like I get it but I also think that in my personal opinion like you’re missing out on being able to discover yourself because you don’t get
to sample like I only know what my you know
favorite topping to put on pizza is is because I’ve tried multiple toppings on my pizza like so I’m just like how how do you know.

[36:05] What you want or what you’re compatible with and so I’m assuming that’s not even a conversation that happens before they marry somebody to figure out if they’re sexually compatible and I at least for me and my relationships if we’re not sexually compatible I mean I’m lucky that I’m Polly so like it’s a little bit different like you know their relationship will change
but like I emotionally can only go so deep with somebody that I am not sexually involved with
because sex for me is a also a huge emotional component for me and so I’m just like I don’t know if like
I could get married to someone be like in love with them only to find out our sex is trashed like I.

[36:45] I don’t know so I say kudos to them for.
Going out and exploring that’s that’s my response is well kudos and I appreciate you being gracious enough not to call out the Mormons as a fucked-up cult.
I on the other hand have no such reservations apologize that you’re baptized religion I just said that thing about it don’t apparently our dog is a little bit weird.

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