Fetish – Orgasm Control

Fetish – Orgasm Control

As with any fetish, people are into orgasm control for a wide variety of different reasons and the only way to know for sure is to ask.

Orgasm control and chastity are often deeply psychological kinks. That is, people do them for mental reasons at least as much as for physical ones. Many submissives find that giving their dominant partner control over their release puts them into a more submissive headspace , which can be its own reward. After all, if someone else is in control of when – or if – you can get off, your motivation to please that person will be very high!

For Dominants, they often relish the feeling of power and control that chastity and orgasm control can give them. “If someone gives me the key to their sexual release, I see that as the ultimate act of trust and devotion,” as one Dominant described it.

Of course, orgasm control and chastity also have physical effects. Many people say that the longer they are denied or the more they are edged, the hornier they get. This feeling of ongoing and heightened sexual arousal can be huge fun. And, of course, the orgasm is so much more intense when they finally get it!

Orgasm control and chastity can also be tied to masochism. Some people find that after a while, the prolonged arousal can start to become painful. In the case of people with penises, the physical restriction of a chastity cage can make simply getting erect painful.

Though, many people think of orgasm control as just limiting orgasms…..it can lean to the opposite side as well. It can involve making someone cum over and over and over again, not letting them stop….which is its own form of torture.

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