Kink Starter cards

Did you know that Dan and I created the Kinkstarter cards because we suck at negotiating? We suck at negotiating in a major way.I think this is mainly because at our core we are introverts. For me, I’m also a people pleaser and it’s hard for me to think of what exactly it is that I’d like to do. I want to please, so it’s whatever the other person wants to do. Which doesn’t help if they are also a people pleaser. We get stuck and these cards help pull us out of the stuckness.

Where can you find these cards? Well, there are only a few places. Either Dan and I have a couple decks on us when we present, or we have a couple select vendors that have some with them when they vend at kink events, or you can get them online from our website.

We don’t have them out there to the box adult stores (though it is a goal one day). So, for now the website is probably the easiest spot to get them. Then, when you order a deck, Dan and I receive an email with your address. One of us gets a deck from our closet and mails them out to you. Which means you are getting them directly from us. There is no middle man. Kinda cool, huh?

Kink Starter

So, if you are not a great negotiator or just want another tool to use to get the play you desire, order a deck from the website and we’ll make sure it gets to you ASAP.

Thanks for your support!!! And enjoy !!!



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