Role Play as a Kink


Kink – Role Play

Role Play – A form of play where partners act out scenes or fantasies while pretending to be someone or something they are not. 

Common roles: 



Spiderman/Wonder Woman (sacrilege, combining Marvel and DC, I know)


Prison Guard/Inmate

Or in my experience:

Wench/Tentacle Monster

Why do people use role play in their play? Because it means we can be anything we want to be. Of course, there has to be a suspension of disbelief involved. As Wonder Woman, I don’t really have a lasso that makes someone tell the truth. That’s where pretending comes into play. 

When I was a wench being flogged till I told where the treasure was, or I’d be given to the Kracken…there wasn’t really a tentacle monster involved. But, with the sound of water and the slimy/sticky hoses that were wrapped around me during the scene…..I pretended and the tingles were real. 

Or the time I played a witch in a witch hunt. 

Or when I was the prisoner being interrogated by the prison guard

What fun to be able to live out some naughty fantasies. 

I’d love to be Wonder Woman, but before I can get my lasso out, Spiderman webs me and has his way with me. Yep. Tingles at the thought.


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