sad news about kame bat

On the morning of Thursday, June 4th, we received a call that bat was found unresponsive at home and being taken to the hospital. She is currently on life support but her recovery is very unlikely. We’ve had a parade of doctors warn us that the most likely outcome is that, as she went an hour without oxygen, irreversible brain damage would have occurred. The medical professionals are not sure the cause of this. They have ruled our heart attack but are unclear why she stopped breathing.

Dawn and I are doing our best to assist with the logistical aspects; bat’s one fear of death was what would happen to her daughter (K), who has some challenges that she requires assistance with. We promised bat that we would look after K and we have been/will continue to do so.

As bat is in ICU now, the hospital isn’t allowing anyone to visit except next of kin.

bat was very clear that she liked having a separation from her professional life and the rest of her life; please respect that if you know her from both.

If you are wondering what you can do or how you can help.Three things:

If you are local then, Vegan cooking: K is a vegan and dawn and I are not skilled at food prep for vegans. bat did all the cooking for K so donations of any vegan friendly meals while we get it together would be great. Send us an email at dananddawn at eroticawakening dot com so we can work out a pickup.

If you have had someone die and were the person who had to navigate through the process, we would appreciate your help. We are clueless and need tools to assist K. Send us an email at dananddawn at eroticawakening dot com if you have experience with this.

Finally, in leu of sending flowers or cards, we have set up a fund for whatever happens next. As unlikely as it appears to be, If bat recovers, she will be saddled with hundreds of thousands in medical bills. If she dies, her daughter will have lost the only financial support she has. Whatever you donate will help with either of these scenarios. link to go fund me ->

We’ve had people ask what they can do for dawn and I. I have lost my kame, slave, friend, love of many years. dawn has lost her best friend. We have dozens of bat moments throughout our home, work, and other spaces. We have no clue what we need. We will speak out when we figure it out.






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